Lancaster John O' Gaunt Rowing Club and Lancaster Schools' Rowing Association








Chairman's Report for 1990

MembershipDuring the year we lost 1 senior, 2 student and 6 junior members and gained 5 senior and 3 juniors giving a total of 39.

CompetitionCrews attended: The Yorkshire HORR, Tideway HORR (206-295), Runcorn Regatta, York Regatta (Vet 4 WIN), Durham Regatta (2- Final), Chester Regatta (2- Final), Northwich Regatta, Peterborough Regatta (2- 3 WINS), Agecroft Regatta, Lancaster Regatta (2- Final, Vet 4 WIN 1x WIN), Talkin Tarn Regatta (Sen3 4 Final), Mersey Regatta (Vet 4 WIN), York Sprint (Sen 3 4 WIN), Dee Autumn Fours HORR (Nov 4 WIN), Tideway Fours HOKR (236 - 234), York HORR (Nov.4 6/31).

Club Races
Preston CupD.Murray
Little CupM.Rothery
Barker CupS.Campbell
Mitchell CupN.Stubley & D.Murray
Pedder CupOrr, Payne, Strachan and Wigglesworth
Pye Cup

JanuaryApplication to planning dept. for 4 bedrooms in club.

FebruaryVisit by Andy Turner, N. West regional coach- 25 from the 3 clubs on the ergos.

MarchDelivery of the new Burgashells 1x (4), 2-.

AprilEaster Festival rowing course for juniors in conjunction with council; 5 NWRC playboats in use on consecutive Weds.

MayPlanning application denied on grounds that no domestic development allowed in the designated 'riverside park'.

JuneNew 2- smashed on road near Henley by GPO van. Insurance covers replacement.

Lancaster Regatta, 65 entries and rain all day!

July6 girls to Rendsburg and International Youth Games (no wins); 5 girls to Eton College Rowing Course.

AugustGrant of 500 from the Rowing Foundation allows purchase of 2nd hand 8 from Merchant Taylors School BC.

OctoberSale of Jim Pye (8) to Magdalen College BC for 1500.

NovemberAnnual Dinner at Hampson House Hotel - 24 present.

December6 new Dreissigacker blades delivered.

Boat BookClub outing for the year break down as follows: (1989 in parenthesis)


Land Training247(200)
Total Attendance1587(2094)

Chairman's Report for 1991

MembershipDuring the year we lost five senior and three junior members but gained seven senior, four student and three junior members, giving a total of 36.

CompetitionTideway HORR 243 - 290; Runcorn N4, Final; York N4, Final; Sefton, S02 - Win; Strathclyde International S02 - 4/6; Shrewsbury S24+ Win; Northwich VC4+ Win; Peterborough, S12 - Final; Hexham S24+ Final and VC4+ Final; Lancaster N4+ Win, S24+ Win, VC4+ Win, NIX Win; Hollingworth Lake S31x Final; Rudyard Lake VC4+ Win, S24+ Win, S31x Win; Warrington HORR Nix Win; Chester HORR S31x 3rd & 6th; Tideway Fours HQRR VC4+ 9/23; York HORR VC4+ 2nd.

Club Races
Preston CupD.Murray
Little CupS.Campbell
Barker CupG.Rollmann
Mitchell CupN.Stubley & D.Murray
Pedder CupOrr, Payne, Strachan and Wigglesworth
Ralph CupJ. O'GRC
Francis Russell TrophyJ. O'GRC
Pye Cup

JanuaryVisit by Charles Wilson (Chief Development Officer) and Ron Sands (Chief Tourism Officer) concerning possible development of club site and facilities.

FebruaryMain room carpeted (Courtesy of Barkers of Preston).

River frozen solid, no rowing for two weeks.

MarchMaritime Cup races on the Quayside as part of the Council's Easter Festival celebrations.

JuneLancaster Regatta, 51 entries (450.00 loss).

JulyFive girls to Aalborg Regatta (Denmark) as part of the International Youth Games. Four girls to Eton Coaching Course.

AugustClub broken into via the dock doors, some bar stock taken.

'Luneside' 2 - sold to Albert R.C. Cape Town.

OctoberVisit by members of Agir R.C. Aalborg, offer of accommodation to JO'GRC members if in Denmark.

NovemberInstallation of 'Drinkline' machine in training room.

Andrew Houghton, Captain 1959 and President 1965 R.I.P.

DecemberAnnual Dinner at the Castle Hotel, Hornby, 23 present.

Visit by Employment Training Initiative concerning the landscaping of 100 metres of upstream banking for Regatta.

Boat BookClub outing for the year break down as follows: (1990 in parenthesis)


Land Training248(247)
Wins at Regattas12(9)
Total Attendance1469(1587)

Annual Report for 1992

150th. Anniversary Year

MembershipDuring the year we lost four senior, three student and four junior members but gained four senior, six student and four junior members, giving a total for the year of 39.

CompetitionYork HORR 4+ (2nd) S31x (2nd); Tideway HORR, 242-297 and 373-355; Runcorn WN4+ (Semis); York Spring J161x (Semis); Nottingham City J181x (4th); Strathclyde S31x (Win); Warrington S24+ (Final), S31x (Final), VB4+ (Win); Chester N1x (Semi); Agecroft S31x, S21x, Reading S14+ (Final); Hexham S31x, J181x, S32x (Win); Lancaster N1x (Win), S31x (Win), S21x (Win), J181x (Win); York Sprint S14+ (Final), WN4+ (Final), VC4+ (Win); Runcorn HORR VC4+ (Win); Tideway Fours VC4+ 9/23; York HORR VC4+ '(Strachan 2nd), VC4+ (Salter 3rd) WJ2x.

Club Races
Preston CupD.Murray
Little CupG.Rollman
Barker CupS.Campbell
Mitchell CupN.Stubley & D.Murray
Pedder CupWigglesworth, Orr, Payne and Strachan
Ralph CupJ. O'GRC
Francis Russell TrophyLUBC
Pye Cup

JanuaryVisit by National Rivers Authority and Employment Training to finalise details on river bank improvements.

FebruaryGranada Awards for the Environment, adjudication visit.

MarchLune HORR - 20 entries.

AprilMaritime Races on the Quayside (JO'G Win).

Womens Open Days - 40 present.

JuneAlfred R.C. (Cape Town) visit for four days.

JulyVisit from members, Rendsburg R.C. Germany.

AugustLancaster Outdoor Initiative Open Day - 20 present.

Visit from Zurich R.C. Sculler - 6 days.

Main door vandalised, 3 new locks required.

Visit from three members Adelaide R.C.

SeptemberClub 150th Dinner (83) and Club photograph.

Award of 9,000 from Sports Council for boats.

Award of 7,500 from Foundation for Sport & the Arts for riverside improvement for Regatta.

OctoberMichael Anson 1966-1992 R.I.P.

'Gaunt to the Fore' - 150 years of rowing in Lancaster, display at Maritime Museum.

November'Archie Redder' and 'Reebok' and 'Jim Pye' sold to Portsmouth UBC and Metropolitan UBC.

DecemberPurchase of Janousek Coxed Fours 'Michael Anson' and 'Doug Melvin'. Committee Dinner at King's Arms.
Boat BookClub outing for the year break down as follows: (1991 in parenthesis)


Land Training315(248)
Wins at Regattas9(12)
Total Attendance1586(1469)

Annual Report for 1993

MembershipWe lost 2 full, 3 student and 2 junior members during the year but gained 2 full and 2 juniors giving a total for the year of 36.

CompetitionLune HORR (7/50); S.Yorks HORR VC4+ (2/3); Tideway 229 - 352; Abingdon HORR N4+ (2/4); Bradford VC4+, WN4 + (Final); Harrington N1x, VB1x; Chester VC4+ (Final); Durham VB4+; Lancaster V2- (Win), WN4+ (Win), VC4+ (Win); Hollingworth Lake VB4+, VC4+; Sefton WS34+ (Win); Boston Marathon 2x (3/21); York WS34+, S14+; Warrington HORR VB1x (Win); Fours HORR 186-298.

Club Races
Preston CupC.Keron
Little CupD.Dunk
Barker CupD.Milthorp
Mitchell CupM.Woods & A.Peach
Pedder CupWetherell, Murray, Woods and Peach
Francis Russell TrophyLUBC
Pye Cup

JanuaryBreak in necessitates new locks.

FebruaryLune HORR organised by the school, 50 entries.

MarchMeeting between LRGS and committee re. future policy on boats. Delivery of 4 sets of carbon sculling blades.

AprilLancaster Paddlesport Club estd., Use of JOG facilities arranged on annual basis.

Janousek 2 - (Mabel) delivered.

Break in through dock doors - pool table robbed.

New doors fitted on insurance - 600.

MayPlans for new balcony extension drawn (D.Milthorp) & submitted.

JuneUp-riverside landscaping completed for extra regatta boating (7,500).

150th. Lancaster Regatta 54 entries.

JulyInternational Youth Games Regatta, Germany, UK, Denmark; UK overall winners.

AugustPlanning permission granted for extension.

SeptemberStolen keys necessitate yet another lock swap.

North West Rowing Council development committee meet at JOG - first ever NWRC meet in Lancaster.

OctoberInitial estimates for extension; further plans to extend up-river terrace.

NovemberMichael Anson Trust Fund made available to finance extension Jim Pye (V.P.) R.I.P. Aged 93.

DecemberBoathouse flooded.

Annual Dinner, Castle Hotel Hornby.

Boat BookClub outing for the year break down as follows: (1992 in parenthesis)


Land Training274(315)
Regatta Wins6(9)
Total Attendance1237(1585)

Chairman's Report for 1994

MembershipWe lost 2 student and 9 junior members but gained 4 full and 4 student members giving a total of 33 for the year.

CompetitionYorkshire HORR S34+ (Win), Northwich HORR S34+ (2nd), Runcorn S34+ (Win), Bradford Spring Nov 1x & S32x (Finals), Northwich SI4+ (Final) S34+ (Win) S24+ (Win) Chester S24+ (Win) Lancaster S32+ (Win), Vet 1Ix (Win), Mixed 2+ (Win). S14+ (Win) S14+ (Final), Ironbridge S14+ (Final), Doncasater SI4+ (Final), Sefton Vet 4+ (Win), SI4+ (Win), Warrington HORR Vet 1x (Win), Tideway Fours V4+ (11/28).

January Jim Pye's ashes scattered on lawn and plaque placed on tree to commemorate his connection with the club over 60 years.

FebruaryLune HORR organised by the school, 50 entries.

MarchTideway HORR 289 to 337 in 20'31".

April'Elizabeth' loaned to Sefton RC for Junior Nat.Champs.

MayJ O'GRC hosts the university 'Roses' regatta. Lancaster wins 5 to 1.

JuneLancaster Regatta, 89 entries.

JulyJ O'GRC hosts Lancaster Paddlesport regatta, 39 entries.

AugustTelephone installed for the first time ever.

SeptemberMeeting of all six Lune water sport clubs to discuss a Lancaster Water Sports Centre on the skerton site.

OctoberWork starts on Mike Anson's sculling/terrace extension.

Tub to Vics.

NovemberFour silver trophies donated to club by son of William Morris (1907)

Boathouse flooded.

DecemberAnnual Binner at Castle Hotel, Hornby.

Arrival of Mondego 1x for trial as disabled boat

Boat BookClub outing for the year break down as follows: (1993 in parenthesis)


Land Training238(274)
Regatta Wins13(6)
Total Attendance1551(1237)
Average6(5) over 264 days

Chairman's Report for 1995

JanuaryHighest flooding since 1903. Boathouse flooded to the top rack. Three sculling boats badly damaged.

FebruaryFour 'big blades' purchased from Sefton RC. New 7 x 5 pool table installed in club room. Sculling boats sent to Burgashell for repair.

MarchStan Butler dragged over the weir; rescued by helicopter; club dreissigackers lost. New 10 year drinks licence secured..

AprilMatthew Brown (brewers) installed new pumps. (Scotch Bitter) Sculling boats back from boat builder. Insurance covers costs.

MayMondego single scull delivered sponsored by 'Therapy in Leisure' for use by disabled groups. Junior 'taster day' - 13 present.

JuneLancaster Regatta - 75 entries. Sports Council check on Club's Lottery application. later endorsed.

JulyLune Bank Gardens Restoration Committee inaugurated.

AugustY.H.A. group visit to the club for familiriarisation. 'Sports Match' visit to check our application for new disabled boat.

OctoberBuilders in to plan the new extension (terrace above, storage below).

NovemberAnnual Dinner at the Horns Inn, Goosnargh - 22 present.

DecemberRiver frozen and burst pipes in the clubhouse.

Boat BookClub outing for the year break down as follows: (1994 in parenthesis)


Land Training165(238)
Regatta Wins2(13)
Total Attendance1192(1551)
Average5(6) over 226 days

Chairman's Report for 1996

JanuaryWork on the new terrace begins.

FebruaryRiver frozen - no rowing for 10 days.

MarchVisit from safety advisor NWRC.

Visit from Lancs. Ev. Post re. lottery grant.

AprilBuilders finish extension.

MayNew French training double scull delivered.

Annual 'Roses' match held at the club.

JuneLancaster Regatta 103 entries.

Gents. changing room and toilets re-decorated.

LRGS BBQ and 'Ralph Cup' win for JOG

JulyRestricted scull donated to club by tom Tasker.

AugustTorrential rain blocked sewers - changing rooms and games room flooded.

SeptemberVisit from millenium Greens Commission re - riverside restoration.

OctoberBreak in and theft of telephone and tv. - new phone installed.

NovemberAnnual Dinner at Hampson House Hotel - 18.

DecemberRiver frozen again.

Boat BookClub outing for the year break down as follows: (1995 in parenthesis)


Land Training165(165)
Regatta Wins2(13)
Total Attendance896(1192)
Average4(5) over 200 days

Chairman's Report for 1997

MembershipWe lost 1 senior member (Martin Hewitt R.I.P.) but gained 7 new senior members and 4 juniors giving an active membership of 30.

CompetitionClub crews competed at the following events: Merseyside, Chester, tees, Lancaster and Stourport regattas and Dee, Stourport and Yor HORR. Wins were registered: veteran sculls (1), Senior Coxless 2 (1) and coxed 4 (1).


JanuaryWheelchair ramp for disabled access built from car park to main door with a grant from Sportsmatch.

FebruaryMass clearout of rubbish from the rear boathouse store to make room for equipment.

March'Jane' damaged and sent for repair (boathouse flooding caused extensive damage).

AprilBreak - in results in telephone destroyed and tv stolen.

May'Archie' refurbished as 4x with new riggers with grant from the local District Sports Council.

JuneLancaster Regatta with a record 132 entries.

JulyClub hosted the Lancaster International Youth Games Regatta with four countries represented.

AugustNew changing rooms for women constructed by members.

SeptemberTheft of valuable from men's changing room (always lock main doors).

NovemberAnnual dinner at the Horns Inn (18).

DecemberFirst committee meeting for 3 years to discuss club strategy for 1998.

Boat BookClub outing for the year break down as follows: (1996 in parenthesis)


Land Training200(165)
Regatta Wins3(5)
Total Attendance1155(896)
Average5.7(4.0) over 200 days

Chairman's Report for 1998

Membership13 senior men, 4 senior women, 5 student, 8 junior.


JanuaryMen's showers refurbished.

FebruaryPool table donated to Cockerham youth club.

MarchMen's 8 at North of England HORR (Chester).

AprilFloor tiles in main room disposed of.

LUBC 'Roses' match held at the club.

MayBlades repainted, Janousek 2- smashed.

JuneLancaster Regatta- record entry 127.

Visit by NW RDO Patrick Lockley.

JulyFire visit recommended more emergency lighting and crash bars (these fitted by fire exit).

Meeting convened concerning a joint boathouse; present: Fred Nelson (LRGS), David Owen (LCC), Stan Cinnamond (LUBC) and NW (JOGRC).

Janousek 2- back from repair.

Gaunt girls at International Youth Games in Almere (Gold and Silver).

AugustJOGRC on the Web. ""

Weight training machines from Post House delivered to boathouse.

NW to Bulgaria.

Keys stolen and new padlock fitted to main door.

OctoberLUBC fitness testing.

NovemberForced entry and telephone stolen.

Boat BookClub outing for the year break down as follows: (1997 in parenthesis)


Land Training184(200)
Total Attendance1016(1155)
Average4.6(5.7) over 226 days

Chairman's Report for 1999

Membership14 senior men, 6 senior women, 7 student, 8 junior.


JanuaryJ O'GRC / LUBC Fitness testing.

FebruaryLighting fixed.

MarchAnnual General Meeting.

MayLune users meeting to discuss problems with Lansil Anglers..

JuneLancaster Regatta cancelled - too few entries.

JulyN.West Water visit to assess our tariff - results in reduced charges.

Club burgled again.

AugustEstimate for lottery funded staging received from council commercial services dept.

Committee meeting (first regular meeting in 7 years).

September'Virus' 2x sold for 450 - delivered to Glasgow.

2 man tub canoe donated to club from NHS disabled officer.

OctoberMens changing rooms redecorated.

LUBC boats at Gaunt due to dispute with Lansil Anglers.

NovemberSewage pump sent for repair - no toilets for 7 weeks.

DecemberClub committee meeting.

Annual Dinner at the Horns, Goosnargh.

Boat BookClub outing for the year break down as follows: (1998 in parenthesis)


Land Training129(184)
Total Attendance1117(1016)
Average4.2(4.6) over 267 days (226)