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Red Rose History


OR = Overall RecordER = Event RecordWR = Women's Record

Fastest Times



1.LRGS 4x14'31"19'08"October 2003
2.LUBC 8+14'50"20'06"February 2010
3.LRGS 4x15'06"19'43"October 2005
4.LUBC 8+15'11"20'27"March 2007
5.LRGS 4x15'13"19'50"January 2004
6.LRGS 4x15'17"19'54"October 2005
7.LUBC 8+15'21"20'37"October 2005
8.LUBC 8+15'22"20'38"October 2007
9.LUBC 8+15'23"20'39"November 2006
10.LRGS 4x15'27"20'04"January 2003

Women's Fastest Times

1.LUBC 8+17'23"20'19"April 2009
2.JOG 4x17'30"19'56"October 2009
3.JOG 2x17'52"19'19"October 2005
4.JOG 4x18'04"20'30"March 2009
5.LUBC 8+18'15"21'11"February 2010
6.LUBC 8+18'16"21'12"February 2007
7.LUBC 8+18'17"21'13"February 2008
8.JOG 2x18'21"19'48"July 2005
9.JOG 2x18'25"19'52"October 2005
10.LUBC 2x18'25"19'52"February 2006

Handicap Records

1.JOG (Sullivan)16'08"18'07"February 2008
2.JOG (Sullivan)16'18"18'17"October 2009
3.JOG (Shirley)16'19"18'18"October 2003
4.JOG (Shirley)16'26"18'25"March 2003
5.JOG (Sullivan)16'28"18'27"September 2009
6.JOG (Shirley)16'29"18'28"March 2004
7.JOG (Sullivan)16'31"18'30"October 2003
8.LRGS (Sullivan)16'33"18'32"September 2003
8.JOG (Durant)16'33"18'32"September 2008
10.JOG (Sullivan)16'38"18'37"September 2009

Men's Records

8+LUBC14'50"20'06"March 2007
4xLRGS14'31"19'08"October 2003
4x+JOG17'07"21'44"September 2011
4+JOG15'36"19'20"September 2003
2xLRGS (Sullivan / Shepherd)16'05"19'22"December 2002
2-LRGS (Durant / Durant)16'18"18'57"January 2006
1xJOG (Sullivan)16'08"18'07"February 2008

Women's Records

8+LUBC17'23"20'19"April 2009
4xJOG17'30"19'56"October 2009
4x+JOG18'04"20'30"March 2008
4+LUBC19'03"20'49"November 2007
2xJOG (Little / Beet)17'52"19'19"October 2005
1xJOG (Beet)18'58"18'58"January 2005

27th January 2012

1.JOG 1x (Steven Sullivan)17'30"19'29"Winner Men
2.LSRA 1x (Luke Hodgson)18'36"20'35"
3.JOG 4+17'25"21'09"
4.LSRA W4x18'51"21'17"Winner Women
5.JOG 1x (Hugh Clay)19'26"21'25"
6.LSRA 1x (Kieran Bell)21'02"23'01"
7.LSRA 2x19'45"23'02"
7.JOG 1x (Phil Bell)21'03"23'02"
9.LSRA 1x (George)25'23"27'22"
10.LSRA Mx4x+24'07"28'44"
11.LSRA 1x (Richard)28'06"30'05"

2nd October 2011 - 2nd Division

1.JOG 4x15'36"20'03"Winner Men
2.JOG 1x (Phil Bell)20'08"22'07"
3.JOG 1x (Rhainne Bell)22'27"22'27"Winner Women

2nd October 2011 - 1st Division

Division invalid for Red Rose Records - buoy in the wrong place
1.JOG 1x (Steven Sullivan)17'14"19'13"Winner Men
2.JOG 1x (Luke Hodgson)17'15"19'14"
3.JOG 1x (Oliver Standford)17'23"19'22"
4.JOG 1x (Andy Kayll)17'34"19'33"
5.JOG 1x (Hugh Clay)18'13"20'12"
6.JOG 1x (Phil Bell)18'47"20'46"
7.JOG 1x (Kieran Bell)19'21"21'20"
8.JOG 1x (Oliver T)20'26"22'25"
9.JOG W4x+26'09"28'35"Winner Women
10.JOG 1x (Ian Davidson)26'49"28'48"
11.JOG 1x (Michael)33'16"35'15"
12.JOG W1x (Isobel)47'37"47'37"

3rd September 2011

1.JOG 1x (Steven Sullivan)17'23"19'22"Winner Men
2.JOG 1x (Steven Sullivan)17'26"19'25"
3.JOG 2x (Aaron / Matt)16'56"20'13"
4.JOG 1x (Matt Wilkinson)18'21"20'20"
5.JOG 1x (Andrew Kayall)19'11"21'10"
6.JOG 1x (Matt Birchall)19'37"21'36"
7.JOG 4x+17'07"21'44"
8.JOG/LSRA W2x20'28"21'55"Winner Women
9.JOG 1x (Phil Bell)20'02"22'01"
10.LSRA W4x19'41"22'07"
11.LSRA W2x21'12"22'39"
12.JOG 1x (Steven Holmes)20'44"22'43"
13.JOG 1x (Kieran Bell)20'49"22'48"
14.JOG 1x (Tom Sanders)20'50"22'49"
15.JOG 1x (Oliver Standford)22'30"24'29"
16.JOG 1x (Richard)23'29"25'28"

27th March 2011

1.JOG 1x (Steven Sullivan)17'25"19'24"Winner Men
2.JOG 4x15'49"20'26"
3.JOG 2x (Aaron / Matt)17'28"20'45"
4.LSRA 1x (Luke Hodgson)19'01"21'00"
5.JOG/LSRA W4x18'43"21'09"Winner Women
6.LSRA 2x (Kieran / Ben)18'16"21'33"
7.JOG 1x (Will Kenyon)19'52"21'51"
8.LUBC 2-19'13"21'52"
9.JOG 1x (Phil Bell)19'54"21'53"
10.JOG 4x17'33"22'04"
11.LSRA W2x (Chloe / Rhianne)20'38"22'05"
12.JOG 1x (Oliver Standford)21'35"23'34"
13.JOG 1x (Ian Davidson)25'09"27'08"
14.JOG 1x (Steve Holmes)28'14"30'13"
15.LSRA W4x+27'54"30'20"

13th February 2011

1.JOG 1x (Steven Sullivan)17'57"19'56"Winner Men
2.JOG/LSRA 2x (Aaron / Kieran)18'05"21'22"(Mistimed, so estimated)
3.JOG V 4x17'57"21'34"
4.LUBC 8+16'34"21'50"
5.JOG/LSRA W4x19'31"21'57"Winner Women
6.LSRA W4x20'53"23'19"
7.JOG/LSRA 4x20'14"24'51"
8.LUBC 8+20'22"25'38"

7th November 2010

1.JOG 1x (Steven Sullivan)17'05"19'04"Winner Men
2.JOG W4x18'54"21'20"Winner Women
3.JOG 2x (Aaron / Kieran)18'05"21'22"
4.JOG 4x16'58"21'35"
5.JOG N4x17'30"22'07"
6.JOG WJ15 4x+20'40"23'06"
7.JOG 1x (Oliver)23'26"25'25"
8.JOG 1x (Caiden)28'48"30'47"
9.JOG N2x27'40"30'57"
10.JOG WJ15 4x+32'25"34'51"
11.JOG N1x (Steve Holmes)36'37"38'36"

10th October 2010

1.JOG 1x (Steven Sullivan)17'29"19'28"Winner Men
2.JOG 1x (Aaron Sims)18'42"20'41"
3.JOG W4x18'46"21'12"Winner Women
4.JOG J4x16'49"21'26"
5.JOG 2x (Bell / Payne)18'35"21'52"
6.JOG WJ15 4x20'14"22'40"
7.JOG WN 4x+23'58"26'24"
8.JOG N1x (Oliver)25'40"27'39"
9.JOG N1x (Ian Davidson)30'40"32'39"

28th March 2010

1.JOG 1x (Steven Sullivan)17'33"19'32"Winner Men
2.JOG 2x (Reeve / Bush)18'19"21'36"
3.JOG 2x (Bell / Payne)19'03"22'20"
4.JOG W2x (Nicholls / Parkinson)21'08"22'35"Winner Women
5.JOG 1x (Aaron Sims)21'28"23'27"

13th February 2010

1.LUBC 8+14'50"20'06"Winner Men (ER)
2.JOG 1x (Phil Bell)19'01"21'00"
3.JOG 1x (Phil Bell)19'06"21'05"
4.LUBC 8+15'53"21'09"
5.LUBC W8+18'15"21'11"Winner Women
6.JOG W2x19'59"21'26"
7.JOG 1x (Kieran Bell)20'01"22'00"
8.JOG 1x (Aaron Sims)20'06"22'05"
9.JOG W1x (Laura Parkinson)22'20"22'20"

16th October 2009

1.JOG 1x (Steven Sullivan)16'18"18'17"Winner Men
2.JOG W4x17'30"19'56"Winner Women (ER)
3.LUBC W4+19'42"21'28"
4.JOG 2x (Bell / Payne)18'13"21'30"
5.LUBC 8+16'17"21'33"
6.JOG W2x (Nicholls / Parkinson)20'54"22'21"
7.LUBC 8+17'10"22'26"
8.JOG 1x (Dan Reeve)20'37"22'36"

12th September 2009

1.JOG 1x (Steven Sullivan)16'28"18'27"Winner Men
2.JOG 1x (Steven Sullivan)16'38"18'37"
3.JOG W1x (Lorna Sullivan)20'25"20'25"Winner Women
4.JOG 2x (Stevens / Payne)18'29"21'46"
5.JOG WJ14 4x+25'55"28'21"
6.JOG WJ15 4x+26'00"28'26"

18th April 2009

1.JOG 1x (Steven Sullivan)16'39"18'38"Winner Men
2.JOG 1x (Steven Sullivan)17'15"19'14"
3.JOG 1x (Danny Bellion)17'40"19'39"
4.LUBC W8+17'23"20'19"Winner Women (ER)
5.JOG W2x (Park / Little)19'23"20'50"
6.JOG M4x18'13"21'10"
7.LUBC 8+16'00"21'16"
8.JOG 1x (Dave Dunk)20'10"22'09"
9.LUBC W4+21'48"23'34"
10.LUBC 4+20'29"24'13"

21st March 2009

1.JOG 1x (Steven Sullivan)16'51"18'50"Winner Men
2.JOG W4x18'04"20'30"Winner Women (ER)
3.JOG 1x (Glenn Stevens)19'44"21'43"
4.JOG 1x (Declan Murray)19'47"21'46"
5.JOG 2x (Payne / Bell)18'47"22'04"
6.JOG 1x (Tom Wharfe)20'17"22'16"

31st January 2009

1.JOG 1x (Steven Sullivan)17'43"19'42"Winner Men
2.LUBC 8+16'14"21'30"
3.LUBC W8+18'57"21'53"Winner Women
4.JOG 2x (Payne / Bell)19'53"23'10"
5.JOG 1x (Steven Sullivan)21'26"23'25"
6.JOG 4x18'55"23'32"
7.LUBC 8+18'36"23'52"
8.JOG W4x21'47"24'13"
9.LRGS 4x+20'30"25'07"
10.JOG 1x (Russell Sharp)24'48"26'47"

14th September 2008

1.JOG 1x (Mason Durant)16'33"18'32"Winner Men
2.JOG 1x (Steven Sullivan)16'43"18'42"
3.JOG W2x (Little / Park)19'19"20'46"Winner Women
4.JOG 1x (Glenn Stevens)19'56"21'55"
5.JOG 2x (Payne / Bell)18'48"22'05"

16th February 2008

1.JOG 1x (Steven Sullivan)16'08"18'07"Winner Men (OR)
2.LUBC 8+15'06"20'22"Unofficial Time
3.LUBC W8+18'17"21'13"Winner Women
4.JOG 1x (Russell Sharp)19'44"21'43"
5.JOG 1x (David Dunk)20'26"22'25"
6.JOG 2x19'32"22'49"
7.JOG W4x20'52"23'18"
8.LUBC 4+21'35"25'19"

10th November 2007

1.JOG 4+15'46"19'30"Winner Men
2.LUBC W4+19'03"20'49"Winner Women (ER)
3.LUBC 8+15'36"20'52"
4.JOG 1x (David Dunk)20'34"22'38"
5.JOG W4+20'52"22'38"
6.LRGS 4+19'47"23'33"

20th October 2007

1.JOG 1x (Steven Sullivan)17'10"19'09"Winner Men
2.LRGS 1x (Danny Bellion)17'14"19'13"Winner Junior
3.JOG W1x (Chloe Peach)19'29"19'29"Winner Women
4.JOG 1x (Mark Sullivan)17'45"19'44"
5.JOG W2x (Park / Little)18'33"20'00"
6.JOG 4+16'42"20'26"
7.LUBC 8+15'22"20'38"
8.LUBC W4+19'11"20'57"

March 2007

1.LUBC 8+ (Sims)15'11"20'27"Winner Men (ER)
2.JOG 1x (Steven Sullivan)18'37"20'36"
3.JOG W1x (Chloe Peach)21'26"21'26"Winner Women
4.LUBC W8+18'40"21'36"
5.JOG W2x (Park / Little)20'39"22'06"
6.LUBC 8+ (Aylings)17'21"22'37"
7.JOG 1x (Simon Wetherell)20'56"22'55"
8.JOG 1x (James Collier)21'42"23'41"
9.LUBC W4+22'17"24'03"
10.JOG 1x (Dave Dunk)23'17"25'16"
11.JOG W4+23'36"25'22"
12.JOG 1x (James Collier)23'37"25'36"
13.JOG W4x+25'45"28'11"

February 2007

1.JOG W1x (Chloe Peach)19'44"19'44"Winner Women
2.JOG 1x (Richie Smith)18'49"20'48"Winner Men
3.LUBC 8+ (Sims)15'42"20'58"
4.LUBC W8+18'16"21'12"
5.JOG W2x (Park / Little)20'03"21'30"
6.JOG W2x (Park / Little)20'13"21'40"
7.JOG 1x (Dave Dunk)19'41"21'40"
8.LUBC 8+ (Aylings)16'45"22'01"
9.JOG 1x (Glenn Stevens)21'19"23'18"
10.LUBC W4+21'41"23'27"

November 2006

1.LUBC 8+15'23"20'39"Winner Men
2.JOG W4+19'24"21'50"Winner Women

October 2006

1.JOG 1x (Steven Sullivan)18'04"20'03"Winner Men
2.JOG W1x (Chloe Peach)20'57"20'57"Winner Women
3.LUBC 8+15'47"21'03"
4.JOG W2x (Park / Little)19'43"21'10"
5.JOG 1x (Dave Dunk)20'25"22'24"

March 2006

1.JOG 1x (Phil Bell)18'52"20'51"Winner Men
2.LUBC 8+ (Sims)16'14"21'30"
3.LUBC 8+ (Aylings)16'43"21'59"

February 2006

1.LRGS 2- (Scott / Mason)16'25"19'04"Winner Men (ER)
2.LUBC W2x (Jess / Sarah)18'25"19'52"Winner Women
3.LRGS 4+16'21"20'05"
4.JOG 1x (Richie Smith)18'37"20'36"
5.LUBC 4-16'54"20'48"
6.JOG 1x (Simon Wetherell)18'53"20'52"
7.JOG W1x (Sue Palmer)20'54"20'54"
8.LUBC 4+17'21"21'05"
9.JOG 1x (Dave Dunk)20'05"22'04"
10.LUBC 2-20'04"22'43"
11.LUBC 1x22'51"24'50"
12.LRGS 4+ (J15)25'35"30'13"

January 2006

1.LRGS 2- (Scott / Mason)16'18"18'57"Winner Men (ER)
2.JOG 1x (Richard Shirley)17'09"19'08"
3.JOG W2x (Park / Little)19'03"20'30"Winner Women
4.LRGS 4+16'54"20'40"Winner J16
5.JOG 1x (Hugh Clay)18'50"20'49"
6.JOG W2x (Elliot / McDermid)19'30"20'57"
7.JOG W1x (Chloe Peach)21'19"21'19"
8.LRGS 4x+ (J15)23'10"27'47"

December 2005

1.LRGS 2- (Scott / Mason)16'23"19'02"Winner Men (ER)
2.JOG 1x (Phil Bell)18'12"20'11"
3.LUBC W2x (Jessica / Sarah)18'57"20'24"Winner Women
4.LUBC 8+15'47"21'03"
5.LUBC 1x (Nigel)19'19"21'18"

October 2005

1.JOG 1x (Steven Sullivan)17'06"19'05"Winner Men
2.LRGS 1x (Scott Durant)17'20"19'19"
3.LRGS 1x (Mason Durant)17'28"19'27"
4.LRGS 4x15'06"19'43"
5.JOG 4+16'17"20'01"
6.LRGS 1x (Isaac Fishwick)18'03"20'02"
7.JOG 1x (Phil Bell)18'08"20'07"
8.LRGS 1x (Ben Wilson)18'19"20'18"
9.JOG W2x (Park / Little)18'55"20'22"Winner Women
10.LUBC 8+15'21"20'37"Event Record
11.LUBC 4+17'05"20'49"
12.LRGS 1x (J16 - Bellion)18'59"20'58"Winner J16
13.JOG 1x (Simon Wetherell)19'04"21'03"
14.JOG 2x (Payne / Bell)18'49"21'06"
15.LRGS 1x (James Mercer)19'10"21'09"
16.LRGS 4+ (J16)17'40"21'24"
17.JOG W1x (J16 - Peach)21'31"21'31"
18.JOG 1x (Dave Dunk)19'41"21'40"
19.LRGS 1x (John Eardley)19'59"21'58"
20.JOG W2x (J16 - Peach / Park)22'03"23'20"
21.LRGS 1x (J16 - Beck)22'53"24'52"
22.LRGS 4x+ (J15)21'28"26'05"
23.LRGS 4x+ (J15)26'27"31'04"

October 2005

1.JOG 1x (Steven Sullivan)17'11"19'10"Winner Men
2.JOG W2x (Little / Beet)17'52"19'19"Winner Women (ER)
3.LRGS 1x (Mason Durant)17'46"19'45"
4.JOG 4+16'06"19'50"
5.JOG W2x (McDermid / Elliot)18'25"19'52"
6.LRGS 4x15'17"19'54"
7.JOG 1x (Hugh Clay)18'00"29'59"
8.LRGS 1x (James Mercer)18'40"20'39"
9.LRGS 1x (Ben Wilson)18'46"20'45"
10.JOG 1x (Richie Smith)18'48"20'47"
11.JOG W1x (J16 - Peach)20'56"20'56"Winner J16
12.LRGS 1x (J16 - Bellion)19'01"21'00"
13.LRGS 1x (J16 - Bellion)19'20"21'19"
14.JOG 2x (Stevens / Kayll)18'24"21'41"
15.LRGS 4+ (J16)18'14"21'58"
16.LRGS 2x (J16)19'24"22'41"
17.LRGS 4x+ (J15)19'15"23'52"
18.LRGS 4x+ (J15)22'50"27'27"
19.LRGS 2x (J15)25'58"29'15"

July 2005

1.JOG W2x (Park / Little)18'21"19'48"Winner Women (ER)
2.JOG 1x (Phil Bell)18'52"20'51"Winner Men
3.JOG W2x (Peach / Park)20'58"22'25"

January 2005

1.JOG 1x (Nicky Beet)18'58"18'58"Winner Winner (WR)
2.LRGS 1x (Steven Sullivan)17'03"19'02"Winner Men
3.LRGS J4+16'03"19'47"
4.LRGS J4+16'05"19'49"
5.JOG 1x (Phil Bell)18'19"20'18"
6.JOG 1x (Andy Peach)18'37"20'36"
7.LUBC 8+ (Senior)15'37"20'53"
8.LUBC 4+ (Senior)17'27"20'11"
9.JOG W2x (Park / Little)20'20"21'48"Winner Novice Women
10.JOG 2x (Payne / Bell)18'36"21'53"
11.JOG 1x (Dave Dunk)19'56"21'55"
12.JOG W4+20'16"22'02"
13.LRGS 2x (J15)18'46"22'03"Winner Novice Men
14.LUBC W8+19'12"22'08"
15.LUBC 8+ (Novice)17'19"22'35"
16.LRGS 4+ (J16)22'35"24'24"
17.LUBC 8+ (Novice)20'57"26'13"

November 2004

1.LRGS 1x (Steven Sullivan)17'11"19'10"Winner Men
2.JOG 1x (Nicky Beet)19'13"19'13"Winner Women (WR)
3.LRGS 2- (Durant / Durant)17'21"20'00"Event Record
3.LRGS 1x (Ben Wilson)18'01"20'00"
5.JOG 1x (Hugh Clay)18'03"20'02"
6.LRGS 4+ (Durant)16'30"20'14"
7.JOG 1x (Phil Bell)18'23"20'22"
8.LRGS 2- (Stott)17'46"20'25"
9.JOG 1x (Adrian Lees)18'33"20'32"
10.LRGS 1x (J18 A)18'58"20'57"
11.LRGS 2- (Ben Wilson)18'20"20'59"
12.JOG 1x (Andy Peach)19'01"21'00"
13.LUBC 2- (Melia)18'40"21'19"
14.JOG 1x (Dave Dunk)19'50"21'49"
15.LRGS 4x+ (J15)17'16"21'53"Winner Novice Men (ER)
16.LUBC 8+ (Senior)16'40"21'56"
17.LRGS 1x (J18 B)20'34"22'33"
18.LUBC W8+ (Senior)19'39"22'35"
19.LRGS 2x (J15)19'30"22'47"
20.JOG W4+ (Novice)21'06"22'52"Winner Novice Women
21.LRGS 4+ (J15)19'38"23'22"
22.LRGS 1x (J16)21'42"23'41"
23.JOG 2x (J16)21'42"24'59"
24.LUBC 8+ (Novice)21'08"26'24"
25.LUBC W8+ (Novice)23'33"26'29"
26.JOG W2x (J16)25'24"26'51"
27.LUBC 4+ (Novice)25'48"29'32"
28.LUBC 8+ (Novice)29'24"33'08"

October 2004

1.JOG 1x (Nicky Beet)19'43"19'43"Winner Women
2.JOG 4+16'10"19'54"Winner Men
3.JOG 1x (Hugh Clay)18'05"20'04"
4.JOG 1x (Phil Bell)18'35"20'34"
5.LRGS 4x (Durant)15'59"20'36"
6.LUBC 4+17'12"20'56"
7.JOG W1x (Sue Palmer)21'05"21'05"
8.LRGS 4x (Ben Wilson)16'29"21'06"
9.JOG 1x (Simon Wetherell)19'23"21'22"
10.JOG 1x (Richie Smith)19'32"21'31"
10.LRGS X2x (John / Rendsberg)19'09"21'31"Event Record
12.LUBC 2x18'21"21'38"
13.LUBC 4+17'55"21'39"
14.JOG 2x18'35"21'42"
15.JOG W4x+19'58"21'44"
16.JOG 1x (Dave Dunk)19'59"21'58"
17.JOG W1x (Lorna McDermid)21'59"21'59"
18.LRGS X2x (Joe / Rendsberg)20'26"22'48"
19.LRGS 4x+19'32"24'09"Winner J15
20.JOG W2x (J16)25'41"27'08"

October 2004

1.LRGS 1x (Steven Sullivan)16'54"18'53"Winner Men
2.JOG VC1x (Andy Peach)18'07"20'06"
3.JOG VD1x (Dave Dunk)19'31"21'30"
4.JOG 2x (J16)20'04"23'21"
5.LRGS 4x+ (J15)18'54"23'31"
6.JOG W2x (J16)25'29"26'56"
7.JOG 1x (J16)25'04"27'03"

September 2004

1.LRGS 1x (Steven Sullivan)18'13"20'12"Winner Men
2.JOG 1x (Nick Smith)18'23"20'22"
3.JOG W1x (Nicky Beet)20'23"20'23"Winner Women
4.JOG 1x (Hugh Clay)19'00"20'59"
5.JOG 1x (Andy Peach)19'01"21'00"
6.LUBC 4+18'29"22'13"
7.JOG W4+20'28"22'14"
8.LRGS 4x+ (J15)20'24"25'01"Winner J15
9.JOG 2x (J16)24'25"27'42"
10.LRGS 4x+24'05"28'42"
11.JOG W2x (J16)32'10"33'57"

March 2004

1.JOG 1x (Richard Shirely)16'29"18'28"Winner Men
2.JOG 1x (Richard Shirley)16'57"18'56"
3.JOG W1x (Nicky Beet)19'21"19'21"Winner Women (WR)
4.JOG 1x (Hugh Clay)18'26"20'25"
5.JOG W1x (Isla Elliot)20'35"20'35"
6.JOG W1x (Lorna McDermid)20'36"20'36"
7.JOG VC1x (Declan Murray)18'40"20'39"
8.JOG VC1x (Simon Wetherell)18'48"20'47"
9.JOG 1x (Richie Smith)18'56"20'55"
10.JOG 1x (Phil Bell)19'59"21'58"

February 2004

1.JOG 1x (Richard Shirely)16'42"18'41"Winner Men
2.SMC 1x (Steven Sullivan)16'58"18'57"
3.LRGS 2x (McDougall / Stott)19'44"20'01"
4.JOG W2x (McDermid / Elliot)18'53"20'20"Event Record
5.LRGS 1x (J16)18'22"20'21"Winner Novice Men
6.LRGS 4+ (J16)16'46"20'30"
7.JOG VC1x (Simon Wetherell)18'57"20'56"
8.JOG 1x (Richie Smith)19'17"21'16"

January 2004

1.JOG 1x (Richard Shirley)16'57"18'56"Winner Men
2.SMC 1x (Steven Sullivan)17'17"19'16"
3.LRGS 4x15'13"19'50"
4.JOG 4+16'20"20'04"
5.JOG 1x (Nicky Beet)20'11"20'11"Winner Women
6.LRGS 2x (McDougall / Stott)17'07"20'24"
7.JOG W2x (McDermid / Elliot)18'58"20'25"
8.LRGS 4+ (J16)16'52"20'36"Winner Novice Men
9.JOG W2x (McDermid / Elliot)19'20"20'47"
10.LUBC 8+ (Janousek)15'49"21'05"
11.LRGS 1x (J16 - Ben Wilson)19'15"21'14"
12.JOG 1x (Simon Wetherell)19'30"21'29"
13.JOG 1x (James Collier)19'47"21'46"
14.JOG VB1 (Hugh Clay)x19'53"21'52"
15.LRGS 2x19'19"22'36"
16.LUBC 8+ (Aylings)18'18"23'34"
17.LRGS 1x23'41"25'40"
18.LRGS 4x+ (J15)24'04"28'41"

December 2003

1.LRGS 1x (Harry Shepherd)17'24"19'23"Winner Men
2.JOG 1x (Nicky Beet)19'28"19'28"Winner Women
3.JOG 4+16'36"20'20"
4.JOG W2x (McDermid / Elliot)18'54"20'21"Event Record
5.LRGS 2x (McDougall / Stott)17'11"20'28"
6.JOG W1x (Hannah Parkinson)20'53"20'53"
7.JOG X2x (Bunch / Payne)20'03"22'25"Event Record
8.JOG 1x (Adam Peach)29'24"31'23"

November 2003

1.JOG 1x (Richard Shirley)17'58"19'57"Winner Men
2.LRGS 4x15'28"20'05"
3.JOG W2x (McDermid / Elliot)19'45"21'12"Winner Women
4.LRGS 2x (McDougall / Stott)18'00"21'17"
5.LUBC 8+ (Janousek)16'34"21'50"
6.LRGS 2x (J16)19'04"22'21"Winner Novice Men
7.LUBC 8+ (Aylings)18'12"23'28"
8.LRGS 4+ (J16)19'48"23'32"
9.JOG VC1x (Dave Dunk)22'46"24'45"
10.JOG VF1x (Phil Payne)25'04"27'03"
11.LRGS 4x+ (J15)24'59"29'36"
12.LUBC W4+27'54"29'40"

October 2003

1.JOG 1x (Richard Shirley)16'19"18'18"Winner Men (OR)
2.SMC 1x (Steven Sullivan)16'31"18'30"
3.LRGS 1x (Harry Shepherd)16'55"18'54"
4.LRGS 4x14'31"19'08"Event Record
5.JOG W1x (Nicky Beet)19'23"19'23"Winner Women (WR)
6.JOG 4+15'52"19'36"
7.LRGS 2x (McDougall / Stott)16'54"20'11"
8.LRGS 1x (J16 - Ben Wilson)18'16"20'15"Winner Novice Men
9.LRGS 2x (McDougall / Stott)17'01"20'18"
10.JOG W2x (McDermid / Elliot)18'58"20'25"Event Record
11.LRGS 4+ (J16)17'08"20'52"
12.LUBC 4+17'09"20'53"
13.JOG 1x (James Collier)18'58"20'57"
14.JOG 1x (Richie Smith)18'59"20'58"
15.LRGS 4x+ (J16)17'24"21'08"Event Record
16.LRGS 2x (J16)17'54"21'11"
17.JOG W4x+18'57"21'33"
18.JOG W4+20'03"21'49"
19.JOG VC1x (Dave Dunk)19'51"21'50"
20.LRGS 2x20'19"23'36"
21.LRGS 4x+ (J15 - Eardley)21'02"25'39"
22.LRGS 1x (J15 - Cooper)24'38"26'37"
23.LRGS 4x+ (J15 - Yule)22'14"26'51"
24.LRGS 1x (J15 - Wilson)25'52"27'51"
25.LRGS 1x (J15 - Johnson)27'30"29'29"
26.LRGS 1x (J15 - Eardley)29'19"31'18"
27.LRGS 1x (J15 - Butler)32'52"34'51"

September 2003

1.LRGS 1x (Steven Sullivan)16'33"18'32"Winner Men
2.JOG 1x (Richard Shirley)16'39"18'38"
3.JOG 4+16'36"19'20"Event Record
4.JOG W4x+18'42"21'08"Event Record
5.JOG 4+17'25"21'09"
6.JOG 1x (Dave Dunk)20'20"22'19"
7.JOG 4x18'50"23'27"
8.JOG 2x (McDermid / Payne)20'28"23'45"

March 2003

1.JOG 1x (Richard Shirley)16'26"18'52"Winner Men (OR)
2.LRGS 1x (Steven Sullivan)16'43"18'42"
3.LRGS 2x (Bloin / Middleton)16'46"20'03"
4.JOG W1x (Nicky Beet)20'57"20'57"
5.LRGS 1x (Arron McDougall)20'12"22'11"
6.JOG W1x (Sue Palmer)22'31"22'31"
7.JOG W1x (Lorna McDermid)22'40"22'40"

February 2003

1.JOG 1x (Richard Shirley)17'08"19'07"Winner Men
2.LRGS 4x16'43"20'10"
3.LRGS 2x (Shepherd / Proctor)17'30"20'47"

January 2003

1.LRGS 4x15'27"20'04"Winner Men (OR)
2.JOG 1x (Richard Shirley)18'39"20'38"
3.JOG 4+17'50"21'34"
4.LRGS 4x (J15 - Ben Wilson)19'40"24'17"Event Record
5.LRGS 1x (J16 - Matthew Stott)22'42"24'41"
6.LUBC 4+ (Aylings)21'22"25'06"
7.LRGS 4x (J15)22'39"27'16"
8.LUBC 4+ (Restricted)23'54"27'38"Winner Novice Men
9.LUBC W4+ (Aylings)26'30"28'16"
10.JOG W2x27'02"28'29"Event Record
11.JOG 1x (Dave Dunk)26'42"28'41"
12.LRGS W4+ (Martin Edmunds)30'42"32'28"
13.LRGS 4x (J14)47'34"52'11"

December 2002

1.LRGS 2x (Sullivan / Shepherd)16'05"19'22"Winner Men (ER)
2.JOG 1x (Richard Shirley)17'43"19'42"
3.JOG W1x (Hannah Parkinson)20'54"20'54"Winner Women
4.JOG W1x (Nicky Beet)22'53"22'53"
5.LRGS 4x (J15)19'36"24'13"Winner Novice Men
6.LRGS 4x (J15)19'40"24'17"
7.LRGS 1x (J15 - Vickers)22'24"24'23"
8.LUBC 4+ (J15 - S.Durant)22'33"24'32"
9.LRGS 4+21'15"24'59"
10.LRGS 1x (Davies)24'25"26'24"Event Record
11.LRGS 4x (J14)35'13"39'50"
12.LRGS 4x (J14)36'52"41'29"

November 2002

1.JOG 1x (Richard Shirley)16'39"18'38"Winner Men (OR)
2.SMC 1x (Steven Sullivan)16'53"18'52"
3.JOG 1x (Richard Shirley)18'08"19'07"
4.JOG 1x (Paul Nelson)18'35"20'34"
5.JOG W1x (Hannah Parkinson)20'37"20'37"Winner Women (=ER)
6.JOG 1x (Andy Peach)18'53"20'52"
7.JOG 1x (Phil Bell)19'20"21'19"
8.JOG 1x (Richie Smith)20'10"22'09"
9.LUBC 4+18'45"22'29"
10.JOG W1x (Nicky Beet)22'53"22'53"Winner Novice Women
11.LRGS 4+19'15"22'59"Winner Novice Men
12.LRGS 1x (McDougall)21'39"23'38"
13.LUBC 4+20'15"23'59"
14.LUBC W4+22'22"24'08"
15.LRGS 1x (Mike Davies)22'47"24'46"
16.JOG 1x (Williamson)32'00"32'00"
17.JOG 1x (Adam Peach)30'49"32'48"

October 2002

1.LUBC 1x (Steven Sullivan)17'01"19'00"

September 2002

1.JOG 1x (Richard Shirley)16'41"18'40"Winner Men (OR)
2.JOG 1x (Richard Shirley)16'45"18'44"
3.SMC 1x (Steven Sullivan)17'21"19'20"
4.SMC 1x (Steven Sullivan)17'29"19'28"
5.LRGS 1x (Harry Shepherd)18'09"20'08"
6.LRGS 4+16'52"20'36"
7.JOG W1x (Chisholm)20'37"20'37"Winner Women (ER)
8.JOG 1x (Declan Murray)19'07"21'06"
9.JOG W4+19'21"21'07"Event Record
10.JOG W2x20'08"21'35"Event Record
11.JOG 1x (Atkinson)20'42"22'41"
12.LRGS 1x (J16 - Matthew Stott)21'26"23'25"
13.LRGS 1x (J16 - Matthew Stott)23'05"25'04"
14.LG/RGS X2x24'09"26'31"
15.JOG 1x (Adam Peach)27'44"29'43"

March 2002

1.LUBC 1x (Steven Sullivan)18'02"20'01"Winner Men
2.LRGS 1x (Harry Shepherd)18'41"20'40"
3.JOG 1x (Adam Murfitt)18'53"20'52"
4.JOG W4+21'25"23'11"Winner Women
5.JOG W2x21'53"23'20"
6.JOG 1x (Phil Bell)24'29"26'28"

March 2002

1.JOG 1x (Richard Shirley)16'50"18'49"Winner Men
2.JOG 1x (Richard Shirley)17'00"18'59"
3.LUBC 4+15'55"19'39"
4.LRGS 1x (Harry Shepherd)18'30"20'29"
5.JOG 2x17'17"20'34"
6.LRGS 1x (Tom Middleton)18'36"20'35"
7.LRGS 4+17'45"21'29"
8.JOG 1x (Simon Wetherell)19'46"21'45"
9.JOG W4+20'42"22'28"Winner Women

December 2001

1.LRGS 2x17'38"21'16"Winner Men
2.LUBC 8+15'34"21'25"
3.JOG 2x17'58"21'40"
4.LRGS 2-19'45"22'54"
5.LUBC W8+19'56"23'31"Winner Women
6.JOG 4+19'16"23'54"
7.LRGS 4+19'22"24'02"
8.JOG W4+22'20"24'35"
9.LUBC 8o17'56"24'41"
10.LUBC W4+23'55"26'19"
11.LRGS J15 4x20'18"26'43"
12.LRGS J15 4x21'13"27'55"