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Club Rules to cover JOG and LSRA

Club Colours

The Club colours shall be Blue and Gold.


There shall be a single style of clothing to be worn by members representing the Club at regatta, which shall be notified to the Governing Body (British Rowing). It shall comprise a single pattern of Club one-piece, blue in colour with a gold stripe.

Use of Club Equipment

The use of Fine boats shall be limited to members authorised by the Captain or, in their absence, by a Committee member. The use of equipment by Students and Juniors will be under the direct guidance of a designated coach unless otherwise directed by the Committee. Non-members shall only be permitted in the Club boats with the consent of a member of the Committee.

Reserving Boats

The Captain, or in his absence a vice-captain, shall have the power to reserve a boat for the practice and training of selected crews.

Command of Crews

The stroke oar shall be in command of the boat and crew and shall be Captain of the boat for the time being unless otherwise agreed that another member of the crew assumes command. All coxes of coxed boats will assume command.

Boating and Landing

Each member of the crew shall, on landing from the boat, assist in the housing of the boat and blades and shall follow the instructions of the Captain of the boat or cox in doing so. Crew members and coxes of boats shall board and land from landing stages only. Members shall, both before an outing and after landing ensure that Club boats are securely moored at a landing stage. Normal practice on boating and landing is to point the bows upstream. Prevailing conditions can be taken into consideration.

Regatta Entries

Members shall enter races in the Club Name and/or in the Club boats only in such terms as the Committee shall specify. Composite crews will always be considered as long as John O’ Gaunt Colours are present. The Club may pay the travel and/or other expenses of crew members, coxes and other members incurred in entering Regattas as seen fit by the Committee.

Private Storage of Boats

Subject to the availability of space, private boats belonging to members may be stored at the Clubhouse upon payment of such rack rental as the Committee shall from time to time decide. Such boats shall be so stored at the sole risk of the owners and no liability for loss or damage shall attach to the club howsoever such loss or damage may arise.

Key to Boathouse

Keys will be issued at the discretion of the Committee and can be withdrawn at any time. Such keys remain the property of the Club. Keys can not be copied without the permission of the Committee.

Locking the Boathouse

The last member to leave the Boathouse is responsible for making sure that all doors and windows are securely locked. First floor doors and windows are to be secured when members are only present on the ground floor.

Annual Subscriptions and Fees

£240 - Adult Member - payable to JOG £120 - Junior Member - payable to LSRA £120 - Racking Fee - payable to JOG £60 - Learn to Row Programme (6 coached sessions) - payable to JOG Visiting rowers may pay £5 per week to row from the club (payable in advance). Terms are to be agreed with the Committee. Cases of hardship will be considered by the Committee.

Damage and Repairs

Members shall report all damage to Club boats, or other Club property, to a member of the Committee and may be required by the Committee to pay the cost of repairing or replacing such damage. Repair work shall be directed by the Committee.


Juniors are not allowed in the bar area unless supervised by an Adult Member of the Club. Juniors are not permitted to have credit on the bar.

Rule Changes

These rules may be amended, suspended or rescinded by a majority vote of three quarters of the members eligible to vote present in General Meeting. All previous rules are rescinded. AGM 2013
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