Lancaster John O' Gaunt Rowing Club and Lancaster Schools' Rowing Association




Weekly Boris

The Weekly Boris is a weekly email that goes out to the members. If you are a member and have been missed off the email list then please let the captain know.


Dear All,

Just a couple of things to update everyone on.

Firstly, major works are starting on Monday 3rd December at the club to refurbish the changing facilities. This is as a result of a successful bid to Sport England kindly submitted by Neil.

Before work is started however, we need to do some preparation to the building. It would therefore be of great help if everyone who is available this Tuesday and Wednesday (27th and 28th) could join us down at the club to carry out these works.

If you normally row on these nights, juniors included, could you please come down to help. If you don't regularly come down to these sessions, please come this week anyway. Many hands make light work!

Secondly, I need to put together a rota to cover the next 12 weeks of junior sessions. There are two sessions a week, Tuesday 6-7pm and Sunday 9:30am-12pm. The last rota completely fell to peices unfortunately as people did not turn up and only a few made an effort to arrange cover. I understand people are very busy, but I currently dedicate an evening every week to cover the Tuesday session by myself. We are not asking that everyone makes this kind of commitment, but if we get enough people volunteering their time, even if its just one or two sessions every 12 weeks, then it will relieve the pressure from certain members who have graciously dedicated there free time to run these sessions. Even if you are a parent who doesn't know a lot about the sport, your support would be gratefully appreciated.

If anyone willing and interested could email me with days or dates they can help I will start to write up a rota.

At the end of the day, we are a small community sports club run by volunteers, and it is within the spirit of such clubs for everyone to muck in where they can.

So many thanks to all those already helping out, and I look forward to seeing lots of faces down at the club on Tuesday and Wednesday!

Good luck to those racing at the Red Rose sprints tomorrow, have a great day.

Kind regards,

Oliver Standford
Vice Captain


Bad News

On the 26th/27th of October the building was broken into (damaged door £700 to replace with steel door) and two launch engines were taken (approximate value - £1,400 each). The police were immediately informed and forensics were soon on site. At this stage it looks like nobody has been nabbed for the break-in.

Iain Taylor has located a launch + engine from Wigan for less than £900 as a temporary replacement; this may operate as a long-term spare depending on the situation with the insurance company over replacing our old engines. The old engines we had are no longer manufactured and cost to replace will be in excess of £2,000 each new.

The door to the sculling bay has now been replaced with a steel door at a value of £700 - hopefully this will be covered by the insurance.

Access to the Building

Due to the break in we have changed the lock. The Club Captain holds the keys as it is not a good idea to store them at the club. These are available for pick up at the club on most Wednesdays (5:30pm), Saturdays (9:30am) and Sundays (9:30am).

Building Works

The work towards improvements upstairs has moved forward slowly, and it looks like works will only cover the improvment of the changing area and the toilets. Works are supposed to last three weeks during which time we will not be permitted entry to the building.

Further Works

The balcony door will be replaced with a metal door, and it is likely that the doubles door will be replaced with a metal door in the near future. Other doors seem to be holding up well and will only be replaced close to the time of their demise.

Club Funds

Funds are looking much healthier than they were in late 2011/early 2012. Membership has gone up amongst the senior members, thanks in main to Matt Birchall and his organising of the Learn to Row over the summer period. This has resulted in approximately £120 new income per month.

Payment of Fees

Nearly all JOG seniors and LSRA juniors are now paying by standing order. This is the only method that we are accepting for new members as every year the clubs have to chase non-payees.


The junior section has gone through the roof - on one Sunday morning we had 35 juniors down at the club! This has meant that the income for the LSRA has gone up a lot. LSRA has now paid across to JOG fees owed for the LSRA lease (50% of junior funds) and paid back liability insurance and British Rowing affiliation that JOG had previously paid on LSRA's behalf.

Boat Purchases

It has been agreed in committee that priority purchases are:

  • LSRA top of range 2x (would only slightly exceed a maximum £10,000 Sport England bid, which is close to being sent off)
  • Second hand 8+ to mainly help with large numbers of juniors on a Sunday morning
  • Second hand 4x for hwt crews that are currently having to use Duffa or Endevour

Explore Rowing

There is a possibility that we might buy back into the Explore Package - we are making a decision on this by the end of the month (deadline for final applicants). We will only go for this if the outlay and long-term payments are minimal from our end, this is due to planned improvement to the building and other priority boat purchases.

Indoor Rowing Machines

Four of the older indoor rowing machines have been removed from site - replaced with one Model D. We now have 6 Model D indoor rowing machines. We are unlikely to purchase any additional due to space restrictions in the gym space.

Christmas Bash

Due to late organisation this is going to be held at The Gregson Centre (near the Boys' Grammar School) on the evening of the 26th January. There will be hot pot and vegetarian pizzas - there will be a bar for the event. This is currently booked for 40 people (can host more) and should be a lot cheaper than previous meals. Further details to follow.

Red Rose Sprint

We're holding a Red Rose Sprint at the Club on the 25th of November from 9:30am. This is a whole club event with LSRA, JOG and LUBC taking part; we are hoping that LRGSBC will also join us on the day. The event will start with a time trial from the Aqueduct to the Club for all boats, followed by three rounds of racing for all crews until there is a final rank order of crews at the end. All members and parents are invited - please come along to support. There will be food.

Paid Secretary

We have increasingly found ourselves struggling to cater for the increased demands of our expansion over the last year, and the paperwork side is become quite a bind. Therefore, The committee has unanimously agreed that there will be an appointment of a paid secretary - details are to be finalised; there will be a notice in the job centre and a notice will go out on the Boris.


We need more people to help out.

Membership has expanded and we are very grateful for those members that have continued to help us run the Saturday Learn to Row, Tuesday Juniors and Sunday Juniors. We have just finished a rotation of 12 weeks where up to 12 members volunteered to help run the junior sessions - for the most part this ran well - there were at least two people that didn't show up to any of the sessions that they volunteered to do - you know who you are.

We would like to start another rotation with as many volunteers as possible on the rota. The larger the volunteer base then the we all individually have to do less. Even if you have very little experience then we can still find something that you can do to help out with. It's not easy running a junior session of 35 kids when there are only 4 adults - 2 will need to deal with complete beginners, 1 will have to repair boats and that leaves only 1 adult to coach 30 kids!

An email will be going out soon from Oliver Standford (Vice Captain) asking for volunteers (we will assume that we still have the previous volunteers)! We are more than happy to include parents - even if you have no experience, in fact we want to include parents!!!!!


From Club Captain

Most of you will be aware that I relinquished the Club Captainship in March of this year, most of you won’t yet be aware that I’m stepping back into the post (thanks to Matt B for the work that he has done over the last few months).

Over the last four years we have made significant improvements in terms of equipment, membership, structure and our activity. We have now reached a plateau and risk a decline.

There are a number of ways in which we will improve, and they will probably happen in the following order:

  1. Increased Volunteers (we need to move away from the few offering the lion’s share and towards the many offering what they can)
  2. Increased Senior Members (Adult Learn to Row)
  3. Increased Junior Members (LSRA)
  4. Improved Equipment (Grant applications have dried up but the committee is now addressing this)
  5. Improved Building (Sport England bid has been submitted)

At this stage we need to have enough people to help run the LSRA sessions (twice a week) and Adult Learn to Row (8 weeks of once a week in the summer if running 1 programme – fully staffed for this year). If we get this right then Senior and Junior Membership will increase, and so will subsequent improvements to equipment and the building, and the volunteer base will also increase (4 of our 2010 Learn to Row adults are now on the committee).

We need your help; I’ve already had the following people say that they will help to run the sessions:

  • Neil Wigglesworth
  • Steven Sullivan
  • Steve Holmes
  • Matt Birchall
  • Ian Davidson
  • Phil Bell
  • Tom Sanders
  • Oliver Stanford
  • Colin McDermid
  • Ciro Prisco
  • Matthew Wilkinson
  • Roger Heise
  • Iain Taylor

The more of you offer to help then the easier the load is for the rest of us, even if you're a parent with no experience then your help is still welcome.

At this stage I need to know:

  • If you are willing to help,
  • How many sessions you are willing to help out at over the next twelve weeks, even if it is once,
  • If you can do the whole of Sundays (9:30-12:00) and/or Tuesdays (6:00-8:00),
  • Home phone number and mobile number,
  • Any other details I need to know (such as skills that would benefit the club).


Steven Sullivan
Incoming (Returning) Club Captain



Sunday 18th March - 11:30am at the Club.

Easter Training Camp

Just a note for your diary's Easter Training Camp this year is the first week of the Easter holidays 2nd to the 6th April.

Fees and registration form for non-members is here: Link

Development Plan Review

2011 Review now available

Volunteering on Sunday Mornings

We need a few extra members to be part of a rota system on a Sunday morning, as a couple of our main volunteers aren't able to give as much time going forward.


There is no great commitment as you can see from the time slots shown below - this will run up the end of 2012 when we will re-do the schedule of volunteering.


Volunteering Opportunities (starting immediately):


  • 1 Sunday out of every 4 Sundays

  • 1 Sunday out of every 6 Sundays


Jobs will include coaching, launch driving, fixing boats, helping the juniors to get on the water or making cups of coffee - depends on your area of expertise!


Any and all help will be appreciated!

Trafford Head

One win - Girls' LSRA 2x.

Adjusted Times:

Crew Name
Time (s)

Factor (Time / Handicap)

1 JOG Im3 1x Stand.                 783 673                    1.16
2 JOG Im3 4+                 744 611                    1.22
3 LSRA WN 2x                 880 698                    1.26
4 JOG Im3 1x Sand.                 903 673                    1.34
5 LSRA J14 1x Tids.                 930 673                    1.38


Trafford Head

Weekend after next - see details through facebook group - Sarah sorting LSRA and Tom sorting JOG.

Warrington Head

Winners: Im3 4+, W N 4+ and J14 1x.

Adjustments for Lancaster crews based on boat type (I wasn't sure what the total race distance was but results are correct relative to each other):

Rank Boat Type  Time (s)  Handicap  Adjusted
(Time / Handicap) 
1 LSRA W4+      951.7 877                           1.085
2 JOG 4+      859.4 788                           1.090
3 JOG 2x      883.1 810                           1.091
4 LSRA W4x      953.8 858                           1.112
5 JOG 2x      913.0 810                           1.128
6 LSRA 1x 1087.4 869                           1.251

Red Rose Head

Sorry, bad link last week, should work this week:



Thanks to Oliver for volunteering his car to have a tow bar installed! Thanks to Matt for helping to save us the cost of having to pay a mechanic - every little bit helps!



Red Rose Head


Warrington Head

Information to follow on facebook.

Trafford Head

18th February - entries to Sarah or Tom.


Easter Indoor Rowing League

The next round of the league has started up again. Please forward your time in this block for a 2000m piece including your age on the day of your piece.

Sarah is responsible for getting at least 5 erg times from participating schools.

All guys seat racing for the coming season should put forward a time to be taken seriously.

Easter Indoor League Details

Red Rose Head

We'll try to do a Red Rose Head this coming Sunday from 9:30 onwards - a useful opportunity to seat race the men in the 4+?

Junior Tuesdays

Junior Tuesdays have now switched to after school at Ripley from 15:10.

Warrington Head

Head of the Mersey (Warrington) is open for entries on BROE for the race on Sunday 5th February. Entries will be closed on Saturday 28th January at 10pm. Contact Sarah or tom to get your entries in.

International Youth Games

We've been asked to put a team forward of 4 boys from age 14 to 16 - more details will follow.

Old LUBC 4+

Has been sold - not cost effective to fix for our use.

LUBC Women's 8+

LUBC are looking for some extra women to put a second 8+ together for Women's Head. Anyone who is interested should contact the club's email address for further details.



Adrian Lees has kindly donated his set of blades to the club in memory of Corinne Whitty - funeral this Tuesday, please let Sue know if you intend to go.

Trailer Damage

Security at Halton Army Camp let us know that a large branch had fallen on the trailer - thanks to go to one of the security guards and Luke Hodgson who were available to remove the branch this afternoon.

Boat for Sale

Angela Park is looking to sell her single - £500. Most suitable for light to medium weight women and juniors and is a really safe and stable boat. Interested members to contact Angela directly or emails of interest can be forwarded on.

Boat Storage

Some of the boats were shifted around on Sunday morning to reduce potential damage should we have a high flood:

Doubles Bay: lwt and hwt doubles only - launches restrict safe storage of other boats here,

Under the Stairs: lwt quad on top, old double then old quad,

Central Rack: private singles and older singles as they were,

Road Side Rack: Endevour on top, good four in middle, then old club single and old double together on bottom rack,

Back Corner: Split four waiting for repair and two old club singles.

Junior Jobs on Sundays

We started junior jobs this Sunday, which allows us to delay the start of the junior session for Ciro to arrive. Juniors under the guidance of the junior captains will do this each week from now on.

Jobs completed this week:

  • painted all of the wooden trestles,
  • fixed the screws on the roadside doors,
  • improved pitch on riggers for one of the older pairs,
  • litter picked,
  • washers on training boats.

Weights Room

There are a number of members doing weights on a regular basis at the club; recent additions include:

  • some 25kg Olympic Weights,
  • another Olympic bar (will arrive soon),
  • false wooden weights - helps to do deadlifts safely (thanks to Matt Birchall),
  • free weights and bench (thanks to Steve Holmes)

Rigging Booklets

The toolbox now contains two copies of Oarsport's rigging guide for the riggers amongst you.

Next Race

Warrington Head (5th February).

Committee Meeting

Committee Meeting this Sunday at 11:30am at the club.


Ripley Circuits start again this Thursday.


Corinne Whitty

It is with deep sadness that I must report the loss of one of our members. Corinne Whitty passed away on Friday night at home after a battle with cancer.

Corinne began her rowing career in 2005. She quickly became a stalwart of the women’s squad; always eager to participate and race. Corinne made outings in all weather conditions enjoyable with her positive attitude and sense of humour. Corinne was involved in several fundraising events for Cancercare, including completing the Boston Marathon and a memorable row across Morecambe Bay in a thunderstorm.

Corinne will be sadly missed by all who were lucky enough to know her.

Corinne (2nd from right) at the Boston Marathon in 2009.


Ripley Circuits

Starts back up on the 12th January.

Christmas Dinner

An enjoyable dinner with 20 people in attendance.

Head of the Float

The Head of the Float wasn't called off for bad weather!

Indoor Rowing

Unless some late results come in then JOG are likely to win the Christmas block ahead of LUBC and then Ripley. A little dissapointing that Ripley is the only school to have submitted times and LSRA has failed to submit enough times to place overall - this will be addressed in the Easter block.

2011 Christmas Indoor League

Increase in Fees

A number of our more active senior members have increased their monthly fees to £20. This will be up for vote at the AGM in March.


Christmas Dinner

Saturday 10th - details already gone out - please get your meal requests to Andy by Tuesday evening.

Head of the Float

Called off because of bad weather.

Indoor Rowing

JOG now winning over LUBC! LSRA, LRGSBC and all the local schools are still unplaced as no times have been submitted - Sarah to sort out.

2011 Christmas Indoor League

£50K Sport England bid

John O'Gaunt Rowing Club is putting in a bid to improve the building. We hope to have the application in for the 1st February. The last part of the application needs us to submit a list which gives a breakdown of the various jobs we want to do and their cost. We've had three builders down to look at the building and none of them have been heard from since! We're now looking to get a Quantity Surveyor in to price up the jobs - can anyone recommend someone?

Junior Membership

A couple of new juniors have joined the club - below is the link to the junior information pack. I'm afraid that we only accept three forms of payment - cheque or cash to cover the whole annual amount (from date of starting) or a standing order set up through your bank. This makes tracking payments for our volunteer treasurer much easier - we've had problems with members making part payments in the past then not making good on the remainder.

JOG and LSRA Information Pack.pdf

A reminder: existing juniors should have changed their standing orders to the new LSRA account. We are finalising a Sport England bid for £10K of new equipment - to facilitate this we need all of the junior funds to go through the new account. Thanks to those juniors that have made arrangements to drain their parents' cash into this account!

Ongoing Jobs

JOG Gardening Club: There has been a large build up of debris on the car park due to the ongoing work of the JOG Gardening Club! Over the next couple of weeks this will be moved to the land below the club to free up more space in the car park.

Return of the Bollard: The bollard has returned after spending a few weeks in the river! Colin will have it up and running soon.

Riggers: Ian Davidson is working his way through all of the riggers. All riggers will have a permanent number written on them. The number will correspond with the license number on the boat rather than the name. A reminder from the equipment officers that ALL spare riggers live upstairs on the old wooden blade.

Sunday Jobs: Juniors are going to contribute a little more to the running of the club from now on.


Blame the juniors that dumped the wooden trestles at the back of the club this morning!

Junior Captains to meet with the Club Captain and HSCT Coach prior to the outing to coordinate jobs - Junior Captains will have more responsibilities for coordinating other juniors from now on.


Head of the Float

Boat loading and organising of this event to go through Facebook - nearly everyone who is going is part of the group.

Indoor Rowing

LUBC winning so far - only by one point over JOG! LSRA, LRGSBC and all the local schools unplaced as they have not submitted any times.

Please email me your 2km time and age and I will add you to the list:

2011 Christmas Indoor League

Christmas Dinner

All the details for the christmas dinner will be released later this week in a special christmas email.

Mobile Phones

Can members that use the club's mobile phones during club sessions please ensure that they turn them off once they are finished with them. On a number of occasions we've had to charge them on following club sessions rather than use them.

More Boats

We're currently investigating the purchase of a mixture of second hand boats and new boats.

It's looking like it will be cheaper to buy a 10 year oldish 4x+ rather than fix the 4x+ that is currently out of use.

We're also in need of a medium to heavy weight coxless 4x-/4- to cater for the seniors and the masters - possibly Wintech boats - they have a split section option that will allow the bow section to be replaced with a coxed option.


Senior Membership Increase

At the committee meeting on the 20th November the committee discussed an increase in the membership fees to £20 a month for Senior Members.

A few years ago we discussed the possibility of increasing the membership; at that time is was agreed that the focus should be on increasing membership numbers and that due to the equipment we had at that time we could not justify an increase.

Since then we have increased the size and quality of the fleet, and most areas of the club's facilities have improved with further work to do.

It was agreed that a proposed membership increase would go to an EGM over the next few months or the AGM in March.

Christmas Dinner

At the Borough on Saturday the 10th of December. £19.99 for three courses. Further details will follow.


After the event on Sunday the boats that are most likely to be used during the following week should have been re-rigged on Tuesday evening.

Over the next couple of weeks all of the riggers will be re-taped to make it much clearer which riggers go with which boat.

Launch Drivers

A general reminder to all launch drivers that engines should be put into "pootle" when approaching crews from the opposite direction - this can mean up to 300m.

Who are you?

Which member put a single on the bottom rack in the singles bay last Sunday? Singles do not live on the bottom rack in the singles bay. These slots are subject to the most risk of damage during a flood. Last year two of the club's singles were damaged because they were stored here.

If any single is damaged in the sculling bay because it was stored on the bottom rack, then the club captain will advise the committee to ask for the offending member to make good the value of the damage.


Committee Meeting

Meeting this Sunday at 11am - important to catch up with where we are with a few things.

Christmas Indoor League

JOG winning so far - only one entry!

Please email me your 2km time and age and I will add you to the list:

2011 Christmas Indoor League

Thursday Circuits

Ripley Circuits start this Thursday at 7:15pm - finish at 8:15pm.

Boat Repairs

It has been decided that we will get rid of the old LUBC 4+ rather than repair - too expensive.

One of the older coxed fours needs repair to one of the shoulders - this would cost £800 to repair if sent away so we're going to try and fix in-house.

Blade Rack

Thanks to Matt for the latest work that he's done at the club - a new blade rack for the sculling blades. Please make sure that better blades go further up the rack.

Storage of Equipment

A few photos will go up in the gym area - please note where equipment is shown to go - in particular:

  • ALL riggers should be stored on the old blade (rigger hanger)
  • old ergs should be stored under the rigger hanger
  • new ergs should be stored vertically
  • wooden trestles stored between changing rooms

It's important that we store all of riggers and other trestles upstairs so that they don't get covered in mud when the boat house floods.

Bonfire Night

A good evening was had by all last Saturday - we managed to get rid of all of the wood!

Northwich Head

Well done to the Women's Novice 2x and Women's Novice 4+ who won at the weekend.

Rank Club Crew Name Boat Type Sex Time (s) Handicap Factor (Time / Handicap)
1 JOG JOG 4x 4x M 530 423                    1.25
2 LSRA LSRA W2x 2x F 646 494                    1.31
3 LSRA LSRA W4+ 4+ F 660 481                    1.37
4 LSRA Parkinson 1x F 728 530                    1.37
5 JOG Sanders 1x M 684 477                    1.43
6 LSRA Tidswell 1x M 686 477                    1.44
7 JOG Holmes 1x M 709 477                    1.49

Next Event

Head of the Float (Liverpool)


Bonfire Night

Bonfire starts at 7pm - barbeque and drinks - bring your own food and drink (JUNIORS NO ALCOHOLIC DRINK). There's a facebook page.


Roger will be helping out with the junior section on Sunday mornings over the next few months. Ciro Prisco is a student studying at UCLAN who has offered to help us at the weekends - he has rowed in Italy.

Christmas Dinner

We're hoping to book the Borough for some time in December.

Northwich Head (13th November)

Entries need to be in before Sunday.

Boat loading will be on Saturday the 12th after the outing.

All fees to be in before boat loading - if you can't make boat loading then give Rhianne the money before Saturday the 12th.

£5 per seat in junior events or £7 a seat in senior events. Everyone to contribute £3 for trailer transport.


Sarah to sort out junior entries. Tom to sort out senior entries - access rights will be given in due course.

Christmas Indoor League

A bit late in getting started but the base page for the league is now on the web. Please email me your 2km time and age and I will add you to the list:

2011 Christmas Indoor League


Bonfire Night

On the 5th of November we'll be having a bonfire down at the club - a number of us will prep the ground before the fire in the evening - can volunteers let themselves be known? If you'd like to come along then please bring your own barbeque food and drink. The view of the City's fireworks should be good from the club.

Next Event

Northwich on the 13th.

Clocks Change

The clocks change next Saturday so remember to turn up at the right time on Sunday morning!

New Toilets!

Thanks to Neil for painting the Gent's toilets - they look almost new!


Agecroft Head

No wins, so here are the results for Lancaster clubs compared against each other (does not account for Masters or Junior status):

Rank Club Crew Name Boat Type Sex Time (s) Handicap (s) Factor
(Time / Handicap)
1 JOG JOG Sullivan 1x M 720 685                    1.05
2 LRGS LRGS Yates 1x M 743 685                    1.08
3 LRGS LRGS Hodgson 1x M 780 685                    1.14
4 LSRA LSRA 2x 2x F 812 710                    1.14
5 JOG JOG Birchall 1x M 791 685                    1.15
6 JOG JOG 4x 4x M 705 608                    1.16
7 JOG JOG Standford 1x M 796 685                    1.16
8 LRGS LRGS 4+ 4+ M 737 621                    1.19
9 LRGS LRGS 8+ 8+ M 673 565                    1.19
10 LRGS LRGS 4+ 4+ M 743 621                    1.20
11 JOG JOG 4+ 4+ M 747 621                    1.20
12 LSRA LSRA Parkinson 1x F 924 762                    1.21
13 JOG JOG Kayll 1x M 837 685                    1.22
14 LSRA LSRA W4+ 4+ F 876 691                    1.27
15 JOG JOG Sanders 1x M 917 685                    1.34

Next Event

Northwich - 13 November.

Evening Rowing

We are not rowing on evening club sessions from now - we're hitting ergs and weights!


We have membership cards for the Borough - 10% off price of meals and drinks. Please let me know if you want one and I'll forward to Andy K.

Boat Loading

There was some confusion about boat loading this week - whenever there is confusion a group of juniors can usually be found at the source. Thursday or Friday were identified as possible evenings for boat loading - it is not for juniors to decide which evening we will boat load.

The wrong ties were used for tieing the boats down on the trailer - this is a health and safety issue (another junior at the source of this problem). After a period of time older ties are put out of trailer use and new ones are purchased. The white bag in the cabinet is where the new ones are held - these are used for the trailer ONLY.

A reminder to me, Phil and Andy that the driver of the trailer must check all ties before driving - we're the ones that are accountable not the other person that failed to the boat down properly. Please be careful with the older singles - the hulls are fragile!


One of our neghbours kindly returned some blades that he found on the grass outside of the club on Friday morning - who thinks that we've got enough money that they leave blades outside after they had an outing on Thursday evening?


Indoor Competition

Martin + two sons, Phil B, Phil P, Steve H, Steve S, Matt B a Andy K all took part in the indoor rowing competition against the rugby league team on Saturday. We managed to cover 71km (length of the Lune) in 4hours and 15minutes - the rugby team finished in just over 5 hours.

Agecroft Head

Details to go out later in the week.

Boatloading Friday night unless somebody else can pick up the trailer on Thursday night (Andy?).

Neil Cobb

The new coach for Lancaster University came down to the club this morning - very promising for collaboration going forward.

Boat Storage

Thanks to Ian D for sorting out pictures of where boats go in the building (these are on the doors) - please adhere to where the boats are pictured. Only in high flood should boats be stored differently.


Red Rose Head

Results for Red Rose are here.

Chester Photos

Pictures are available here.

Indoor Competition

We have an indoor rowing competition against the local rugby team next Saturday - we will enter a men's and women's team. Further information will go on the facebook group on Monday evening.

Christmas Indoor League

Following the indoor competition earlier this year we will do a 2km competition up to christmas - guys from the men's squad can use their times from September. Further information will follow next week.

Article on British Rowing

Aaron's article for the end of the season has gone on the British Rowing Website.

Care of Equipment and Storage

Members have been repeatedly asked to take care of our equipment - we have limited funds and we'd rather not repair or replace equipment that has been damaged through neglect.

We are in the process of ordering spares. At the moment we are having to raid some of the older boats for spares - if you find that you have to do this then please leave a note on the whiteboard so that the equipment officers (Iain and Ian) know which boats you've taken parts from. DO NOT TAKE PARTS FROM PRAIVATE BOATS - SOMEBODY TOOK SIMON'S SEAT FROM HIS PRIVATE BOAT LAST WEEK!!!!

Ian is going to put pictures on the boathouse doors to show where all the boats now live. Over the last week members have been repeatedly putting singles back in the wrong places - pure laziness. The bottom two removable racks in the main bay are to remain empty between outings - this is to ensure that we can rapidly move boats to higher racks in a flood situation. From now on the 4 older club singles will remain de-rigged on the racks.

Leg Press

Thanks to matt for getting us a cheap leg press - juniors to only use under supervision.


Chester Long Distance Sculls

RankClubBoatNameTime (s)FactorWin

Runcorn Head

Runcorn is next weekend - we're not doing this as back-to-back weekends is a bit much.

Red Rose Head

We'll have a Red Rose Head this Sunday - start of first division is 10am - start of second division is 11am.

Agecroft Head

Head is on the 15th - get your entries in soon.


Trailer Fees

The trailer fees for Gloss and Ross have not been paid in full.

We've continuously asked that members pay their fees prior to trailer leaving - why is this still a problem and why does the trailer driver end up being the person out of pocket?

Chester Long Distance Sculls

Boat loading is straight after the outing on Saturday morning - all fees will be paid before the trailer is picked up (if you can't make trailer loading then fees must be made available in advance).

If all the money is not in then the trailer will not be picked up.

Unloading will be on Sunday after the event.


First Division:

  • Men's E1x (Steve)
  • Men's Im2 1x (Matt W)
  • Men's Im3 1x (Matt B)
  • Men's Im3 1x (Oliver)
  • Men's Im3 1x (Tom)
  • Men's Im3 1x (Andy)
  • Women's N4x- (Chloe, Rhianne, Jess and Hannah)

Second Division:

  • Men's Im3 4x- (Andy, Matt B, Olive and Tom)
  • Men's Mas D 4x- (Phil, Phil, Martin and Glenn)
  • Men's Senior 2x (Steve and Matt W)
  • Women's J16 1x (May)
  • Women's J16 1x (Ellie)

Sunday Cover

As all of the Club's Captains are away racing on Sunday can some adults please email to volunteer to take responsibility for the Sunday junior session?

Bonfire Night (Saturday 5th November)

We've decided to have a club bonfire night - we've got the fuel for the fire so we'll have a smallish fire, drinks and food.

Training Plan

A number of people have been unable to access the supporting file for the Training Plan.

The Format of the document has been changed to a webpage and should now be accessible:

Training Plan Supporting Document

Or try:

Training Plan Supporting Document


Boston Marathon

Aaron has entered Im2 Mixed Doubles for Boston Marathon as JOG. Please go to this link to help Aaron raise money for the Alzheimer's Society. Can as many people sponsor as possible - Aaron has done a hell of a lot for us as a club over the last two years?


Thanks to Aaron for sending through an excellent end of year racing summary.

He's also submitted race articles for the Red Rose Head and Gloss and Ross Regatta.

We're still missing an article from Warrington Reggata - follow the link to find out who hasn't written it!

Thursday Sessions

At the moment none of the club captains can make the Thursday sessions - experienced juniors can still turn up to the session but they must row as part of a fleet of boats which includes seniors that are prepared to take responsibility for them.

Indoor Rowing Competition

There is an indoor rowing competition (71km - length of the Lune) on the 8th of October against the local rugby league team - this will take place at the Trimple Sports Leisure Centre. We will put a men's and women's team together.


On Tuesday We had a high flood for this time of year - the peak must have been some time during Tuesday afternoon. No boats were damaged as we've been able to keep boats off the bottom racks in the sculling bay and the doubles bay.

Prior to LRGSBC leaving the club we were reliant on the Rowing Master to flag up flooding - this is no longer the case and as we have yet to put in place an early warning system we are relying on storage of boats above the usual flood level.

We ask that the members continue to cooperate with our policy of keeping boats off the bottom racks in both the sculling bay and doubles bay.

Chester Long Distance Sculls

Members interested in racing at Chester Long Distance Sculls need to make themselves known before this Saturday.

  • Men's singles and Women's crews in the first division
  • Women's singles and Men's crews in the second division


Goodbye to Aaron

Unfortunately Aaron has left us for the draw of the South! We all wish him good luck in the future and thank him for all of the hard work that he has put in whilst he has been with us.

Thanks to Laura for putting together an album for Aaron which a number of us have signed.

Red Rose Head

We ran the first Red Rose of the season on Saturday.

Full Results

Monday Sessions

Monday sessions are cancelled during September.

Monday sessions will start again in October at Ripley once Sarah has returned.

Chester Long Distance Sculls (25th September 2011)

Chester Long Distance Sculls is one of the more competitive races that we will do during the head season. Men will race singles in the first division and crews in the second division, reverse for the women.

We will take at least two quads, at least six sculling boats and possibly a double.

Members interested in racing in singles and crew boats to make themselves known.

Head Poster

Henley RR Crews

More information will follow to members that have expressed an interest in being involved with selection for the Henley crew/s.

At the start of this week interested individuals should complete a 2km test to set the boundaries for the first block of training that starts this week - look to the training document that interested individuals are advised to use.

2km times will need to be submitted to the Club Captain - non-submitted times will not be chased down but emailing times will show an interest in being involved.


Crews Racing this Weekend

One win from today - Im2 2x (Aaron and Matt). The rest of the crews didn't make it through the heats.

Red Rose Head

The first Red Rose of the 2011-12 season will be this Saturday, not the 3rd of August as previously advertised!

Senior men have the opportunity to post a base time in singles.

Bank Holiday Monday Session

Session not on.

Vice Captains

Tom Sanders and Phil Bell have been voted onto the committee as Vice Captains.

Boat Storage

We've stopped putting singles on the bottom racks in the sculling bay and the doubles bay; we have room to store the boats elsewhere so as to prevent them from being damaged in flood.

Can members please make sure that boats are not left resting on their riggers. Doug Melivin and Michael Anson when rigged as Quads will suffer damage to their riggers if members do not put an extra rubber pad under the boats near the riggers that would otherwise sit on the rack.

Training Document

A PowerPoint has been put on the website to support the Periodised Training Programme.


Upcoming Races

Red Rose Head on Saturday 3rd of September - most senior men looking to get into the top boats this coming season should compete in singles to give an indicator of where they are compared to the rest of the men.

A few of the seniors are racing at Gloss and Ross Regattas this coming weekend.

Chester Long Distance Sculls is on the 25th September - Poster.

New Upload

A training log file has been put on the website - Periodised Training Programme.

The first week of the log starts on the 5th September - men wanting to get into the top boat may benefit from using this.

An instructions page will appear on the website soon.

Explore Rowing

The Committee has decided that we will no longer persue the Explore Rowing package that we were introducing to the club. The main reasons for this are;

  • Not sufficient evidence that recruitment and retainment will be above cheaper improvements in existing Learn to Row
  • Financial commitment to a new direction in the club on top of our commitment to the LSRA
  • Boats not guaranteed to be used on a regular basis taking up valuable space in the club
  • Commitment to run the Explore Rowing Packages with already stretched qualified volunteers


Adult Learn to Row

The take up of the programme has been disappointing. We will look at how we advertise this programme next year.

British Rowing Tour

Iain Taylor is leading the Lancaster group that will take part in the British Rowing Tour of the Canal from the 1st September to the 4th September.

Interim Details

More details will follow.


Can members please be careful about how they use facebook for reporting flooding - if badly worded then messages can serve to discourage members from turning up to club sessions when attendance is more important than ever to help tidy up and secure equipment. Last time we had a large flood two members moved all of the equipment in the early hours - now that LRGSBC has moved out we can be more pro-active in moving equipment in club sessions, especially since we have 6 club sessions a week.

Thanks to Richard, Howard, Shona, Izzy, Ellie and Chloe for helping to tidy up during the flooding last Thursday - none of them read the facebook page!


Thanks to Matt for the work that he has recently lead up below the club - most of the stumps have now been removed and the fence has been removed. Matt is hoping to clear all of the branches that are clogging up the parking area soon using an industrial sized chipper.


Warrington Regatta

For the second event on the trot LSRA has won more than JOG!

  • Phil, Phil, Martin and Glenn won the Masters C/D,
  • Oliver won the J13 1x,
  • May won the WJ15 1x.

Adult Learn to Row

The Adult Learn to Row started today - a disappointing turnout as only three people started the course. If any members know of anyone that might be interested in learning to row for £60 then please let us know as we will take late starters.

Juniors on Thursdays

A reminder that juniors that have not raced at an event should not come to Thursday sessions during August and September - there is limited supervision available.

Olympic Legacy Taster Sessions

At least 8 new people turned up during the weekend - 3 had rowed previously - we're hoping to turn most into full members.


Warrington Regatta

Notice of boat loading for Warrington Regatta will go out later in the week.

Adult Learn to Row

People that are interested in the Adult Learn to Row have been given notice that the Learn to Row will start this coming Sunday from 9:30am.

Junior Sessions

During the summer we will have to limit junior sessions for less experienced juniors to the following sessions:

  • Sunday 9:30am
  • Monday 4:00pm
  • Tuesday 6:00pm

More experienced juniors (raced at events or about to race at an event) may continue to turn up to the following sessions but must row as part of a fleet with adult crews:

  • Saturday 9:30pm
  • Thursday 6:00pm

Mason - National Champion

Mason won the 2- at National Championships: Picture

Cycling to the Club

The coach has asked that juniors that cycle to the club without wearing a helmet watch the following video:

Jame Cracknell


Junior Standing Orders

Can all juniors please change their standing order from payment to John O' Gaunt Rowing Club to the Lancaster Schools' Rowing Association?

Payments to the Lancaster Schools' Rowing Assoication will greatly help us to develop junior rowing in Lancaster.

Standing Order Form

Club Sessions

The committee has provided further clarification of club sessions. Club Sessions are there to provide priority for certain user groups but are not exclusive to those groups - common sense must prevail.

Warrington Regatta

A reminder that entries will not go in for Warrington Regatta unless fees are in the Treasurer's draw at the club. Vice Captains and Coaches are not to submit crews until fees are known to be in.

Rowing Tour

A reminder that the rowing tour is going to row along the canal from the 1st to the 4th of September. We are hoping to put some crews together - we are aware that the North of England Sprint is on during the same period. We will organise crews nearer the time.


Talk of Henley has begun amongst the men. The younger Masters are possibly building towards Vet Henley with the younger guys probably looking towards a Brit Four at main Henley - training will start in September for the Brit.

Lake Windermere Swim

A message in our inbox, email so contact details can be passed on if anyone is interested.

"I am trying to find some support boats for an attempt by myself and 2 friends to swim lake windermere on Sat 6 August and wondered whether any of your club members would be interested in being paid to row a support boat for us. I would be really grateful if you would be so kind as to forward my request to your clubs members.

Many thanks for any help you can offer.

Matthew Hills"


Club Sessions

A reminder that club sessions are at the following times:

Whole Club Rowing
Masters and Recreational Rowing
Whole Club Rowing
Recreational Rowing
Adults and Experienced Juniors
Recreational Rowing
Masters and Juniors

Timings may change over time to suit the user groups that we have in the club. It would be appreciated if members respect the timings of the Wednesday slot in particular and remember that Masters have priority on all club equipment on this evening, even if they don't turn up at bang on 6pm.


As we become increasingly more popular as a club more crews will end up sharing blades and boats and increasingly members are commenting on finding boats not rigged as they would like to have them. Strangely enough this is a good thing, this means that boats are getting used on a regular basis and we are becoming ever more popular.

Previously we had said that anyone wishing to row sweep oar should use the older craft as members weren't rowing sweep regularly enough to justify swapping the rigging on our best boats. Circumstances have now changed - a number of crews will be racing in sweep boats over the next few months.

One way of solving this problem is to leave boats that are being swapped between sweep and sculling on the shelf without riggers on. This of course would never work as it would mean that all crews would have to co-operate.

So, the system that we will use from now on is that Lawson Jackson and the two top end doubles will be rigged as "racing crews" need them, if a crew finds that it is not rigged as they need it then they will need to change the rigging accordingly. Crews that are not racing might consider leaving the rigging as it is or use an alternative boat.

If crews do not have time to mess about with equipment then one of the older doubles and older fours will be set up as sweep boats to ensure that there is a back-up boat for everyone to use.

Juniors will use alternative boats for non-racing purposes.

This isn't going to suite everyone, but it's the best way to suite the most people.


When we submit grant bids for new equipment there are three major measures that have to be submitted; 1. How many people try the sport out, 2. How many people are members, and 3. How often do people participate in your sport.

Some members that are rowing on non-club sessions are failing to fill in the book - this means that on the measure of participation we will remain the same as last year. It is important that we show that we are increasing on all three measures so that we gain additional funding. Please take a minute to fill in the book.

Learn to Row

Adult Learn to Rows are starting on Sunday mornings - we are running these as a rolling programme including British Rowing membership for one year.

Landing Stage

Thanks to Neil Wigglesworth for building a new landing stage - the stage was funded by Lancashire County Council.

Taster Sessions at the Club

On Saturday the 23rd July (10am) and Sunday the 24th July (11am) we will have some taster rowing sessions at the club (part of the Olympic legacy).


Henley RR

Scott and Mason were knocked out of the intermediate 4+ on Saturday by Leander and Imperial.

Talkin Tarn

Good results from Talkin Tarn:

  • JOG Im3 2x
  • JOG/LSRA MxIm3 4x
  • JOG Nov 4+
  • LSRA Nov 1x
  • LSRA WJ15B 2x
  • LSRA J13B 1x


Warrington Regatta

Next event will be on the 30th.

Following the problems of getting fees in from previous events - fees must be in prior to entries being submitted.

Regatta Poster

Monday Session

Session will be at the club - there will be no further sessions at Ripley this term.


We now have 4 mobile phones for club sessions. Key members should have these on them during club sessions - all four numbers are programmed into each phone. Please remember to switch off after use.


We've had it confirmed that we are now a ClubMark Club - this means that we have a minimal operating standard for dealing with young people.

Sticky Fingers

Double Deckers left on the bar probably belong to the person that put it there. If the offending junior can make sure that a Double Decker appears on the bar over the next week then we can all rest happy knowing that we don't have a thief as a member.


Talkin Tarn

Boat loading is on Thursday evening - Phil has kindly paid all of the racing crews' fees in advance of getting the money in - please do him the decency of providing all fees by Thursday at the latest.

Grass Cutting

Eddy (Ellie's Dad) has kindly volunteered to cut the grass once a month or so, thanks!

Monday sessions

The last session of this term will run at Ripley this Monday - the boats will be moved down to the club. Unfortunately I can't go to the club this Monday to run the session as I need to move the boats. There will be a session at the club on the following Monday.

Kit Order

There is a group order on Godfrey at the moment - take advantage of this if you want kit.


Grass Cutting

Colin, Iain and Keith have strimmed the grass on site - does anyone have a lawnmower that we can borrow? Colin kindly leant us his mower last year.


There has been a series of low level damage to boats over the past few weeks - the worrying thing is that it's the next user that reports the damage and not the person/crew that caused the damage. If there's a crunch then please take the time to check it out - damage is much easier to repair sooner rather than later.

Junior Rowing on Monday

Again, there will be two sessions on Monday afternoon for the juniors - only those juniors that have been told to help out at Ripley are to remain at Ripley; all other members will be turned away from Ripley and told to go to the club session from 4pm. If juniors fail to turn up to the club session again this week then this session will be cancelled.


Andrew Kayll is currently negotiating with "The Borough of Lancaster" for club sponsorship. This will hopefully mean a reduction on your meal/drinks and also a return for the club at the end of the year as a "reward" for our members using the establishment. Reduction and reward to be finalised.

Fees for Talkin Tarn

One of the drivers for Durham is still £200 out of pocket as he has not been given the money to cover the fees that he paid on all racing crews' behalves.

Talkin Tarn: if ALL of the fees are not made available in full to the driver of the trailer then the trailer driver will not go to pick up the trailer - racing crews have been warned.

Kit Order

Another kit order is about to start on Godfrey - notice will be given when it starts.


Junior Rowing on Monday

There will be two sessions on Monday - two juniors (Sarah has the rota) will work with Sarah at Ripley, the rest of the juniors to meet at the Club (4pm) for an outing with Steve.

Durham Regatta Results

First Photo from Durham Regatta

Results to follow - only 1 win (Im3 4x+ Florian, Andy, Tom and Matt with Ana coxing).

Talkin Tarn Regatta

2nd July - start thinking about your crews.

Red Rose Sprint (4th June)

Photos of the Red Rose by Chris Verrecchia

Indoor Rowing Machine for sale

A chap popped into the club on Sunday morning wanting to sell an indoor rowing machine, there is a poster in the bar area for those that are interested - it wasn't a Concept model.


Red Rose Sprint (4th June)

A special thanks has to go out to the parents of juniors that helped to provide food for the event and staffed the bar.

Full Article

Full results:

  • JOG winner of the Ralph Cup
  • JOG winner of the Francis Russell Trophy
  • JOG winner of Red Rose Club event
  • Red Rose Cup winner (Aaron and Matt racing for JOG)
  • Red Rose Plate winner (Kieran and Ben racing for LSRA)
Final placings:
  1. JOG 2x A
  2. LSRA W4x-
  3. LSRA 1x
  4. JOG 2x B
  5. LUBC 4+ (up 1 place from time trial)
  6. JOG 4x- (up 2 places from time trial)
  7. LUBC 8+ (down 2 places from time trial)
  8. LUBC W4+ (down 1 place from time trial)
  9. LSRA 2x A
  10. JOG 4x+
  11. LSRA W4x+
  12. LSRA 2x B
Club Rankings (3 crews from each club):
  1. JOG (11pts)
  2. LSRA (14pts)
  3. LUBC (20pts)

Note: there will be a change to the club event next year (3 crews from each club in 2011; 12 athletes from each club starting in 2012). This year's results would have looked like this:

  1. JOG (74pts)
  2. LUBC (76pts)
  3. LSRA (85pts)

For the Geeks amongst you - this file will be tidied up at some point in the future.

Durham Regatta (this weekend)

Crews are racing at Durham at the weekend - Steve towing to the event on Friday night and Phil returning it on Sunday evening. Crews seem to be largely organising themselves through facebook.

Boat loading is on Thursday evening - if you're having an outing then make it a short one.


Thanks to Matt for organising a working party last Thursday - the main bay looks a lot better with all the racks painted and rubber in place, most of the walls have been painted and the floor washed down. Thanks to Kieran, Tom, Luke and Dylon for helping out.

Training Boats

Training Boats have gone off site and were used on the canal today by Ripley. Sarah will organise getting LGGS involved with rowing from our new site.


Red Rose Sprint (4th June)

Event will run this Saturday between LSRA, JOG and LUBC - LRGSBC will not race conceding the Ralph Cup for the third year on the trot without putting a blade in the water. All crews to be at the Aqueduct for a 10am start.

The Captains and Coaches ask that all crews that are not competing make sure that they are off the water by 9:30am.


Northwich Regatta

We won:

  • Im3 4x-
  • W Im3 4x+
  • Mx Im3 2x
  • N 1x

Some very close finalists as well.

Training Boats

Training Boats will go off site on Monday of next week - they will be used at Ripley, returning for the summer break.


Northwich Regatta

Message from Vice-Captain:

Trailer loading this Sunday. EVERYONE who is racing is expected to come to help on the day, derigging boats beforehand is not enough as all other equipment needs to be sorted.

Also ensure you bring your entry money as Phil has kindly offered to pay the fees in adance so everyone can avoid the £1 surcharge per race. This means it is £7 per senior event and £5 per junior event. Trailer fees on top of that will be £3 per person. IF YOU HAVE NOT PAID BY SUNDAY, YOUR BOAT WILL NOT BE LOADED.

Red Rose Sprint (4th June)

John O'Gaunt Crews

  • 2x Aaron and Matt in Rosa Galica
  • 4x+/- Phil, Phil, Martin and Glenn in Michael Anson (tbc coxed with Dylan)
  • 4x- Tom, Florian, Wilson and Steve H in Endeavour
  • 2x Oliver and Drew in Banzai

LSRA Crews

  • W4x- Laura, Ellie, May and Amy in The Duffer
  • W4x+ Chloe, Hannah, Jess, Shona and cox Rhianne in Lawson Jackson
  • 2x Kieran and Ben in Mabel
  • 2x Oliver and Paul in Elizabeth
  • 1x Robin in Happy Feet

If anyone else from JOG or LSRA wishes to compete then they need to speak to either Aaron or Sarah respectively dependant on club. As you may notice, all quads and doubles are currently in use so it will only be singles left I am afraid. Any other issues with crews or the event itself, please ask away. Helpers are wanted for the running of the event so if you would like to do that then please say.

Juniors, can you see if your parents would be willing to contribute any food to sell at the red rose? We are having a bbq and cake stand there and any cakes/sandwiches etc that could be donated to sell on the stall would be greatly appreciated.

Also make sure that you try and convince your parents to come and watch. The event is a race on home waters and support needs to be as high as possible.

Minor Damage

We seem to be going through a spell of damage whilst moving boats in and out of the building - please be careful and make sure that you report any damage.


Lancaster Men taking an involuntary dip


James Logan Sullivan

Arrived on Friday morning at 3:15am weighing 7lbs and 4ounces. We've just about worked out how to stop it crying - no sleep for us!

Eddy's Trestles

Thanks to Eddy for providing us with four sets of cost free trestles - very light and sturdy!

Learn to Row

The recruitment on our first 2011 Learn to Rows has been low (hopefully mainly down to the weather) - we're going to continue running the programme as we hope for more recruits when the weather improves.

Shrewsbury Results

No wins - the standard is high at this event especially when Shrewsbury School is out to play!

Indoor Rowing Machines

4 ergs will soon move to Central High for recruitment purposes.

Summer Indoor League

We're not going to run the Summer Indoor League - not much market for it at this time of year!

Committee Meeting

Sunday 23/05/11 at 11:30


Learn to Row

This Thursday the Learn to Row starts from 6am. Please come down and help out - if you know of anyone that might be interested then please let them know that the course is starting - £90 to cover British Rowing membership and running the course.


Three new singles are now insured!

One of the older singles is going to be off site for approximately 6 weeks - gone for routine repairs for a boat of its age.

Shrewsbury Regatta on Saturday the 14th May

Shrewsbury Regatta - boat loading on Thursday night from 6am - you will make your race and trailer fees available on time!" Further information to appear on facebook.

Nottingham City Regatta

Banzai racing at Nottingham City Regatta - mixed 2x Mary and Arron + composite with LUBC (Caroline and Mary).

Club Kit

If you are interested in ordering club kit then please start a new text string on facebook - one all-in-one is £55 on its own - save £10 each if you order 2 or more. There are still 2 Large all-in-ones under the bar.


BUCS Women's Int 8+ 5th

Red Rose Sprint (4th June)



Shrewsbury Regatta on Saturday the 14th May

A late one: the vets are racing a quad at Shrewsbury Regatta and will be taking a trailer - anyone wanting to enter a crew should contact Phil Bell by Tuesday. Either get in touch with Phil directly (if you have his contact details) or leave a reply to the Shrewsbury notice on our facebook page.

Regatta Details

Merseyside Results


27 members raced at Merseyside Regatta (6 members lost their Novice status).

  • Dylan came 2nd in J11 1x
  • Ellie came 3rd in WJ15 1x
  • Oliver and Paul made it to the semi final in J13 2x
  • Oliver came 2nd in the first round of J13 1x
  • Chloe and Rhianne came 2nd in the first round of WJ15 2x
  • Mary and Laura came 2nd in WNovice 2x
  • The vets came 2nd in Mas C/D 4x-
  • The WNovice 4x+ came 3rd
  • The WIM3 4x- came 2nd
  • Matt and Aaron won IM3 2x and Challenge Novice 2x
  • The two IM3 4x- came 2nd and 3rd
  • The Junior Quad (feat Steve H) beat the Student Quad (feat Wilson) in Nov 4x-

Paying for Events

Members paying in advance of an event has fallen again - a letter from the Treasurer explaining the importance of prompt payments will follow for the racing members.


Thanks to Eddy (Ellie's dad) for making us a set of hard trestles - we were getting a bit short of trestles!


Thanks to Matt (again!) who has fixed the pipes - everything should be working now!


We're in the throws of cutting down some of the trees below the club - they have encroached up to 10 metres into the river allowing the bank to expand! So, we're "managing" the situation to try to reduce silting directly below the club.


Damaged Quad

The quad was damaged on Saturday - result of the crew not looking where they were going before starting. The boat will be back up and running on Tuesday.

There are a number of members that are becoming lazy on the point of turning sufficiently at the bottom end of the river, checking their line is clear and navigating up the correct side of the river. The crew in question had been pulled up on this the previous Thursday. There will be spot checks on this over the next few weeks - offending junior crews will be taken off the water.

Thanks to Keith and Iain for fixing the quad.


Can members that capsize the club's equipment make sure that the shoes are removed to dry and that the boat is empty of water - a single that capsized last Thursday was left with water still in it and the shoes were not removed.

Easter Indoor League

The Easter League has now finished.

Team Competition:

  1. JOG
  2. LUBC
  3. LSRA
  4. Ripley
  6. LGGS

Individual Competition:

  1. Phil Payne (JOG)
  2. Seb Miller (LUBC)
  3. Dan Morgan (LUBC)
  4. Mary Merit-Smith (JOG)
  5. Phil Bell (JOG)

Full Update

The Summer league will start next week - increasing the distance to 1000m.

Merseyside Regatta

Boat loading on Friday morning at 10am.

Crews entered:

  • IM3 2x Aaron and Matt
  • Nov 2x Aaron and Matt
  • Nov 4x- Andy, Florian, Wilson and Tom
  • Nov 4x- Robin, Ben, Steve H and Kieran
  • WIM3 4x- Laura P, May, Ellie and Amy
  • WNov 2x Mary and Laura E
  • WNov 4x+ Chloe, Jess, Hannah, Shona and Dylan
  • MasD 4x+ Phil, Martin, Phil, Glenn and Dylan
  • WJ15 2x Rhianne and Chloe
  • WJ15 1x Ellie
  • J13 2x Oliver and Paul
  • J13 1x Oliver
  • J10 1x Dylan


Northwich Head

Easter Camp

New Committee Post

Matt Birchall has joined the committee in charge of works.


GB Trials

Mason and Scott came 10th in the time trial, going on to place 5th in the B final (11th pairing).


Easter Camp

Easter Camp went well with as many as 30 different people taking part. 12 new juniors tried the sport for the first time with 5 taking part for at least 4 days.

"Jobs" were one of the major undertakings during the week; by the end of the week the following were completed:

  • treated doors
  • treated portable sculling rack
  • painted walls white in the darker areas of the bays
  • dug out areas in the bays that will be concreted (work still to be finished)
  • pulled down the ceiling in the girls' changing area and ripped up damp carpets
  • scallies started burning the large pile of scrub that was gathered last year - we managed the completion!
  • cleaned the bar area
  • removed homemade covers for the sculling racks in the main bays and painted horizontals ready for new rubber tops
  • 3 Estate loads of rubbish were removed from site!

Special mention should go to Matt who has saved us a lot of money with his removable racks - these are now finished. He has come up with a rubber replacement for our homemade efforts which won't retain damp - removing the old covers showed how much moisture was retained and how rusted some of the horizontals were becoming. The rubber should be longer lasting and will only cost in the region of £60 for all of the racks.

On Friday a builder came down to price up concreting the bays - quote awaiting.

Merseyside Regatta

Entries need to be in before next Sunday. Event is on Saturday 30th April. We usually do well at this event.


Go to Schedule to see which events we plan to do over the next few months. We are planning to fit in a Red Rose Sprint Event soon.

Northwich Head

Two wins - WIm3 4+ (Mary, Laura, Alice, Caroline and Dylon) and WIm3 4x- (Amy, Laura, Ellie and Shona)

Wednesday Evening Rowing

A reminder that Wednesday evening circuits has now finished. Wednesday evenings from 18:30 will now be for the Recreational Rowers and Masters - it will be unlikely that the captains or coaches will be at these sessions. Tuesday and Thursday evening sessions will be for all of the members.

Easter Indoor League

Last week to post a time in the Easter Indoor League - we've now had 71 people take on 500m. LUBC has submitted some late times to move into second place in the club competition.

Full Update

The Summer league will start next week - increasing the distance to 1000m.

New Singles

Please don't use any of the new singles until further notice - they have not yet been put on the club's insurance.


We hope to have the pipes fixed before the end of next weekend. Please don't use any of the showers, sinks in either toilets, men's toilet or urinals.


Thanks to Iain and Ian for sorting out all the boat numbers on the boats over the last few weeks - we were threatened with disqualification at races if this wasn't sorted!


Easter Camp

Starts on Monday morning at 9:30.

Easter Indoor League

Phil takes over the top spot in the league; it's highly unlikely that anyone will topple his score!

Ripley continue to move away from LRGSBC in the team event; this is a result of JOG members slotting inbetween the top couple of Ripley girls and LRGS boys.

Full Update

British Rowing Tour

Article featuring on the British Rowing website:

18th British Rowing Tour Lancaster Canal


Work is ongoing with removing ground soil/gravel in the bays - be careful with the loose ground.


Riggers that we recently purchased for £800 were abandoned downstairs on Saturday - please remember to put riggers upstairs - the boathouse only flooded last week.

Northwich Head

Boat loading on Saturday at 11am.

Div 1

  • Steve Elite.1x Holly Bush
  • Aaron Nov.1x New Mediumweight
  • Ian Nov.1x Homer
  • Mary WNov.1x Luney/New Heavyweight

Div 2

  • Steve and Aaron IM1.2x Banzai
  • Rhianne and Chloe WJ15.2x Rose Galica
  • Jess and Hannah WJ15.2x Old Double
  • Andy, Robin, Tom and Kieran IM3.4x- Duffer


  • Laura, Ellie, Shona, Amy W.IM3.4x- Duffer
  • Mary, Lydia (LUBC), Laura, Caroline and Dylan W.IM3.4+ Lawson Jackson
  • Phil and Phil MasE.2x Banzai
  • Becky and Laura WNov.2x Rose Galica/OldDouble



Leander won.

LUBC finished in 207th and 343rd.

Agecroft placed 32nd.

Scott and Mason finished in 12th.

Easter Camp

The camp starts at 9:30am on Monday. We will be opening up the camp to new juniors from LGGS and Ripley - Poster

Further Works

Thanks to Matt - he's half way through the first stage of improvements (racking).

We're now starting the second stage which is to remove ground soil in the bays - we've started under the stairs. If you find that you've got some spare time and you're itching to do some work at the club then please feel free to continue this work. We're digging to a couple of inches under the existing floor.

Explore Rowing

A meeting between British Rowing, Rowing Tour and ourselves went well last Thursday.


Rowing Tour

British Rowing Tour to visit Lancaster in early September.


Evening Rowing

Tuesday and Thursday evening now switching to rowing on the water; sessions running from 6pm to 8pm.

North of England Head

Shrewsbury surprise winners at the North of England Head; JOG place 26th.


Red Rose Head


Article to Follow

Easter Indoor League

Phil remains at top, with JOG running away with the team competition.

Full Update


Nick Smith

A message from Helen Harrison (supporter of the club since 2005):

"My name is Helen Harrison. My late partner Nick Smith was a member of your rowing club until 2005. I think he knew Hugh Clay but I don’t know if he is still involved in the club.

Nick had set up a direct debit for £12.50 every month and it has been going out ever since. Rowing defined who Nick was; being able to row was essential for Nick so I’ve been glad to support over the years.

From my point of view I also wanted to have the opportunity to thank the club for the enjoyment Nick got there; he was very proud of his John O’Gaunt one-piece. For me, I still often cross the Lune on the M6 and always have a quick look to see if anyone is on an outing."

If anyone wants to contact Helen then drop me an email and I will pass her contact details on.

AGM - New Committee

  • President: Doug Melvin
  • Chariman: Neil Wigglesworth
  • Club Captain: Steven Sullivan
  • Vice Captain: Aaron Sims
  • Treasurer: Phil Bell
  • Secretary: Laura Griffiths
  • Equipment Officer: Iain Taylor
  • Vice Equipment Officer: Ian Davidson
  • Welfare Officer: Lorna Sullivan
  • Safety Adviser: Matt Wilkinson
  • Junior Coordinator: Steven Sullivan
  • Social Secretary: Annie Barsoum

AGM - Students

Student fees have been abolished so students will have no further restrictions on their activities beyond that which any adult has as they will pay full fees. Students returning for holiday periods will pay a fee of £60.

AGM - Constitution

It was agreed at the AGM to change the constitution: if anyone applies to join the club and they are rejected for any reason then they have to have a ‘right of appeal’. Also the Child Protection section should now include ‘vulnerable adults’ rather than just children.

AGM - Feasibility Study

We are looking for £7,000 to fund the next stage of moving the plans forward. Anyone who has any ideas of how we might get this money should contact Neil.

North of England Head

The first Men's Eight since 2001 will race in anger at the North of England Head this weekend - we will look to place above LRGSBC and LUBC. It would be wrong to say that this is the first Eight since 2001 as a Women's Eight has raced at Talkin Tarn Regatta and Lancaster Regatta in the interim!

Red Rose Head

There is a Red Rose Head this Sunday.

Women's Head

LUBC placed 112th, down from 86th in 2010.



A reminder that the AGM for both the club and LSRA will be next Sunday at 11:30am. All adults of children that row are welcome.

A couple of constitutional changes will be put forward for both the LSRA and JOG. The first is that anyone applies to join the club and they are rejected for any reason has to have to have a ‘right of appeal’. Also the Child Protection section should now include ‘vulnerable adults’ rather than just children.

Easter Training Camp

We're starting to look forward to the Easter Training Camp. We will be opening up the camp to new juniors from LGGS and Ripley - Poster

North of England Head

LUBC has kindly offered us the use of one of their Eights at the North of England Head - a crew is being put together from the regulars.


Matt has finished the works in the ex-LRGS bay - 3 doubles now sit in the bay + launch + training boats + private blades that were on the metal frame. Matt will now move on to sorting out removable racking in the first bay.

Private blades that were on the metal frame have been moved to better racking in the ex-LRGS bay. Blades that were locked in place have also been moved, can anyone that had locks in place please move them so that we can destroy/remove the old rack?

This Monday's Ripley Session

Junior rowing will be at the club from 3:30 this Monday - cancelled at Ripley due to exams.

Environment Agency

British Rowing has now provided information of clubs and rivers affected by the Environment Agency boat licensing scheme on the British Rowing website. The link for this can be found here...

Easter Indoor Rowing Competition


A new top order for this week:

  1. Phil
  2. Martin
  3. May
  4. Steve
  5. Ellie

LRGS and LUBC should be submitting some times this week.



I'm sorry about the late timing of this notice but I've forgotten to give notice in the Weekly Boris that both JOG and LSRA will have a joint AGM on the 20th of March at the club (11:30am).

The committee thought that a Sunday would suit most people, but if there is a large number of people that wish for the day to be changed to a week day evening then it can be put to the committee.

Thanks for Anonymous' timely reminder (A4 note left on the bar door):



There's a page on facebook that seems to be getting very popular with people that wish to communicate with each other outside of the club.

Easter Indoor Rowing Competition


May is currently leading, although Phil Bell has posted a time over the weekend which will put him in first place in next week's update.


Matt Birchall has kindly offered to sort out the racking changes in the boathouse.

The first job he plans to complete is the LRGS bay - he will swap the main racking to the opposing wall to allow more room to remove boats from the bay. The existing sculling racks will be swapped to the opposing wall to create new blade racks. Once this has been completed we will store both launches, all training boats and three doubles in this bay.

The second job he will do is to turn half of the horizontal racks in the first bay into removal racks - he has come up with a genious design that is L shaped - this will slot down into vertical boxes that he will weld onto the vertical supports. The advantage of this system is that the horizontal bars can be turned 90o when they're not being used.


Another erg has been moved back to the club - Iain has fixed one of the ergs at Ripley allowing ours to return to the club.


Trafford Head

Wins from Trafford Head:

  • JOG Im3 4x-
  • JOG Nov 2x
  • JOG Default 1x
  • JOG/LSRA Default WIm2 4x-

Future Events

Trailer fees and race fees will be collected up to, and including, boat loading prior to an event. If you don't have the money on you at boatloading then you will have to beg, borrow, steal or go to the cash point. Failure to pay = no boat on the trailer. Remember that there may be a £1 additional fee for some events as we pay on the day.

Racing Junior's Homework

Going on the water on Sunday will be subject to explaining what the Ringlemann Effect is and how it relates to what happens inreasingly on Sunday mornings and at events:

Ringlemann Effect

U23 vs Cambridge

A picture of the GB U23 squad racing against Cambridge - recognise anyone?!


  • Men’s Intermediate 8+ 24th out of 28
  • Men’s Beginner 8+ 38th out of 42
  • Women’s Beginner 4+ 22nd out of 28
  • Men’s Beginner 4+ 30th and 36th out of 38
  • Men’s Intermediate 4+ 27th and 34th out of 37
  • Women’s Championship 4+ 3rd out of 8
  • Women's Intermediate 8+ 4th out of 14

Ranking of LUBC's top crews:

  1. Women's 8+
  2. Men's 4+
  3. Women's 4+
  4. Men's 8+

Note: Ranking does not account for weather conditions.

Port and Starboard

Amendment to an error last week:

"It's PORT not 'port side'. Whilst some might state something 'prepare to come alongside, port side to', they would also say 'prepare to come alongside, starboard side to'. Port is left hand side as you look forward (so righthand side for rowers- trust me that is going to through me more than anyone!) and Starboard is the righthand side. Port is red, starboard green. best way to remember is port is always passed to the left after dinner. Or write 'P' and 'S' on hands..."


Trafford Head

Draw and information already gone out this evening - let me know if you were missed out.

Indoor Rowing League

We're starting an Indoor Rowing League. The main focus of the league is to promote our work through the schools, however, we'd like as many people as possible to get involved.

Three leagues will run during the year (Easter, Christmas and Summer). Everyone is welcome to submit a time - this must be validated by one other. To compete please complete a distance between 500m and 2000m. Please submit distance, time, age and who verified the score.

The League is just getting started with information available here - this is work under progress.

New Layout

If you look at the following plans you will see where combined thinking seems to be up to on the new layout for the boat store. If you have any suggestions then please let a member of the committee know.

Starboard and Portside

Just to let you know that British Rowing will be reinforcing the use of starboard and portside. Stroke side and Bow side will be going out.

Most of us are that used to using bow and stroke side that it will take a while to change. One way of remembering is that on most rivers you pass a rowing boat coming from the opposite direction on your portside.


Trafford Head

Trafford Head on the 26th - please get your entries in before next weekend.

Red Rose

Desite the weather we decided to go ahead with the Red Rose on Sunday.

Results are available here and race article here.

Scott and Mason

Scott and Mason Durant (of Halton) came 10th at GB Trials, well done!

Further Information

Weekday Sessions

  • Tuesday at the club (7pm to 8pm) - spinning ergs under the guidance of Sarah, Steve or Dan - all members welcome
  • Wednesday circuits at Skerton (7pm to 8pm) - all members welcome
  • Thursday at the club (7:30pm to 8:30pm) - spinning ergs under the guidance of Sarah and Steve - all members welcome - video analysis included

Rules of Racing

Anyone who is racing for the club should read changes to the rules of Rules of Racing from April 1st 2011 (Double points are awarded in events where nine or more crews are included).

Northwich Pictures

Pictures from Northwich

Heysham to M6 Link

Plans for the new Heysham to M6 Link:

It looks like anyone coming off the motorway would end up coming down Halton Road to get to the club.

For those of you that are interested here is the History of the project; further information about the project is available in the links to the right.


On the Saturday and Sunday club sessions a number of students and juniors have asked if they are the only people that clean the boats - not true of course; but, after most sessions juniors, students and newer members wash down the outside of the equipment that they have used. If the outside is fairly clean then they are often instructed to thoroughly clean the inside of the boat. It would be greatly appreciated if all members take this approach with club equipment.

If you finish an outing and you can't clean the boat (somebody else jumps in the boat) or it's spotless then please do another short job:

  • litter picking (no one wants to do it but the site looks a lot better for it)
  • wash the mugs (or even better wash up after yourselves!)
  • clean the bar area
  • clean the toilets (when was the last time you did this?)
  • summer - mow the grass
  • summer - put some weed killer down


Two Concept D's have moved back to site - LGGS no longer need them as they've now purchased three of their own machines.

There is another Concept C on site which is not to be used - it's been moved to the club from Ripley for repair.


On recent club sessions the main doors upstairs haven't been bolted - please remember to bolt the doors after putting the launches away.

LUBC Launches

LUBC have said that they will be more careful with the use of launches in the future. In turn they've asked that we stop rowing four abreast - erm, stop rowing four abreast!


Watersports Centre Development Questionnaire

Sarah (our coach) has asked that our members to fill in the questionnaire (listed below) - please complete - it only takes a couple of minutes.

Dear Participant,

I am a MA student from Lancaster University and a Henley Stewards Scholarship Coaching working on behalf of John O’Gaunt Rowing Club. I would like to understand the views of the various clubs that use the river Lune and its surroundings in relation to the potential Watersports centre development.

Please could you click on the below link to fill in a short on-line questionnaire. All information gathered will be treated anonymously and will be used to understand what individuals expect from a potential Watersports centre development on Skerton.

I’d be grateful for your response before the end of February 2011.

Many Thanks,

Sarah Forshaw


  • IM2 4x - 6th overall - 14.14.0
  • Nov 4x+ - 39th overall - 15.42.6
  • WIM3 4x - 3rd - 15.50.2
  • Nov 2x (Sims) - 1st - 15.53.2
  • Nov 2x (Partridge) - 3rd - 17.06.4
  • W.Nov 4x+ - 3rd - 16.35.5


Next Head on the 26th Feb.


All boats back on site and they should all be good to go. A number of singles are still stored upstairs.

A few boats are missing their shoes - they're drying in the bar!


LRGSBC are hoping to be off site by the end of half term.

Gent's Toilets

Floor mats/plastic/carpets all ripped up - floor was holding water and slowly leaking through to downstairs - slight health hazard - waiting for floor to dry before deciding what to do.

Something a bit different

Reminder to all members

A few timely reminders:

  • You are responsible for making sure that the logbook is filled in - this is a safety document
  • If you have a capsize then you must submit a safety form on the British Rowing website - an email will arrive in your inbox with the attached safety form - this must be forwarded to the Safety Advisor (me at the moment)
  • If you have a capsize then please make sure that the boat is washed down and the shoes removed and placed in the bar - it's really annoying to get in a boat to find that you're going to have wet feet for the whole of the outing
  • Students and juniors are to arrive at the club and make sure that there is a senior coach or nominated person in charge - we do not operate a free for all
  • Juniors will never hold keys to the club; only nominated students will hold keys - if a student or junior finds themselves holding a key then give it back!
  • Inexperienced members must get an experienced member to supervise their rigging.
  • All bottom nuts must be checked - a crew went out on the 30th Jan. to find that half of the rigging fell apart! You are responsible for your rigging, the cox is responsible for the steering
  • We're trying to avoid leaving "stuff" downstairs - please move buckets and sponges back upstairs

Ex-LUBC 4+

LUBC has decided that they don't want the split 4+. We will need to decide what to do with it. It's an Aylings with need for additional floatation. We would need to purchase all new fittings. The riggers are not standard Janousek size so we would need to purchase new riggers.

Government agrees to link road funding

Lancaster Guardian


Warrington Head (5th feb)

Boatloading at 6pm Friday night. Boats will be returned to the club on Sunday morning - rigging 9:30am on Sunday.

If you're racing then you are expected to turn up on Friday and Sunday sessions.

Saturday outing - we will try to arrange for someone to cover in our absence. There will be further notice if there will be no "experienced" members present.

Div 1 (10am)

Women's N 4x+ (LSRA) - Chloe, Shona, Hannah, Eleanor and Jess coxing

Div 3 (12am)

Novice 4x+ (JOG / LSRA) - Andy, Ben, Tom, Kieran and Shona coxing

Div 4 (1:30pm)

Im2 4x- (JOG / LSRA) - Steven, Kieran, Matt and Aaron

Div 6 (3:30pm)

Nov 2x (JOG) - Andy and Tom

Nov 2x (JOG) - Matt and Aaron

Women's Im3 4x- (LSRA / JOG) - May, Chloe, Laura and Annie

Thursday Circuits

Junior Circuits on a Thursday will run from 7:30 until 8:30, not 7pm until 8pm as previously advertised.

Boat Repairs

Keith has done a sterling job and managed to finish fixing the HWT 1x (Luney). Back in the boathouse, rigged & ready to row!

Old 2x is being repaired - please don't use until repaired.

Safety Point

One safety point that needs to be raised is that whoever put away the fuel from the launches, the weekend before last, left the large fuel can upside down in the store cupboard with the bleed valve open. Lots of petrol fumes in the building & a fair amount leaked into the drip-tray inside the cupboard which had to be discarded as it was contaminated with the debris & grot collected there. Potentially it could be dangerous with the fumes able to build up over the fairly long periods of time that the building is unoccupied at the moment.

Explore Rowing

From Iain (explore Rowing Coordinator)

Over the past few weeks a new term ‘Explore Rowing’ has crept into the weekly Boris, as has the fact that we are now apparently ‘accredited’. What on earth is it and why should the club be interested in it? Time for a little explanation...

Explore Rowing is a scheme being driven by British Rowing about enabling community clubs like ours to attract and retain new (and existing!!) adult rowers. The aim is to focus on a more flexible, fun, and varied rowing programme rather than the traditional regatta/head race competition structure. A new national Learn to Row scheme is intended to act as a gateway into the sport, by providing better support, resources and more than one route to participate further.

The new activities range from social rowing events to personal challenges and summer head races to long-distance tours. In many ways a more ‘continental’ approach to the sport. The website already has a number of these listed and will have more added in the coming months.

The national Learn to Row scheme is broadly similar to the one we have been running in-house for the past few years. This scheme is focussed on teaching skills to newcomers to rowing and each participant in the scheme will be issued with a ‘passport’ that will easily allow them to demonstrate their competency in rowing. This will be particularly useful for those wishing to visit other clubs and events around the country. The new scheme builds upon what we have been doing with additional resources, such as printed guides and web-based training materials. More about it can be found here

In order to support this, we are applying to be one of 50 rowing clubs that will receive £25,000 packages to purchase new and specially designed boats. These are more stable than the Olympic class racing boats that form most of our existing fleet and will be more closely related to the existing set of training boats. Designed as a platform for beginners and experienced rowers taking part in the new activities these will be a valuable asset to the future growth of the club.

One further strand of the scheme is our participation in a nationwide reciprocal boat hire network. Explore Rowing clubs can list when their boats are available to hire and for what fee on the Explore Rowing website. Competent individuals (as designated by their own club) will be able to book boats through the site. This will act as a resource for us to tap when planning activities away from home, but also as a mechanism to welcome others to explore our part of the world.

Underpinning the success of ‘Explore Rowing’ will be input from our volunteers and so the scheme is going to look to increase their numbers and the support they receive too. The programme will be encouraging new participants to become volunteers from day one whether it’s giving up a couple of hours to help run the club or helping to organise a competition amongst the local clubs.

One option open to those who want to get involved will be the Explore Assistant qualification. Explore Assistants will be trained to assist, under the supervision of a qualified lead coach, in the delivery of the Learn to Row scheme and other rowing activities in the club. A good way to build and develop skills and social relationships with new members of the club.

Our next steps are a couple of minor changes are needed to the constitution, adjusting the child protection section to also encompass 'Vulnerable Adults' and to include a right of appeal for anyone whose application to join the club is rejected. This is planned to happen at the AGM in March. Work on raising funds for the new equipment and preparing the new Learn to Row courses is on-going. Further details on this and other happenings will follow in due course.

Launches, again!

A number of members have commented on LUBC's use of launches over the last two weekends - we are in the process of contacting LUBC to ask that they have a little more consideration for other river users.


Warrington Head (5th feb)

First head of the year - get entries in before this weekend.

Thursday Junior Circuits

A number of juniors have asked for an additional circuits - there will be a junior circuits at the club on a Thursday (7pm to 8pm) - Sarah will lead these sessions.

Explore Rowing

We're accredited - well done Iain! A couple of minor changes are needed to the constitution. First is adjusting the child protection section to also encompass 'Vulnerable Adults'. The other is to include a right of appeal for anyone whose application to join the club is rejected. We can do this at the AGM in March.

Junior Captains

Over the last year Laura has done a great job as the junior captain, and Kieran and May have assisted. Prior to the AGM (late March) we would like interested juniors to come forward to apply for junior captain (1 captain and as many as 3 vice). Letters of application will need to be submitted - if you are a junior and interested in applying then ask a member of the junior coaches how to go about writing your letter. Juniors on the Leadership Academy should take an interest in these junior posts - you can even claim hours for writing the letter of aplication!

Post Flooding

Iain and Keith have excelled themselves this week - both damaged singles have been removed from site to be repaired - already one of the singles has been returned and is good to go!

John Holmes is hoping to get down to the club to wash away the thin layer of mud that seems to be everywhere!

Junior Social

There will hopefully be a junior social in half term - date and time to be confirmed - juniors are organising this!


We seem to be back into prime launch season again! Be aware that LUBC are back on the water and it appears from this weekend that their launch drivers aren't always considerate of other river users. We can do our part by ensuring that our launch drivers are considerate towards their crews.



We had a bad flood on Sunday. At the end of the flooding two club singles were damaged - we hope to get these fixed at home although we may have to send them away. Thanks to Steve Holmes for getting wet and providing towels!

Particular thanks must got to Pete Jago for raising the alarm - it is likely that we would have sustained much more damage to equipment had he not monitored the situation. Robin Thompson and his two children were also key to saving equipment.

We will have to address how we monitor flooding in the future - it would be appreciated if all committee members, and interested parties, respond with their home and mobile numbers. Contact details will go on a list next to the club's telephone.

LRGS have further helped by allowing us to move more of their boats to their new site - both fleets will hopefully be less subject to flood damage in the future.

Iain's Ongoing Work

Iain has been busy!

He has been working on our indoor rowing machines this week - we now have four working monitors and three fully working machines! The work on the monitors has saved us several hundred pounds.

Iain is also busy working through an application process for a club explore rowing package which will hopefully gain us up to £25,000 worth of new explore rowing equipment - more stable equipment than our existing racing boats. Iain will provide more details of this bid and where we are going with Explore Rowing in the future.

Damp Problem

The committee has agreed that we will look to address the major areas of damp (sculling bays and the gym) in 2011.

Indoor Rowing Award

As part of our package of coaching on the junior side of the club we have to get 15 juniors through an indoor coaching qualification. The committee has agreed to fund the juniors through this programme. To fund this award Aaron will organise a fund raiser which we will hope the juniors will help with.

Membership Details

2010 Learn to Row people can access the standing order documentation for their ongoing membership Here.

Tuesday Training

The student group are starting their Tuesday training sessions this week.


New riggers have arrived to set Lawson Jackson up as a quad - this will allow us to take the boat off the shelf every week rather than allowing it to continue to sit dry (as is possible!) on the shelf.



A reminder that members should try to avoid parking on the road outside the club. Unfortunately there was an accident on Friday in which one of the members had their car written off - this is the third time that a members' car has been damaged whilst parked on the road. Removing the bollard (key in the blue draws) to park on site or parking in the estate (if your car does not have enough clearance) is advised.

Kit Order

A kit order is up and running - get cheaper kit (if multiple purchases) during this limited period.


Fees are now due for the post-2010-Learn-to-Row members and students. It's important that fees are sorted out this month to ensure that insurance is in place. Fees for adults are £15 per month; Students pay £40 a term.

Students should organise their fees through Dan Reeve. Learn to Row people should print off and submit page 1 of the Membership Pack to your bank.

Juniors' fees are going up to £90 a year. Most juniors on standing orders should have already received a note about this.

Membership Details

We are updating details to ensure that we have contact details and medical details for members.

Copies will appear on the bar over the next couple of weeks - if you're in the club then please fill in and hand to a committee member or coach.

Hard copies will be held in the club's safe. Details will also be held in a new database on the club's computer. Access to both is limited to key members of the committee and coaching staff.

Environment Agency Fees

It seems that we have no fees owing to the Environment Agency!


New Singles and Racking

The new singles have arrived!

We've had to claim all of the central rack for our boats because of the increased size of our fleet. LRGSBC is in the process of moving boats out in time for their 1st April exit.

2009-10 Racing Review

Now on the web - thanks to Aaron for writing this.


There was a major leak last Tuesday due to two burst pipes - this has now been fixed.

Launches took to the water yesterday morning to break up the ice - frozen again this morning! It's supposed to be milder for the rest of this week. One wonders what the Environment Agency are going to do about this once we start paying Environment Agency fees!

There are two heaters on in the gym space - please don't turn them off. We're seeing if heating the room reduces the condensation problem.

Wednesday Circuits

Circuits back on at Skerton this Wednesday (7pm).

24 Hour Record

Dan Morgan from LUBC managed to break the U20 World 24 hour erg recently, managed a 2.59.9 split which took him to 240.6km, a full 27km ahead of the previous record.


Break for Christmas

Organised sessions will start again on the 1st (Sat) and 2nd (Sun) of January.

There will be a Boxing Day Run at 11am.

Year Review

2010 Review

Level 2 Coaching

Funding available


The website needs a few more pictures – if you have some that you would like to put forward then please email them.

Leadership Academy

Juniors that are involved with the Leadership Academy can claim hours for maintenance work and paperwork. If you’ve helped do jobs at the club then you can claim hours for this time. Shona is busy making some posters, leaflets and a newsletter which she will be able to claim hours for.

New Singles

3 new singles new will arrive at the end of this month.

Rowing Video



Christmas Circuits

Last Wednesday circuits before Christmas. There are prizes this week!

Monday circuits at Ripley will be on this evening, but off for the next two weeks for the Christmas break - weather dependent we might do a Monday morning paddle next week.

Monday circuits will probably switch to two sites after Christmas - one group working at Ripley and another at the Club - arrangements to follow.

Christmas Dinner

An enjoyable meal was had by a select group on Friday evening at the Sun Cafe - it would be nice to see a few more members there next year.


LRGSBC's annual 2009-10 review

Lancaster Guardian

Article on the front page of the Guardian about our future plans for development.

Local residents have requested a meeting.


Head of the Float

We had three wins from five crews racing – impossible to get five as two of our crews were racing directly against each other! First wins were recorded by the Lancaster Schools’ Rowing Association in the Composite Women’s Im3 4x-, Composite Men’s Im2 4x- and Composite Men’s Novice 4x-.

Christmas dinner this Friday

Sun Cafe between 6:30pm and 7:00pm.

Rigging Boats

At the weekend we took the lwt 4x- to an event; on loosening the nuts it was noticeable that the group that had previously tightened the nuts had a “the gym is that way moment.” If you decide to force the nuts as tight as you can then be aware that the metal plate will eventually break and any subsequent damage to a shoulder can cost upwards of £400 to repair. When tightening it’s finger tight and then half a turn – not three turns for good luck. If you find during the subsequent outing that they’re coming loose then nip them tight with the rigger jigger that every good crew takes out with them.

What can I give?

Three members have been banned from going to further races for the club until they start to pull their weight. This follows non-attendance at boat unloading, and poor general attitude.

Members that regularly use the club’s facilities and equipment are expected to “give” beyond their basic fees – most people do this without complaint. Most of the activities of the club would be impossible without the time that is given by our volunteers. Grant aided boats, safety, coaching, repairs, administration, labour, club emails, website, and qualifications, and so on don’t magically happen – they happen because club members give of their time. Members that regularly use the club’s equipment and facilities but fail to turn up for re-rigging or boat un/loading is a drain on the club as the slack has to be picked up by other people.



We have welcomed 3 more members onto the committee - Steve, Laura and Ian. All three are from this year's learn to row. They have already made contributions towards the running and development of the club.

Lawson Jackson

We're going to purchase new riggers for the Lawson Jackson - in a period of expansion we need every boat to earn its place on the rack. So, we're purchasing new riggers (£800) to convert this boat into a 4x+.


Thanks to Ian Davidson for fixing the trailer lights, and getting my car started! The trailer is good to go for next weekend's Merseyside Head.

Merseyside Head

I have asked that we race in the 2nd to 6th division.

  • LSRA - WJ15 4x+ (Hannah, Shona, May, Chloe and Eleanor)
  • LSRA/JOG - Im2 4x- (Steve, Matt, Kieran and Aaron)
  • LSRA/JOG - N 4x- (Matt, Kieran, Aaron and Ben)
  • JOG - N 4x- (Tom, Florian, Danny and Adam)
  • LSRA/JOG - WIm3 4x- (Laura, Amy, May and Shona)

Boatloading is at 6:30 on Friday night - please remember that boats need to be returned to the club - there has been a habit over the last few events for a select few to have the glory of doing this job! Boats will be rerigged after the event so we're looking for as many of you to return as possible. Aaron, can you organise for one of the students to write the race article.

Note that Ben needs to be subbed out for someone else (Ben can't make it). Matt needs to create a British Rowing membership and Florian needs to update his membership so that JOG is his second club.

Christmas Dinner

Can anyone that wants to come to the christmas dinner please get their names and payment to Dan as soon as possible.

Sporting Giants

Both Mary and Annie are going to try and get spotted next weekend; they're both fairly tall!


As there was too much ice to go out this morning a large group of the juniors, some students and other associated hangers on put there hands to doing jobs around the building - thanks to everyone for showing willing (willing or not)!

General Sessions

A reminder that there is a club circuits on a Wednesday at Skerton (7pm), circuits at the club from 6:30pm at the Club on a Tuesday, general rowing from 9:30 on a Saturday morning and Juniors from 9:30 on a Sunday morning (earlier starts than previously to give some organisational time). More established seniors row from 8:30 on Saturday and Sunday mornings.


Head of the Float

Entries need to be in by this Saturday -

Lancaster Schools' Rowing Association

So far only Eleanor, May, Chloe, Rhianne, Laura, Nathan and Hannah have registered - only juniors that have registered will race at Liverpool - no registration - no racing.

York Small Boats Head

York - 3 students raced at York Small Boats Head - no wins - LUBC didn't win anything - LRGSBC won two events.

Second request for blade work

Second and final request for someone to help us out with blades. The red handled sets need their handles shaving down - if anyone even knows of someone that can do this at a good price then please let us know. Getting these blades changed will save us having to spend club funds on more blades.


Lancaster Canoe Club will move onto the site at some point in the future. This will greatly help our work towards a new Water Sports Centre - Rowing Club only will struggle to gain funding.

Boats moved

2 old doubles moved off site - one of the coxed quads has been split and stored at the back of the building. All boats off the bottom rack and now less likely to be damaged due to flooding. Once LRGS starts to move boats off site then we can put these boats back into use.

October Trials

Sorry, missed this - Scott Durant (5th) and Mason Durant (18th) at GB trials - both at Oxford Brookes - Results.

World championship wins

Video clips are available here:- - W2x the best one.


Northwich Head

Results to follow.

Red Rose results

Now available

Wish List

Following last week’s request Mike is donating a desk and Adrian is donating a printer.

Next on the list

We have a number of older blades that need their handles whittling down - does anybody have the capacity to do this?


We will be moving a few boats to avoid flood damage - a few of the older doubles may be moved off site and we may have to split one of the older quads. Hopefully we will have these boats back in use soon after Christmas as LRGS will start a staged move of their boats. A few private boats may need to be moved around – please let us know if any moves cause you a problem.


The heading bar for the club’s website has changed to incorporate the Lancaster Schools’ Rowing Association.

New Blades

4 new sets have arrived – these new sets have small handles to accommodate juniors and women.

Christmas Dinner

Please get your names to Dan Reeve as soon as possible – if you have problems contacting him then reply to your Weekly Boris – your names will be passed on.

Naming Boats

Some new singles will arrive in the near future – if you have any ideas for names then please pass them on to me. The committee will vote on new names in the next committee meeting.

Lancaster Schools' Registration

Congratulations to Chloe – she is the first junior to register as a member of the new club. Only Eleanor (third club – what’s your second?!), Chloe and Rhianne have registered their interest in racing at Liverpool. Go to British Rowing Online Membership.


Northwich Head

Division 2: WIm3 4x- (Mary, Laura, Annie and Amy), WJ15 4x+ (May, Hannah, Chloe, Rhianne and Jess - Cox)

Division 3: Im3 4x- (Aaron, Kieran, Ben and Thio), Im3 4x- (Tom, Adam, Danny and Andy), MC 2x (Martin and Phil)

Further details to follow.

Red Rose Head

Held today - results to follow on the website. 28 people competed!

Lwt 2x

Due to return on Tuesday - I need confirmation that a student will be down at the club - Dan?

Lancaster Schools' Rowing Association

Now exists - it's only taken a year to sort out all the paperwork! Please access details here. will change its header soon to reflect the existance of this junior club.

Juniors are warned that they need to update their British Rowing membership details to list the Schools' Association as their second club - failure to do so will mean that you will not race at Liverpool in December. Go to British Rowing Online Membership.

New Computer

There is a PC in the club! We are planning on storing all of our key documents on this computer. Thanks go to Ian (from 2010 Learn to Row) for donating.

Next Wish

Ian's donation of a computer followed a chat with the Learn to Row group about volunteering and donating to the club. We already have an active group that gives 15 minutes on a Saturday and Sunday to clean up and do small jobs around the building. Next wish is for a desk and printer to go with the computer. Can anyone help?


Northwich Head

Northwich Head - 14th November - not 18th as previously advertised. Get your entries to me soon.

Bollard Key

The key is attached to a metal plate - top left blue draw behind the bar.

Monday Junior Session

Ripley are still on holiday so we'll put a session on at the club at 6:30 tomorrow.


Christmas Dinner

Friday the 10th of December at the Sun Cafe (tbc) - booking for around 35. Get your names to Dan asap to get your place (

Monday Rowing

There is a 3:30 session at the club for juniors that want to have an outing.

Bar Stock

If bar debts are not paid off then the bar stock will remain empty - the club is not a bank!

Next Events

We will have a red rose prior to our next open event - 7th November has been pencilled in at the moment.

Northwich on the 14th November - details. I might not be able to tow as I'm currently on duty (I'll try to swap) so another driver will need to come forward.


Back in action - we have a limited number of keys at the moment - there is one in the top left hand blue draw! Thanks to Martin for sorting this out.


Agecroft Head

The women's IM3 4x- won! This crew will need to step it up as they'll want to be closer to the WIM3 8+'s.

The women's junior 15 4x+ looked good, better than Grange crews but need to start picking it up to catch Kings and Runcorn - Northwich and Warrington are a long way out in front.


Red Rose

We held a Red Rose on Sunday - a good turn out with 4 women's/girls' quads plowing up and down. The most encouraging part of the event was that 21 of the 24 people competing were members of less than 2 years including 5 of our new adults. Results will follow on the website.


The Chairman of the local residents group came to have a friendly chat yesterday morning. As previously indicated they would appreciate it if we would stop parking on the road outside of the club. Unfortunately, we have a problem at the moment with the bollard as a key has snapped in the lock. At the moment the best bet is to park in the estate rather than fronting onto the club. Dropping off and picking up should be ok.

Sculling Bay Doors

Twice in the last two weeks the sculling bay doors have been left open. If you're the last one to put a boat away or get one out then please make sure that you lock the doors behind you - just shutting the door probably won't secure the building.


Mend List

Iain is busy fixing his way through the fleet at the moment. If a boat has red tape on it then please do not use. If you have any doubts about a boat then please read the whiteboard outside the club bar.

Wish List

We’re going to put a wish list together – this will include things from sponges to a PC. If you think that we need or you want something at the club then please let me know. Once I have a comprehensive list then I’ll send the list out to the members. We would hope that each member might be able to able to donate, lend or source cheaply at least one item on the list.

Lottery Bid

Congratulations to Glenn for sourcing £10,000 for new boats. The new sculling boats will help us out on our busier sessions.

Student Recruitment

Dan and a number of students went to the University of Cumbria to recruit new novice students last week. Not many students were willing to pay £120 upfront, or pay two instalments of £75 to take a chance on a new sport. Even the offer of a £60 learn to row is far more expensive than the other sports that are on offer. This is a real shame as the University is our target recruitment ground for 18 to 21 year old rowers. The loss of potential volunteers will mean that we will suffer in the long term.

Runcorn Head



Runcorn Head

Everyone had a reasonable row but no wins.

Learn to Row

10 members have joined the follow on programme - they will be rowing from 9:30 onwards with the student group on Saturday mornings (10:00 start rowing - early start to organise crews). They will continue with Thursday night rowing whilst light remains good.

Wed and Thu rowing

Moving to 6:00 start due to light.

Evening Circuits

We're hoping to get this organised soon.


Saturday Rowing

The 10am session on Saturday's will start 30 minutes earlier at 9:30am. In discussion with the Master in Charge of Rowing at LRGSBC we have agreed to match our outings for this slot; this will allow us to share supervision of this session as both groups are struggling for experienced members/staff to cover this session. This will not disrupt the access to equipment by the established senior group that row on the early slot as it will take a while to organise crews at this time.


Sunday morning junior rowing has been finishing slightly earlier allowing the juniors to do some voluntary work around the site. This will continue as we encourage more of our members to contribute time towards the work of the club. We will look to do the same with the late Saturday morning session from now on. Jobs will include pruning, weeding, mowing, hoovering, cleaning equipment, fixing equipment, dusting and so on. You have been warned!

Runcorn Head

Crews yet to be confirmed - entries need to be in by this evening.

Missing Seat

Following a capsize on Saturday there is a missing seat from a Hwt 1x. We will get this ordered and replaced as soon as possible.


Liability Insurance

Confirmation that we have liability insurance - the problem arose around an omission in our constitution which did not directly link us to our governing body’s policies and procedures. This has been amended at the EGM last Friday - thanks to the members that came down to get this through.

Ripley Recruitment

We didn't manage to set up a recruitment drive with Ripley last year; hopefully we will have made up for this at last night's first Ripley session of 2010/11 - 23 interested juniors turned up for a total of 30 juniors doing an after school rowing circuits!

Aaron's Sponsored Row

Aaron is doing the Boston Marathon; you can sponsor him at:


Damaged Equipment

Unfortunately two of the doubles were damaged in the Learn to Row session last week. The lightweight 2x will have to go away to be repaired and one of the older 2x will need a replacement rigger. Fortunately no one was injured.

Please remember to do race pieces away from novice crews and if you think there is any chance that you are going to be involved in a crash then please ensure that you shout to make the other crew aware that you are there - don't sit there and watch it happen - £700 on fixing existing equipment is £700 that we don't spend on new equipment.

Hollingworth Lake

A few close races - no wins but the junior section still remain competitive in the region.

Next Races

Runcorn Head on the 25th September.

Chester Long Distance Sculls on the 3rd of October.

Monday Junior Session

The Monday after school session will change to a Ripley circuits from the 13th of September - this will be for the girls only as most of the girls are from Ripley. This move is only temporary as we look to support our strongest link school - we failed to recruit from within the Year 8 group last year as there was no active coach working in the school. When the new paid coach arrives we will be able to look at our provision and put more sessions on for the rest of the juniors - this will hopefully happen within the next month.

Indoor Rowing League

We'll be looking to enter teams in the school indoor rowing league this month.



Jane Reid is having a clear out of her kit; she has an all-in-one (not warn many times) that she is willing to sell for £20 - postage costs will be on top. Please email her if you are interested.

Hollingworth Lake

Boat loading on Friday evening at 6:00pm

  • Phil and Phil - VetE 2x and Im3 2x
  • Chloe and Kieran - Mxd N 2x
  • Kieran - N1x
  • Jess and May - WJ 15 2x
  • Jess, Shona, Rhianne and Chloe (cox - May) - WJ15 4x+
  • Rhianne - WJ14 1x
  • Laura and Amy - W Im3 2x
  • Laura, May, Amy and Shona - W Im3 4x-
  • Steve - E1x

Sorry about my hopelessness this morning, above is apparently what I've entered you in for!

Learn to Row

11 out of 12 have almost made it to the end of the 8 week programme (Emily has moved out of the area). We are offering them a reduced rate for the next 4 months to allow them longer to get used to the sport and hopefully encourage them to become full members. They will continue to row on Thursday evenings so please come down and say hello to them. Once the bad light moves in we'll move these sessions to Saturdays at 10am.

European Uni Champs

Mason won a Bronze in the GB 2-.


New Membership Fees

At the EGM on Tuesday the 17th of August it was unanimously agreed by the members that the fees structure will be changed.

  • From the 1st January 2011 anyone who is a junior (under 18 on the 31st August just gone) will pay £90 on their annual subscription or update standing orders to £7.50 a month.

  • Active immediately is an increase in the fees for members that are students in Higher Education who opt for student membership - £120 for a twelve month block or £75 for a six month block - there will no longer be standing orders for members that opt for student membership.

The rules of the club allow for any member to pay £5 per session, limited to 6 sessions in a 12 month period. A student in HE may opt to pay the adult annual rate of £180 or a monthly standing order of £15 a month. Junior and Student members are not allowed to use the club's facilities or equipment without a designated (by the committee) adult member in attendance.

The previous student annual fee of £75 was designed for students that returned to the club during the academic breaks. In the last two years the student membership has predominantly been students that spend most of the year in Lancaster. The new fee structure is more inline with the use that students are currently getting out of the club which still provides good value.

Hollingworth Lake

This is the next regatta -

I need entries before this Friday. I will sort junior entries at this Wednesday's junior session.


Some of you will have noticed works that have been going on at the club over the last week or so. Iain has been working through the fleet patching up holes and replacing damaged parts. If you see a boat with a red cross on it then it is currently being repaired and should not be used.

Thanks to Iain, Keith, Matt and Colin for helping out with clearing scrub on the banking - we will seed this in the coming week.


We've had confirmation of a grant of £1550 from the Lancaster District Local Strategic Partnership. This will fund four sets of new blades.

Lost Members

Student members Ana, Nigel and Becca have left us for greener pastures! They will be missed at the student sessions.

Sponsored Cycle

Nigel is completing a sponsored cycle ride:


World University Rowing Championships

Scott won a gold medal in the GB 8+. Mason was competing in the 2x; I'm not sure where he placed as I can't find B or C finals results at the moment.

Tuesday EGM

There is a meeting this Tuesday to discuss and vote on new membership fees (7:30 at the club). If you want a voice then you need to be in this meeting.


If you notice any damage to equipment then make sure that you note it on the noticeboard next to the bar room door. We can't fix it if we're not aware of the damage!


We have a grant bid in for four sets of new blades. The second hand blades are now being put to use - this means that we're getting the junior group using sets of blades that are more suited to them.

Hollingworth Lake - North of England Sprint Championships (4th September)

Crews will need to be in soon for this event, we will discuss junior crews and composite crews over the next couple of training sessions.


HSCT coach

We have had confirmation of the HSCT coach; her name is Sarah, she will be joining us in September. 10 hours a week will be with us and 10 will be with LRGSBC.

Weekly Outings

A reminder of the club sessions that we are running over the summer period:

  • Sat 8:30 - 10:00 Seniors
  • Sat 10:00 - 12:00 Students
  • Sun 8:30 - 10:00 Seniors
  • Sun 10:00 - 12:00 Vets and Juniors
  • Mon 3:30 - 5:30 Juniors and Students
  • Wed 6:30 - 7:30 Juniors and Students
  • Thu 6:30 - 8:30 Students and Vets


Training Camp

The training camp has started - not as busy as the Easter Camp as most of the students are away and a lot of the junior section have gone on holiday. We're all enjoying the hard training (some more than others) and the fun games in the afternoon (again, some more than others)!

Lyndsey is so keen to take part that she cycles from Preston!


More Blades

We've past the £300 mark for the sponsored row - I'm still chasing up some funds from the juniors (you know who you are)!

By next weekend we'll hopefully have four additional sets of blades in general use.

Adult Learn to Row

Progressing well with 12 people signed up. They've been using training boats and going out in coxed or coxless quads. Hugh, Lorna and I are unable to help run the session this Thursday - Dan has returned to help out but it would be a great help if a couple more people can step into the breach. We should be ok for the remainder of the programme. Please email to let us know if you can help out.

Rising Stars

Scott won a Bronze (8+) at the U23 World Championships and Mason won a Bronze (4x) at the National Championships.


Training Camp

We will be running a training camp from the 31st July (this coming Saturday) until the 3rd of August at the club. Anyone wanting to be involved will need to pay a fee of £2.50 per day - there were a number of costs incurred in the running of the last training camp. Each day will start at 10am and finish at 2pm.


At 7:30 on the 17th August there will be an EGM at the club to vote on proposed changes to membership fees.


We've been asked by the neighbours to stop parking fronting onto the club. Please open the bollard (key in the blue draws) or park on the sidestreets.


Aaron is ordering himself a club zephyr; if anyone wants to order one then please let him know.


Please get your sponsorship in as soon as possible - once we have £300 we will be able to purchase the blades.



Thanks to all of the members that contributed towards the sponsored erg in town on Saturday - Article. We hope to have raised more than £300 towards increasing our stock of blades.

Adult Learn to Row

We had a good start to the Learn to Row on Thursday with 11 new people coming down to the club for the first time. Thanks go to Iain, Hugh, Adrian and Sue for helping out; a number of us were particularly pleased with the junior leaders - Laura, Kieran, May and Amy. All of your help is greatly appreciated as it makes the learning experience for the new rowers so much better.

Training Camp

We will be running a training camp from the 31st July until the 3rd of August at the club. Anyone wanting to be involved will need to pay a fee of £2.50 per day - there were a number of costs incurred in the running of the last training camp. Each day will start at 10am and finish at 2pm.

Wednesday Session

The Wednesday session will promtly finish at 7:30 this week as I have somewhere else to be - I will start the session at 6:00 for the students, juniors to turn up at 6:30. I will need to leave at 7:30 so can all juniors ensure that you make arrangements to be picked up or leaving as a group at 7:30?



Will start this Saturday at 9am in the Lancaster Town Centre - we expect the 71km to take around 6 hours to complete. Funds raised in advance will go towards new blades, funds raised during the day will go towards Cancer Care.

Adult Learn to Row

Will start this Thursday at 6:30pm - thanks go to a number of juniors who have volunteered to help.

Lancaster Community Magazine

Article by Gaz (student) - Featured Article - go to p24-25



Rowing the length of the Lune on indoor rowing machines in Lancaster town centre on the 17th of this month. We're raising money towards the purchase of second hand blades.

I'm organising the junior team - I will leave sponsorship forms on the bar this afternoon. All of the juniors are expected to contribute as your membership is heavily subsidised by the senior members.

Dan/Aaron are in charge of a student team. Again, as many as possible are expected to contribute as your membership is heavily subsidised by the senior members. We appreciate that a lot of you have gone home for the summer but it would be appreciated if you return for the weekend to help out with this - accomodation can be provided on Friday night.

Talkin Tarn Regatta

It was good to get a contingent of juniors out to an event. Only Rhianne managed to win in the WJ13B 1x. Jess and May came close in the WJ14B 2x but caught a couple of crabs with a few strokes to go. Eleanor and Hannah did really well in their first race as they made it through to the second round.

Next Event

Hollingworth Lake on the 4th of September.

Adult Learn to Row

This will start on Thursday of next week (6:30pm) - volunteers to help run this would be greatly appreciated.


Talkin Tarn Regatta (this Saturday)

Crews for Saturday; I will email the draw once I have it. Each seat needs to pay £8 for senior seats and £6 for junior seats at the event plus a £5 fee each for transporting the equipment.

  • LAJ-Sullivan E1x Steve
  • LAJ-Sims IM3 2x Kieran and Phil
  • LAJ-Bell IM3 1x Kieran
  • LAJ-Bell-Phil IM3 1x Phil
  • LAJ-Sims Nov1x Aaron
  • LAJ-Hay WJ14B 4x+ Nathan, Chloe, May, Shona and Rhianne
  • LAJ-Jarvis WJ14B 2x May and Jess
  • LAJ-Hay WJ14B 2x Hannah and Eleanor
  • LAJ-Bell WJ13B 1x Rhianne

We will take the Hwt 2x, Lwt 2x, 4x+, Lwt 1x, Hwt 1x and Mwt 1x. For Saturday's normal outing the usual suspects might email each other to make sure that you get best use of equipment that is on the shelf - be aware that one of the sculling seats has gone missing - we may need to take the full stock with us to TT.

Next Event

Hollingworth Lake on the 4th of September.

Maintenance Work

Thanks to Martin for removing the large log from the river and patching up the landing stage. The final patch of the landing stage will be completed in the first week of August. The bollard is back up and running again - keys to open the bollard are in one of the blue draws.

Thanks to Iain and Keith for the work that they've been doing on the boats and the launch - we've almost got a full stock of boats up and running. Only one of the 4x+ remains out of use - two riggers need to be ordered.

Thanks to LUBC for returning one of our singles from down South - all of our singles are back in working order - we just need to find that missing seat!

Junior Payment

It has come to light that a large number of juniors have either not started to pay their fees or they have not renewed them. I will email existing junior members to remind them when their fees are due.

For the new juniors you are allowed a maximum of three free sessions. Membership is £75 for a year or direct debits of £6.25 can be organised. The Club's Direct Debit Form is available here: Direct Debit Form (please hand on to your bank).

I will be chasing this up at junior sessions over the next few weeks.

Training Camp

Following a successful training camp during the Easter break we will be running another camp during the first week in August - this will probably overlap with the weekend. There will be a fee of £2.50 for each day to cover costs.


Aaron is busy organising a fundraiser in town on the 17th of July - there will be three teams competing against each other to row the length of the Lune (71km)!

We will be entering a junior team and a student team to compete against Heysham Atoms - senior members may also compete (helping the students or juniors - whichever group is struggling for numbers).

Our fundraising efforts will be directed at purchasing a stock of second hand sculling blades - we're struggling for good sets to use with the sessions for juniors and students.

Adult Learn to Row

As we're approaching the summer holidays we will hope to get an Adult Learn to Row up and running - can anyone that is willing to help out please come forward to help run this session? The sessions will run on a week night from 6:30 onwards for six weeks - you will not need to commit to every week but help with just a few sessions will be greatly appreciated.


Damage from last week

Thanks to Martin and Eddy (parent) who kindly came down last week to repair the door frames - we don't appear to have had a follow up attempt at breaking into the building.

Some of you will have noticed that the large log has moved - at least we can see it now! At some point during the next few weeks we will look to cut it up and remove it.

Be aware that part of the landing area concrete has collapsed - Eddy has kindly offered the use of a cement mixer - can anyone offer to come down and do this job during this week?

Boat repairs are ongoing - Iain has been coming down to repair damaged equipment - we have a coxed quad up and running again.

Talkin Tarn Regatta (

Entries need to be in by Thursday evening; I need confirmation of the following crews asap:

  • Im3 4x (Kieran, Phil, Aaron and Robin)
  • WJ14 2x (May and Jess)
  • WJ14 2x (Hannah and Eleanor)
  • WJ14 4x+ (Nathan, Izzie, Shona, Rhianne and Chloe)
  • N1x (Aaron)
  • WJ13 1x (Rhianne)
  • Im3 1x (Phil)
  • Im3 1x (Kieran)

If your British Rowing membership has expired then please update before Wednesday.


There have been a few adjustments on the committee; the following gaps will be filled for the moment:

  • Junior Coordinator - Steven Sullivan
  • Welfare Officer - Lorna Sullivan
  • Equipment Officer - Iain Taylor
  • Safety Adviser - Steven Sullivan
  • Social Secretary - Dan Reeve


At the last committee meeting it was agreed that there should be a new fees structure for members, we will also be reintroducing fees for towing boats to events.

Membership Fees can not be changed outside of AGM or EGM so the committee will be calling an EGM to take the suggested fee structure to the members at some point over the next few months - these fees relate to the student and junior sections of the club. If you have any concerns about the proposed changes then please contact myself about junior or senior fees or Dan about student fees.

Every member who races at an event will have to pay an additional £5 fee for boat transport - over the last year the club has subsidised these fees to promote more members to get out to events and to encourage members to tow the trailer. As costs have increased in terms of boat repairs and damage/works in relation to the building the committee has decided to reintroduce transport fees. This will mean that all competitors will need to pay an additional £5 for Talkin Tarn Regatta and other regattas that follow - this fee will be monitored by the committee and will be reassessed in a few months time.

Moving on

Jane Reid will be leaving soon - she is moving to greener fields down South. In September she will be teaching geography and coaching rowing at Hampton School.

Thanks go to Jane for her help with the junior section, especially on the Monday after school sessions.


Durham Regatta

Thanks for your understanding over the weekend with the amount of equipment that we took away - this is the most disruptive weekend of the year - only Peterborough is a full weekend away and we don't expect to take quite so many boats and blades.

We had a good weekend out with the Girls (Lorna, Jane, Amy and Laura) winning the Im3 4x-; a great achievement - Lorna is now Im1!!! She used to complain that she couldn't win any points, now she has too many!

On Saturday:

  • Im2 4+ made it through the first round
  • Elite 1x knocked out in the first round - he was massive!
  • Women's Elite 2x - raced up 3 categories to get a race - knocked out first round
  • Novice 4+ - knocked out in the first round by the winners of the event
  • Novice 1x - knocked out in the first round - unlucky that so many entered this year
  • Novice 1x - knocked out in the first round - unlucky that so many entered this year

On Sunday:

  • Women's Im3 4x- a win!
  • Elite lwt 1x - lead the final but not enough in the legs to hold him off!
  • Elite 1x - let him have three lengths - too much to chase back
  • Im2 4+ - made the final and led to half way
  • Novice 4+ - made the final


Unfortunately there was an incident with a Durham Uni 8+ on Saturday after racing; this has meant that the 4x+ has been damaged. One rigger will need to be replaced and the shoulder will need further assessment to see if it can be fixed at home rather than sending away.

I know that there seems to be a lot of damage to equipment at the moment and of course this is not desirable; however, our activity is currently seven times that of 2006, and with increased activity there is an increased risk of equipment being damaged. Because of the current level of damage we may need to look at the different user groups and which equipment they access.

Lancaster Schools Rowing Association

We've had confirmation from British Rowing that the Association has been registered - we can tentatively make our first steps once registration fees have been sent.


Durham Regatta

Crews have been entered and details for next weekend are yet to be confirmed. Boat loading and immediate transport to Durham will be on Friday night.

At the moment it looks like the lwt 2x, lwt 4x, 4x+, 4+ and hwt 1x will be going to the event.

Met Regatta

Not the easiest of events - both crews a little outclassed - I’m not talking about it, especially about what happened on Sunday!

Andy’s Recent Work

Andy has been doing good work at the club over the last few weeks – he has rendered the walls where there was previously graffiti, installed the bollard, built a wall and constructed an excellent portable rack for sculling blades. Blades that are available for club use will be stored on the new rack in addition to the Macons that hang up in the same area of the building.

Members’ Blades

Blades that are stored in the small sculling bay, on the rack just behind the big boats or hanging up in the gym space are NOT available for general use. For the last few weeks we have managed to prevent the general use of private blades, there appears to have been a slip at the weekend as the blades that were stored in the gym space have been moved to the portable rack. These blades are NOT available for general use as they are not insured by the club.

Monday Training

Back on this Monday at 3:30pm – help from Matt, Dan, Aaron, Jane, Tom or Adam would be greatly appreciated – please let me know if you are not available.

Sunday Training

Thanks to all the volunteers that came and helped at today’s junior session; again Dan, Jane, Lorna and I will be away next Sunday so any help this coming Sunday will be greatly appreciated.

Northwich Regatta Photos



Northwich Regatta

A good day out returning with two wins:

  • Im2 4x - pulled away for a fairly easy win
  • Women's Novice 2x - 2 of our juniors beat 2 of our students! losing to half way but a couple of mistakes allowed the juniors through
  • Women's Im3 4x were beaten by a classy Grange School crew
  • Men's Im3 4x have only been sculling for a few weeks so were up against it in this event
  • Im3 1x - Nige had an issue with steering!
  • Im3 2x - blew it AGAIN! - should have won the event - perhaps a crew order change is needed?!

Met Regatta

Two crews will be racing at Met Regatta this coming weekend - additional help will be needed at the junior and student sessions this weekend as three of the volunteer coaches will be away.

Hexham Regatta

Juniors will not be racing at Hexham as previously advertised.

Durham Regatta

Weekend after next - I need entries by Friday - some have already gone in on a best guess basis.

Log Book

Where is it? It was left on the bar on Sunday and hasn't been seen since!?


Red Rose, Ralph Cup and Francis Russell Trophy

The Club's crews placed well in the Red Rose Sprint on Saturday, we also retained the Ralph Cup over LRGSBC and reclaimed the Francis Russell Trophy from LUBC.

The format, particularly the junior handicaps, will be refined further for next year's event. All participants agreed that the event was a positive move forward.

Thanks go to Dan Reeve for organising and LUBC's first 2- and W8+ for competing.

Full Results

Northwich Regatta

Regatta draw will be forwarded once released.

Crews entered:

  • E1x
  • Im2 4x-
  • Im3 4x-
  • Im3 2x
  • Im3 1x
  • WIm2 2x
  • WIm3 4x-
  • WNov 2x
  • WNov 2x

Boat loading will overlap the junior session on Sunday morning; to start at 11:30am.

Student Training

As the students are coming to the end of their exams there will probably be a couple of extra training sessions this week:

  • Tuesday 5pm
  • Wed 4pm
  • Thursday 5pm

If you plan to go out at these times then please contact Dan Reeve to reduce clashes.


Red Rose, Ralph Cup and Francis Russell Trophy

These events will be contested this coming Saturday between all three Lancaster based clubs. We will meet at the Club at 8:15am to organise equipment. Racing will start at 9am from the Motorway Bridge.

The selected crews are Steven Sullivan (1x) and unknown. We need a strong crew to step up for this to ensure that we win the Ralph Cup and Francis Russell Trophy.

The following junior crews have been submitted by the junior coordinator:

  • Junior 4x+ (Rhianne, Emma, Chloe, Shona and cox - crew needs to sort out a cox)
  • J15 2x (Jess and May)
  • J18 2x (Amy and Laura)

Northwich Regatta[1].pdf

Northwich entries need to be in before Sunday 23rd at 2pm.

  • Juniors to sort out entries through Andy (entries to Steve before 11am Sunday)
  • Students to sort out entries through Dan (entries to Steve before 11am Saturday)
  • Seniors to sort out entries through Steve (entries in before 11am Saturday)

Club Outings

Following last week's Boris, here are the timings for outings:

The sessions have been set out as they are to accommodate the different user groups as best we can, this does not exclude other members from attending at these times. Most sessions are fairly flexible so please ensure that you are at the club at the start of a club session rather than in a boat at the Motorway Bridge!

Indoor Rowing

Lancaster and Morecambe College recently hosted an indoor rowing competition; results are here:


Neil (Club President) has acquired funding of £1500 to replace the landing stage area above the boathouse, well done Neil!

The student section will be running a fundraiser next month - to row the length of the Lune (72km) - this will be in competition with Heysham Atoms Rugby League Team. This will hopefully run in town using indoor rowing machines.

The Young People

The junior and student sections seem to have hit a point of no return!

In recent weeks the junior section has had numbers of at least 25 on the water on Sunday mornings and 15 on Mondays.

The Student section has been expanding rapidly - there were 17 on the water on Thursday of last week!


BUCS article

Mason and Danny were successful at BUCS: article

Red Rose Handicap Sprint (Saturday 22nd May at 9am)

Information from Dan Reeve (Student Captain).

The event will hopefully involve crews from all 3 clubs competing in handicapped races similar to those held recently between LUBC and JOG.

For this event the following format is proposed:

All crews initially time trail over 1km. The crews will be ranked based on handicapped position, fastest to slowest. The fastest 8 crews will be seeded into a block and will race one on one against each other, again using handicapped starts based on crew and boat type. The 8 crews/scullers will complete 3x1km races where the winners and losers of each heat race each other respectively. This will result in placing 1st to 8th. Crews finishing 9th or below in the time trail will form a second division and race in the same manor as those in the first division.

Hopefully this model will be a slight improvement on last time allowing closer races due to the seeding by time trail and longer distances of each race. Hopefully if we coordinate the event in a similarly efficient manor to last time, the whole thing will run smoothly.

As part of the event we can also run the Francis Russell (LUBC v JOG) and Ralph Cup (LRGS v JOG), again in a slightly different format to previously. For this we were thinking that each club selects 2 crews prior to the time trial to be "point scoring crews". These crews will then score points towards the Francis Russell and Ralph Cup during the races. Effectively, the club with the best average finish position of both their chosen crews will win the respective trophy. We all run a busy racing schedule in summer and incorporating these races into this event will save having to organise a separate event for them, allowing everyone to focus on the training appropriate to their goals.

Club Sessions

The captains ask that members please refrain from using club equipment immediately proceeding an allocated club session (Sat 8:30, Sat 10:00, Sun 8:30, Sun 10:00, Mon 3:30, Tue 6:30, Wed 6:30 and Thu 6:30). Boating earlier is unfair on the rest of the members as it is not desirable to have a situation where whoever gets down first gets the first pick of the equipment – this defeats the point of having allocated times for club sessions. If you do choose to go out earlier then please allow yourself enough time to return to the club and land in time for the club session.

Northwich Regatta (Monday 31st May)

Entries in to Steven Sullivan before Saturday the 22nd May

  • Students to coordinate their entries through the Student Captain (Dan Reeve)
  • Juniors to coordinate their entries through the Junior Coordinator (Andy Peach)
  • Seniors and Veterans to coordinate their entries through the Club Captain (Steven Sullivan)


Missing trestles from Merseyside have been located! We will pick them up at Northwich Regatta.

A record 27 juniors were out on the water on Sunday! We’ve had at least 4 new girls from Ripley, 1 from Central and 4 from LGGS in the last couple of months. We’re still getting a steady flow of boys coming in from LRGS – the only problem is that they never turn up on the same day to coordinate a steady crew!

An adult learn to row will soon be organised for the adults that have expressed an interest.


Merseyside Regatta (Saturday 1st May)


  • Women's IM3 2x
  • Men's Novice 4x-
  • Men's Novice 2x
  • Men's Novice 1x


Damaged Boats

The MWT and one of the HWT singles are out of use due to damage - we are looking into trying to get these fixed as soon as possible.

The HWT is the latest casualty as a result of hitting a wall whilst racing at Merseyside Regatta.

Due to the much increased use of equipment further damage to boats is not necessarily inevitable, but certainly likely. We are looking into sourcing a local solution to fixing boats rather than sending them South.

Blades for Sale

Further to last week's email about the use of blades:

Two private members have indicated that their blades are available for general use - these will be stored amongst the blades that are available for general use. The rest of the private blades will be moved to either the back of the sculling bay or the sculling rack near the big boats - all private blades stored in these spaces are not available for general use. Blades available for general use will be stored on the two racks (or floor) in the space where the riggers for the trainig boats are stored.

I have acquired 4 sets of second hand fully adjustable sculling blades (3 Concept II and 1 Crocker). All the blades are selling for £210 to cover purchase and transport costs. Brand new Concept blades are selling for at least £500. Lorna and Dan have already claimed a set each. If anyone else wishes to buy a set then please let me know.


Meeting about the Building

Last Tuesday there was an open meeting at the Cub to present the architect's latest plans for the new build. A formal letter will soon go out to the members outlining the expanded scope of these plans.

Red Rose Sprint (this Saturday - at the Club for 8:30)

LUBC successfully hosted the Red Rose between the two clubs on Saturday.

Full results:

  • 1st Lwt 1x JOG (Steve)
  • 2nd Vet E 2x JOG (Phil and Phil)
  • 3rd 8+ LUBC
  • 4th W2x JOG (Jane and Lorna)
  • 5th Lwt 1x JOG (Aaron)
  • 6th W8+ LUBC
  • 7th Lwt 2x LUBC
  • 8th 8+ LUBC

Thanks to LUBC for organising.

Merseyside Regatta (Saturday 1st May)

Draw to yet be released; full details will follow for racing crews.

Boat loading is on Friday night - all juniors and students to ensure that they are available to either boat load on Friday night (6:30pm) or unload on Saturday evening (time unknown).

Race fees must be made available before racing.

Club Clothing

An audit of club kit has highlighted that £600 of clothing seems to have gone "missing".

If you have picked up clothing from behind the bar and have not paid for it then please do the sensible thing.

All remaining kit will be removed from behind the bar - please contact Dan if you wish to purchase any.

Private Blades

Due to the number of people that have been sculling on club sessions there has been some confusion over which blades are available for general use.

It may be necessary to change where blades are stored in the near future to ensure that blades that are used by "owners only" are stored where other members know they shouldn't remove them.

If you are willing for your blades to be used by other members can you please respond to this email.


Meeting about the Building

This Tuesday at 7:30 there is a meeting at the Club regarding the future of the building. The architects will outline a broader remit for the new build. The Club’s president has requested that as many members as possible come and show their support.

Red Rose Sprint (this Saturday - at the Club for 8:30)

This has just come onto our racing calendar.

There is a Red Rose Sprint this Saturday between LUBC and the Club. This local event replaces the Roses match between LUBC and the University of York.

LUBC will organise.

Format: race as many times as you can over 500m using the following handicaps:

  • HWT M8: 0
  • HWT M4x: +4
  • HWT M4-: +5.5
  • HWT W8: +9
  • HWT M4+: +10
  • HWT M2x: +11
  • LWT M2x: +12.5
  • HWT W4x: +12.5
  • HWT M2-: +13.5
  • HWT W4-: +16.5
  • LWT M2-: +16.5
  • HWT M1x: +18.5
  • HWT W2x: +20
  • LWT M1x: +22
  • HWT W1x: +27

So, a Lwt 1x will start the 500m race 22 seconds ahead of an 8+; whichever crew crosses the finish line first wins.

Crews will be matched to similar standard opposition before the start of racing; crews will go up or down in divisions depending on victories or losses in the previous round of racing.

Crews need to be at the Club for 8:30 to organise equipment.

As this is a racing event the senior session at 8:30 will be disrupted as non-senior crews may be using equipment at this time - we will try to keep any disruption to a minimum. Anyone out on the water who is not participating must be aware that there will be races above the Aqueduct.

Merseyside Regatta (Saturday 1st May)

Details available here:

Cut off time for entries: Sunday at 12pm.

  • Seniors to contact me about entries before 8pm on Saturday
  • Students to speak to Dan - Dan to give me entries before 8pm on Saturday
  • Juniors to speak to Andy - Andy to give me entries before 10:30am on Sunday

All competitors must pay their own racing fee prior to racing.

Coach for next year

A few weeks ago the committee sent a letter to the Henley Stewards' requesting a replacement coach - they have indicated that there will be a new coach operating in our area from September onwards.


LRGS has responded to notice that LRGSBC will not have a fleet on site from April 1st 2011. LRGS has asked to be informed of the commercial rate for the fleet to stay on site. LRGS has been informed that there will be no commercial rate. If any members have any questions regarding the Club's policy regarding LRGSBC then please speak to a member of the committee.


Training Camp

Started on Saturday, to finish on Tuesday. Most people have enjoyed themselves with up to 30 people different people participating over the last two days.

Medium Weight 1x (Happy Feet)

Unfortunately this boat has been damaged during some capsize drills - may need to be sent away to get fixed.

Schedule of races:

A number of people have been asking about regatta dates for the next couple of months:

  • 1st May Merseyside
  • 30th May Northwich
  • 6th June Lancaster
  • 12th-13th June Durham
  • 3rd July Runcorn

We'll probably not do Chester on the 15th May or Trentham on the 19th of June.

GB Trials

Mason Durant is competing at GB Trials in Belgium; Scott is out through injury - I'll email on results in next week's Boris.

Learn to Row

The Adult Learn to Row will start to run soon - keep reading your Weekly Boris to confirm dates.

Joelle Hartley

Joelle did a lot of work for us last year whilst studying at Lancaster Unievrsity; she has sent the following message:

just wondered if you could possibly spread the word around the club that I will be doing a 24 hour (yes.. HOUR!) cycle on the 8th May to raise money for Project Romania 2010. I need to raise £600 for Future Sense foundation who will be supplying the materials we need to renovate two orphanages in Transylvania. All the information can be found on my website if anyone would like more information they can contact me at


Northwich Head

A good day out with four crews returning as winners:

  • E1x (Steve)
  • Women's IM2 4x (Jane, Lorna, Rachel and Angela)
  • Vet E2x (Phil and Phil)
  • Women's Junior 14 2x (May and Jess)
It was particularly pleasing to see the juniors win; this is the first win for the junior section.

Training Camp

There will be a four day training camp for the juniors and students from Saturday the 10th to Tuesday the 13th of April; sessions will run from 9am until 3pm.

Steven, Dan and Jane will lead the sessions.

Students and juniors will have the opportunity to improve their technique, and prepare for the sprint season. As well as race preparation we will be doing small jobs around the boathouse.

Everyone to bring food - there will be a barbeque on each day.

Lancaster Schools' Rowing Association

We may have to wait until as late as June before the new Club is registered through British Rowing.

On the 27th of April Lancaster and Morecambe College will host the next indoor competition between the schools - Ripley, the College and Skerton have indicated that they will attend.

Lancaster and Morecambe College

The College are currently running some internal indoor rowing comeptitions - in excess of 50 16 to 19 years olds have competed. The Club has given £100 towards prizes for these competitions.

The College has successfully made a bid for two indoor rowing machines - these will hopefully arrive in the next couple of weeks.

The College is running an indoor trainer session on the 23rd of April - colleges in the region will send selected students and staff to train in the use of indoor rowing machines.


At the AGM it was agreed that LRGS should be given notice that the Lease will not be extended beyond March 2011.

Notice has now been given.

If you have any questions regarding the Club's position then please speak to a committee member.



New Committee:

  • President (Neil Wigglesworth)
  • Chairman (Andy Peach)
  • Captain (Steven Sullivan)
  • Vice Captain with responsibility for students (Dan Reeve)
  • Vice Captain with responsibility for women (Jane Reid)
  • Secretary (Sue Palmer)
  • Treasurer (Glenn Stevens)
  • Safety (Angela Park)
  • Social (Angela Park)
  • Assistant Secretary (Angela Park)
  • Child Welfare (Sue Palmer)
  • Junior Co-ordinator (Andy Peach)

Details from the meeting to follow once minutes are distributed.

Recent Results

Head Article

Red Rose

Upcoming Events

Northwich: Further details will follow.


AGM (23rd March at 7:30)

Important meeting to outline plans for the future of the Club.

  • Members putting themselves forward so far:
    • President (Neil Wigglesworth)
    • Chairman (Andy Peach)
    • Captain (Steven Sullivan)
    • Vice Captain with responsibility for students (Dan Reeve)
    • Vice Captain with responsibility for women (Jane Reid)
    • Secretary (Sue Palmer)
    • Treasurer (Glenn Stevens)
    • Safety (Angela Park)
    • Social (Angela Park)
    • Assistant Secretary (Angela Park)
    • Child Welfare (Sue Palmer)
    • Junior Co-ordinator (Andy Peach)
  • Building Plans
  • Purchase of Equipment for 2010
  • Project 2ten
  • 2010 Review
  • Lancaster Schools' Rowing Association
  • Development of student section
  • Loss of coach
  • LRGS Lease expires at the end of March 2011
  • Change of Constitution and Rules (ARA > British Rowing)
  • Ariadne Fund

Documents attached:

Plan 2009 Review: a review of last year!
New Partnerships: a draft document of future partnerships
Lancaster Focus 2010: copies to go on the noticeboards
2010: forecast of income, members and racking for 2010

Recent Results

North of England Head:

  • 16th - LUBC Men's 1st 8+
  • 32nd - LUBC Men's 2nd 8+
  • 38th - LRGSBC 8+ (J16)
  • 55th - LUBC Men's 3rd 8+
  • 5th - LUBC Women's 8+

Results for LUBC are up towards the upper end of what they've acheived at this event; next week's Head of the River will give a better indication if the men are in a position to qualify a crew for Henley - a top 150 placing will probably be what they're aiming for.


Thanks to everyone who sponsored me: two of us ended up doing the erg; my colleague rowed 71km (length of the Lune - split near 2:25) on his own! I rowed two separate 1hr pieces with an average split of 1:55.5 to top the distance up to 102km. Between the two of us we've probably raised £500 towards Sport Relief - £90 from JOG members.

Upcoming Events

Red Rose Head: Sunday 28th March at 9am - lets get as many people down as possible (seniors racing at 9am, juniors and students at 10am).

Northwich: Saturday 3rd April (Poster)

Crews will need to be selected before Sunday for Northwich.


AGM (23rd March at 7:30)

  • Members putting themselves forward so far:
    • President (Neil Wigglesworth)
    • Chairman (Andy Peach)
    • Captain (Steven Sullivan)
    • Vice Captain with responsibility for students (Dan Reeve)
    • Vice Captain with responsibility for women (Jane Reid)
    • Secretary (Sue Palmer)
    • Treasurer (Glenn Stevens)
    • Safety (Angela Park)
    • Social (Angela Park)
    • Assistant Secretary (Angela Park)
    • Child Welfare (Sue Palmer)
    • Junior Co-ordinator (Andy Peach)
  • Building Plans
  • Purchase of Equipment for 2010
  • Project 2ten
  • 2010 Review
  • Lancaster Schools' Rowing Association
  • Development of student section
  • Loss of coach
  • LRGS Lease expires at the end of March 2011
  • Change of Constitution and Rules (ARA > British Rowing)

Documents attached:

Plan 2009 Review: a review of last year!
New Partnerships: a draft document of future partnerships
Lancaster Focus 2010: copies to go on the noticeboards
2010: forecast of income, members and racking for 2010

Recent Results

Women's Head:

  • 2nd Leander (Francis Nicholls, formally of LUBC)
  • 13th Agecroft (Karin Fröman, formally of LUBC)
  • 17th Oxford Brookes (Chloe Peach, member of JOG)
  • 55th Durham Uni II (Joelle Hartley, member of JOG)
  • 82nd Vesta II (Sarah Wood, formally of LUBC)
  • 86th (LUBC)

Yorkshire Head:

  • J16 4+ came 1st and 3rd, Pete won Vet C1x


Last chance to sponsor me - we're rowing the length of the Lune for Sport Relief this week, forms are on the bar!

Upcoming Events

Red Rose Head: Sunday 28th March at 9am

Northwich: Saturday 3rd April (Poster)


Juniors at Trials

Sat 6th March, Inter regional trials, Northwich. 9 juniors from the club travelled down to Northwich to scull at the North West Regional Trials. Keiron competing in the J151x and sculled well coming midway in his division, Laura competed in the JW151x also performed very well, although coming in towards the end of her division, time wise it was very close to the winner. Jess and May competed in JW142x racing extremely well in a tough field coming mid way in their division. Finally we also had a JW144x+ of Chloe, Rhianne, Emma and Shona with Evie coxing. Again another tough field they competed really well, although finishing towards the end of their division again they were not far from the winners time wise. A tremendous effort from all of them. I would also just like to say that their behaviour and commitment was brilliant, it was a pleasure to be part of a team on Saturday. They represented the club impeccably and it was remarked upon by the organisers.

LRGS articles from Lancastrian 2009 (LRGS publication)

Two articles from the school's annual publication: One looks at the future development of the school - quite timely as the rowing lease expires in March 2011; the second article talks about the school's rowing.


Thanks to all the students, juniors and Andy for promises of sponsorship to date. If anyone else wants to sponsor me then forms are on the bar.

John is putting together plans for his annual fundraiser - he's talking about a sponsored cycle along the canal with a difference - the bike will be on the water!

Junior and Student intake

New juniors and students continue to turn up; 5 (3 Ripley and 1 Kendal) new juniors and 4 (2 LUBC and 2 Cumbria) new students over the last few weeks.


AGM 23/03/10 (Tuesday) 7:30pm

To be discussed:

  • Nominations needed (Committee in post to 2010 AGM)
    • President (Doug Melvin)
    • Chairman (Neil Wigglesworth)
    • Captain (Andy Peach)
    • Secretary (Sue Palmer)
    • Treasurer (Glenn Stevens)
    • Men's Captain (Steve Sullivan)
    • Women's Captain (Vacant)
    • Student Captain (Dan Reeve)
    • Safety (Angela Park)
    • Social (Angela Park)
    • Assistant Secretary (Angela Park)
    • Child Welfare (Sue Palmer)
    • Junior Co-ordinator (Andy Peach)
  • Building Plans
  • Project 2ten
  • Lancaster Schools' Rowing Association
  • Development of student section
  • Loss of coach
  • LRGS Lease expires in April 2011

If you would like to nominate yourself to sit on the 2010 committee then please put your name forward.

Mike Pugh

Mike is currently stuck in a hospital bed in Vietnam after a cycle accident; we wish him a swift return to health.

GB Trials


  • Scott Durant (2-) - 7th progressing to A/B Semi
  • Mason Durant (1x) - 15th progressing to C/D Semi
  • Danny Bellion (2-) - 22nd progressing to C/D Semi


  • Scott Durant (2-) - 4th progressing to B Final
  • Mason Durant (1x) - 3rd progressing to C Final
  • Danny Bellion (2-) - 6th progressing to D Final


  • Scott Durant (2-) - 4th in B Final (10th)
  • Mason Durant (1x) - 6th in C Final (18th)
  • Danny Bellion (2-) - 2nd in D Final (20th)

Junior Trials

This Saturday, representing the Club:

  • WJ14 4x+ (Chloe, Shona, Rhianne, Emma and Evie)
  • WJ14 2x (Jess and May)
  • WJ15 1x (Laura)
  • J16 1x (Kieran)

Trafford Head

Unfortunately only one sculler could make the Head - fastest sculler.

Kit Order

Dan Reeve is busy putting together an order for kit; please contact Dan if you want to make an order.

Use of Equipment

The committee will be looking at the use of equipment and possible purchase of more blades - we're starting to struggle a bit at weekends.

We may need to look at a booking system or set times for people to come down to the Club.

Care of Equipment

The Heavyweight 2x has been taking a bit of a pounding over the last few months, this has mainly been due to damage caused by LRGS riggers. At the weekend a hole was punched through the hull of the boat, this has now been repaired. Please report future damage to a Captain.


LUBC competed at BUCS Head with the Women's 4+ doing particularly well by placing 6th in the Championship event.


Red Rose

Results are now on the website - sorry for the delay. Well done to the LUBC Men's 8+ who smashed the previous best time.

Trafford Head

Draw now on the web - I'll email details on to all those that are competing.

Junior Trials

Regional Trials are the Saturday after next. Juniors will get a chance to train this Saturday with Andy.

Committee Meeting

This Tuesday at 7:30.

Junior Training on Monday nights

Jane Reid has kindly offered to help out with the junior sessions on Monday nights. Sessions will run from 3:30 onwards, we'll be coming off the water when it gets dark.

For safety reasons Monday sessions will only operate on the Club stretch; juniors are not to stray up river.

Students are welcome to come down and join in.

Sport Relief

A number of staff at Lancaster and Morecambe College are rowing the length of the River Lune for Sport Relief (on an erg). I would like to raise £60 for my hour stint; I'll put a form in the bar for anyone that would like to sponsor this effort!

I already have £20 - Thanks Andy!

Next Lancaster Schools' Indoor Rowing Competition

Lancaster and Morecambe College will be hosting the next indoor rowing competition. This wll be the second Tuesday after Easter. Timings will probably run from 1:30ish to 5:00ish; this will allow schools to choose if they want to participate during or after school. If JOG juniors find that their school is unable to participate then they may make their own way to the event when they can compete as JOG.


Red Rose

There is a Red Rose Head next Saturday - first division to start at 9am.

Warrington Head

Somebody, who shall go unnamed, forgot to put the entries in late last week! Fortunately, Warrington were very understanding and allowed our late entry.

Full results are now available at the Warrington website.

The only success for the Club was the fastest time by a sculler. The women were unfortunate to come up against a strong Runcorn crew, but soundly beat all crews in the division below. The junior quad raced a category up as Laura was J15 - some more practice needed there. Phil and Phil beasted the course but were beaten by, erm: quicker crews! Robin went out in a single, after not much practice, to be beaten by quite a bit - a few months in a single will turn this around.

Stewards' Coach

The word on the street is that there is a possibility that a new coach may be appointed to fill Amy's shoes - we'll keep our fingers crossed.

Junior Training on Monday nights

After half term junior training will move onto/into the water! - Juniors are to get down as soon as they can - closer to 3:30 the better. Training will extend up to 6:00 for those that can stay on.

Some assistance from the student section of the Club would be greatly appreciated - don't be shy - if you're free after 3pm on a Monday, and you're a no-good-lay-about, and you pay a measly £75 a year then I'd appreciate your help!

Erg Training

There is a good possibility that Lancaster and Morecambe College will host a training session for potential indoor college based rowing coaches through British Rowing and Biritish College Sports. There is a big push on college based indoor rowing at the moment.

Forecasted figures for 2010

This may interest some of you.

Sport Relief

A number of staff at Lancaster and Morecambe College are rowing the length of the River Lune for Sport Relief (on an erg). I would like to raise £60 for my hour stint; I'll put a form in the bar for anyone that would like to sponsor this effort!


Warrington Head

Head this coming Saturday. Friday boat loading is at 6pm. All competitors should make an effort to turn up and help - particularly the juniors. The same applies when the boats return - juniors, don't leave the event on Saturday without speaking to Andy about returning the boats to the Club.

Crews should be at the event at least and an hour and a half before their event.



Crews entered:

  • 10am 1st Div: J15 4x+ - Jess, Laura, Chloe and Shona (cox - Rhianne - please update your membership)
  • 10am 1st Div: 1x - Steve
  • 11am 2nd Div: Novice 1x Robin - no oppo in J18
  • 1:30pm 4th Div: V2x - Phil and Phil
  • 3:30pm 6th Div: W4x - Lorna, Rachel, Angela and Jane
  • 3:30pm 6th Div: 2x - Phil and Phil

Kieran, I'm afraid that I couldn't put your entry in as your British Rowing membership has expired.

Please respond if there are any problems.

Amy Ward

We will see Amy for the last time this weekend - come down and say goodbye. We have not been notified of a replacement.


General consensus is that we need to raise the temperature in the Gym to improve the damp problem. We would appreciate it if anyone that has a spare electric heater lends to the Club on a short-term basis.


The last of the new ergs has been moved to Lancaster and Morecambe College to develop the new link. There are now two ergs at LMC and three at LGGS.

New Members

We're still managing to get new members in through the door thanks to our links with the schools and a few new students have joined through existing links with Lancaster University.


Warrington Head

Head on the 6th.

Crews will be entered later in the week:

  • 1st Div: J15 4x+ - Jess, Laura, Chloe and Shona (cox - Rhianne)
  • 2nd Div: 1x - Steve
  • 4th Div: V2x - Phil and Phil
  • 5th Div: J18 1x Robin, and J15 1x Kieran
  • 6th Div: W4x - Lorna, Rachel, Angela and Jane
  • 6th Div: 2x - Phil and Phil

Please respond if there are any problems. Juniors ask your parents if you're able to attend - we may need subs.

Sorry, but the entries are restricted by what is available.

Amy Ward

Amy has been appointed as a community coach up at Tyne. Unfortunately this will mean that we lose her in mid-February. She's done a smashing job, and we hope that we will get a fresh coach that will be just as good.

New Coach

Still awaiting official notification from British Rowing to tell us that we don't have a coach beyond mid-February!


Old 4+ has been returned from Halton TC.

M1x is back!


Lancaster and Morecambe College

LMC has been designated as one of the new FE college links with rowing through the new British Rowing and British Colleges Sport partnership.

Junior Regional Training Camp

Amy Ward and Andy Peach will not be available to help with the juniors on Sunday as they'll be taking Amy (junior) to the regional camp. Can the usual crowd of volunteers come along and help out - Jane and Dan you're needed!


We'll try and pick up the quad that's up at the army camp this week - will be used as a 4+ for the junior boys.

Damaged 1x is due for return from Eric Sims.


Committee meeting this Tuesday at 7:30.


2009 Review

PDF version:

Lancaster Schools' Rowing Association

We will try and get registered in the next two weeks. Members from the club on the committee: Andy (Chairman), Steve (Secretary) and Phil B (Treasurer).


Hopefully we can get back to the normal routine.


2009 Review

Final draft of the Plan 2009 Review.

Lancaster Schools' Rowing Association

Draft version of the LSRA Constitution.

Post Christmas Blues

Back to the normal routine - a few pies to work off?

  • Sat - Between 8:30 and 9:00 Seniors
  • Sun - 10:00 Juniors
  • Mon - 16:00 Juniors and Vets
  • Wed - 19:30 Club Circuits at Skerton


Christmas Break

Juniors will have a break until the 3rd of January. Monday and Wednesday circuits will re-start after the holiday.

Email Address

We have an email address:

Pictures for the web

Please email rowing pics for the website: Unfortunately we won't be able to put pictures of juniors on the page - we will organise a junior section picture early next year.

Development Plan

Please read and give feedback on the draft review: Plan 2009 Review.


Gap Analysis which has been submitted to British Rowing - a number of items to be addressed in the coming year.


Please email if you would like to have copies of Minutes from this year's meetings.


Junior Rowing this Christmas

The last junior session will run this Sunday - we will have a break until Sunday the 3rd of January. Laura and Amy to contact Steve if they want to attend the session on the 2nd of January.

Wednesday Circuits

Last circuits until after the holidays this Wednesday.

LSRA Indoor Rowing Competition

The event was very well run - Dan Hetherington from British Rowing had 5 ergs linked to an overhead screen. The two schools that competed were Ripley and Central with LGGS pulling out at the last minute due to staffing problems. The next event will probably be at LGGS. Full results to follow on the website once a copy is forwarded on (Jess was the overall winner).

Committee Meeting

This Tuesday at 7:30

District Meeting

Last week Neil and Steve went to a district meeting regarding sport in the District. It was undecided whether the new "sports council" would opperate at strategic or delivery level - at the next meeting the strategic document will be re-hashed - it is hoped that rowing is mentioned!

Kit Order

We'll put another order together for kit. Amy (short sleeve top - sorry mix up with previous order - size?) and Dan (Gilet - size?). Over the summer kit was borrowed from members - please let me know if you haven't had it returned - we'll order new kit to replace any that has been lost.


Christmas Dinner and Christmas Regatta

Eight juniors took part in the 2009 Christmas Regatta - four seat races in coxless quads. Amy (Ripley) came out as the winner with four wins; May (Ripley) was second with three wins - article to follow by Laura (LGGS) on the web.

Christmas dinner was a great success - one topic for discussion was the possibility of a social membership - what do members think?

Inaugural Lancaster Schools' Rowing Association Competition

Indoor competition this Monday at Ripley St. Thomas, Ripley and LGGS will compete. Other schools have problems with staffing and LRGSBC are not willing to compete.

International Youth Games

Despite the Youth Games organising group inviting the Club to put a team forward for the 2010 Games they have now rejected our involvement favouring LRGSBC instead.

LRGSBC incorrectly informed the organising group that Lancaster John O' Gaunt Rowing Club had no interest in being involved (there were a few INTERNAL ONLY emails discussing our involvement); LRGSBC has gone on to select a team and leader which the organising body has now accepted.

Rather than rock the boat the committee has decided not to challenge this decision, we wish LRGSBC their usual success.


New pictures are available


Christmas Dinner and Christmas Regatta

Mixed Junior and Senior Club Regatta this coming Saturday - please be at the Club before 10am.

We'll try and organise a bowling trip in the afternoon for the juniors.

Dinner in the evening.

Inaugural Lancaster Schools' Association Competition

Amy is in the process of organising an indoor rowing competition (7th December). Ripley is hosting and it is hoped that LRGS, LGGS and Central send teams.


Damage to the single is in the region of £800 - claiming on the insurance.


Please leave the main heater on the timer - if you want to switch it on then use the red switch on the side of the timer - do not switch on and off at the socket or on the heating unit.


Christmas Dinner and Christmas Regatta

Angela needs names and your choice of meal before this coming weekend.

A Christmas regatta will be organised on the morning of the Christmas Dinner. Format at the moment - names drawn from two hats (adult and junior) for allocation of crews.

North West Regional Rowing Council

Andy and Steve went to the AGM on Wednesday evening. Steve was voted on to the council as a committee member. It was good that four members of the Lancaser rowing fraternity were present with two from LUBC also present.

In the meeting it was noted how many members from Lancaster are on a level 2 coaching pathway (3 LUBC, 2 LRGSBC and 2 JOG).

It was mentioned how well supported "heads" are in our region but how poorly supported the regattas are - something we recognise within Lancaster having failed to run our own regatta over the last two years.

Lancaster Regata

Declan has confirmed that the date for Lancaster Regatta has changed - it will now be the weekend before Durham Regatta - this will avoid clashes with Marlow, Women's Henley and York and provide good practice for Durham Main.


The bottom rack will remain empty whilst we're experiencing flooding. The medium weight single has been damaged - it has been sent for repair.

Endeavour (coxless quad) has returned. One of the coxed quads (the one with a missing rigger) is now stored on the trailer to keep boats off the bottom rack. Six singles have been stored upstairs in the roof space - Simon, this includes your single.

Care of Equipment

It has been noted that members have been changing the set up of some boats - this has resulted in some poorly rigged boats. The Club Captain and Committee have asked that the Captains (Andy, Steve or Dan) be consulted prior to making changes in the future.

Damage and Repair

The whiteboard next to the bar door is where all damage/repairs should be noted - this will hopefully improve the current system of short-term, turned long-term, "botch" repairs.

International Youth Games

Lancaster has accepted an invitation from Almere to take part in the 2010 Youth Games (held during the summer holidays). If rowing is to be included then a volunteer needs to come forward to lead the group - Steven, Lorna and Amy have already ruled themselves out.


Lancaster Schools' Rowing Association

A meeting between JOG, British Rowing, Ripley, LGGS, LMC and Loyne School was held last week. It was agreed that we will set up the LSRA with the primary aim of increasing junior rowing in the Lancaster area - this association will act as a supporting body for the water work that JOG does. Funding will be aimed at coaching and indoor rowing equipment. We are in the process of sorting out the paperwork. Any questions ask Andy, Amy or Steve.


  • WN 2x (Laura and Amy) - 3rd of 5
  • IM3 2x (Phil and Phil) - 7th of 11
  • VD 2x (Phil and Phil) - 2nd of 3
  • WJ14 4x+ (Jess, Chloe, Shona, Beth and Kieran) - 4th out of 7
  • Robin in the single - not sure as he was listed as J16!
  • J15 2x (Kieran and Ben) - scratched by Northwich!
  • W4x- scratched due to illness

Fours Head

Called off due to bad weather.


Monday (4pm) after school session is re-starting - run by Steven - this will be a circuits for all existing junior members - content will depend on what has proceeded over the weekend. Amy will run a beginner session at Ripley at the same time.

Committee Meeting

This Tuesday at 7:30.

NWRRC at Liverpool Vics

Meeting this Wednesday - Andy, Colin and Steve are going.


Red Rose

Cancelled due to stream.


Division 1:

  • Robin Elley in J18 1x (different to the email)

Division 2:

  • Laura and Amy in W Novice 2x (lightweight 2x)
  • Phil and Phil in IM3 2x (heavyweight 2x)
  • Jess, Beth, Shona and Chloe in W J14 4x+ - someone needs to make sure that the boat is British Rowing safe in advance and Kieran will need to be subbed in at the event - I can't seem to do it online
  • Lorna, Angela, Corinne and Rachel in W Im2 4x-

Division 3:

  • Phil and Phil in Vet D 2x (Heavyweight 2x)
  • Kieran and Ben in J15 2x (Lightweight 2x)

Wednesday Circuits (7:30 at Skerton)

15 at circuits on Wednesday.


Where were you all on Saturday? Getting soft?!


The Monday (4pm) after school session will re-start next week - run by Steven - this will be a circuits for all existing junior members - content will depend on what has proceeded over the weekend. Amy will run a beginner session at Ripley at the same time.


The North West Regional Rowing Council are having their Annual Meeting on Wednesday the 18th of November. Colin, Andy and Steve to go.


Dan Reeve and Jane Reid have started their L2 coaching qualification - partially funded by The University of Cumbria and the Club.


GB Trials

Congratulations to Mason Durant who placed 10th! Danny and Scott were out through illness.

Red Rose

This Sunday there will be a Red Rose to start at 9:00.


Crews that will be entered later this week:

  • Vet 2x Phil and Phil
  • IM3or2 2x Phil and Phil
  • WIM2 4x- Angela, Rachel, Lorna and Corinne
  • WJ14 4x+ Chloe, Shona, Jess and Beth (Kieran to cox?)
  • WN 2x Laura and Amy
  • Junior 1x (age?) Robin
  • Junior 1x (age?) Kieran

Christmas Dinner

The Christmas Dinner has been booked - most members have received the details by now. Poster available at request - email Angela for more details and to order your food. Afraid that juniors are not invited due to the alcohol that will be consumed. A junior bash will be organised - juniors to speak to Steve.

Wednesday Circuits

Back to Skerton at 7:30.


Junior rowing has switched from the Club to Ripley. Amy will run this session. We will try and get the LGGS connection running over the next couple of weeks. Ergs to be moved there this week.


LUBC sent a large squad to The Head of the Dee on Saturday. They won the Novce 4+.


Christmas Dinner

The Christmas Dinner has been booked - details to follow.

Wednesday Circuits

Will be at the Club from 6:30 as it's half-term.


We want a big entry for this one: speak to Steve.


Hugh has kindly loaned an erg to the Club.


More have been ordered.


Red Rose

8 crews competed in the second Red Rose Head of the winter season.

The Women's Quad set the fastest time recorded by a women's crew from the club - only seven seconds slower than the fastest time by a women's eight.



Thanks to Dec for organising.


We want a big entry for this one: speak to Steve.

Wednesday Circuits

A record attendance: 23 turned up at last Wednesday's Skerton Circuits (7:30 - 8:30). £1 for adults, 50p for juniors and students.


8 students turned up at Saturday's training session. 6 turned up for Wednesday circuits. They've even had a social to which none of the rest of the Club were invited; or, were even aware of!


Has gone to get fixed - will hopefully return in the next four to six weeks.

Committee Meeting

Meeting at 7:30 this Tuesday.


Red Rose

There will be a Red Rose this Saturday at 9am:- get involved!

Wednesday Circuits

16 turned up at last Wednesday's Skerton Circuits (7:30 - 8:30). £1 for adults, 50p for juniors and students.


9 students from the University of Cumbria went out on the water on Saturday with 3 turning up to circuits on Wednesday evening. Thanks to Dan for getting this group off the ground.


5 Concept 2 Model D ergs with PM3 monitors have arrived. 1 has already gone into Lancaster and Morecambe College. The other ergs will be distributed around our partner schools starting with LGGS.

Club Log Book

Just a reminder to fill in the Log Book when you have an outing - a number of us tend to log everyone at the end of an outing but make sure that you log your outings when you're down on your own.


Wednesday Circuits

Circuits start this Wednesday at Skerton High (7:30 - 8:30). £1 for adults, 50p for juniors.

Season round-up


Club's progress

It may, or may not, interest you but prior to this year the highest recorded activity at the Club was in 1989 when "bums on seats" was recorded at 2094. At then end of this September "bums on seats" was recorded at 2620 with a forcast of 3556 by the end of the year!


A number of the Club's students had a recruitment drive at the University of Cumbria last Wednesday followed by a presentation on Thursday (very impressive). Dan has 13 people that are interested in taking up rowing - they will be down at the Club on Wednesday afternoon to have a look around. They will hopefully join in on Wed circuits followed by student sessions on Saturdays from 10am onwards - any help with this group will be appreciated.


This continues to be an area of expansion for the Club - we are currently linked with Skerton, Ripley and LGGS. Ripley has been a great success as we've had 10 kids join. LGGS is progressing well as 4 have already joined without the use of any indoor rowing machines! Skerton is not working out as Amy turned up twice without a single child in attendance - we will continue to maintain a link through our Club's circuits. Amy has spoken to Central High who are very keen.

Amy is continuing her work with the local schools as she has had most of her hours shifted to Lancaster. Steven has been released from Lancaster and Morecambe College on a Monday afternoon to help Amy, and Jane is not on placement on a Monday so has offered to help out. Any further help from the students would be appreciated on a Monday afternoon from 3:30 onwards.

Runcorn Head (3rd of October)

Steve was the fastest sculler.

Northwich (14th of November)

Next race:- we'd like to take a big entry for this (women's quad, juniors and vets).


All our boats are back in the building - we've had to store another boat amongst the LRGS boats. One of the coxed quads is out of use as Steve broke the rigger - he was trying to fix it! A new rigger should arrive soon.


If buying Godfrey kit from the bar then please add between 25p and 50p to cover postage. Medium Hoodies have all gone so a fresh batch will be ordered - let Steve know if you want anything else.


Runcorn Head (3rd of October)

Steven will be racing an E1x.

Chester Long Distance Sculls

Steven was worn down by a sculling monster! - should have finished 2nd or 3rd but ended up 5th fastest as he crawled through the last 1.5k.

New Ergs

A new erg has arrived and gone up to the University of Cumbria for the week - Dan and Matt (new student on a gap year/ex-LRGS) will be recruiting at Freshers' Fair! Another four ergs should arrive in the next month, these are to be distributed amongst our partner schools.

Next Grant Application

Glenn is in the process of putting in an application for four new singles - we're a little short of small boats due to an expanding membership. Yes, we have no idea where we're going to put them!

Returning Doubles

One of the doubles has returned from Lancaster University (via ES Rowing Service!). Another double will return from LU this coming week.

Durham School Quad

The quad will go off to ES Rowing Service for some work on the bow section - likely to be late October to late November.


Last week Angela and Andy had a meeting with LRGS regarding a new lease. Feedback indicated that the Head recognised both the Club's generosity to date and that any future rent will be on a more commercial basis in support of the Club's future expansion. LRGS has been given notice that the current lease will end on the 31st September 2010.


Both Jane Reid and Dan Reeve will be attending a L2 Coaching Course in November. Dan will be leading the student group during 2009-10. Jane has arrived from University of London to complete her teacher training at the University of Cumbria - she will be helping with junior coaching.


Godfrey Kit has arrived - most people have paid. Some will be posted on to those that have requested. If buying Godfrey kit from the bar then please add between 25p and 50p to cover postage.